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  1. Well I did some more research and lot of people said pyro's are real sensitive to a good ground so I gave it a good ground on the firewall and it sceems to be working just fine. So thought id put that out there in case someone else having same problem
  2. i got pro comp ultra lite gauges boost and EGT. the boost likes to flicker a lot when boost numbers are higher and the egt works fine for a while then it starts to flicker all over and sometimes quit. I had the same problem with the last pro comp ultra lite gauges I had. Bought these bran new like 6 months ago really starting to tick me off auto meter suppost to be good stuff I had better luck with my glow shift. So im wondering am I the only one or is this just a crappy gauge selection. The EGT worked flawless for first month. Boost always been all over.
  3. put new fuel filter in today.. WOW.. from my set 25psi fuel pressure went up o 31 after I changed it.. Turned it down to 19 so far havent seen below 17 yet. Got another question how would s300 and a industrial injection 68/74/13 work in a twin set up? --- Update to the previous post... also sceems to be starting better last couple days I think its just a fuel restriction problem and not my injection pump.. Thanks for the help guys appreciate it:thumb1:
  4. ok ordered me one.. Anyone know good place to buy mechanical fuel pressure gauge?
  5. I got 1/2 line kit running to the fuel filter canaster. was considering changing it from the canaster to the injection pump but was not sure if anyone made the fittings for 1/2 line. sucking fuel from stock draw straw
  6. It would only drop 5psi even with the call for fuel being much higher? Sceems like the more fuel mods you use the more pressure it would drop due to the more fuel being used. IDk thats why i cranked it up to 25psi.. --- Update to the previous post... either that or this dumb cs monitor is not reading correctly. I dont think it reads anything correctly heck my egt;s where 200 degrees off when I installed a autometer gauge to make sure.. Boost is bout 3 psi off to.
  7. Ok ill have to turn it down a tad.. Change my fuel filter..
  8. That was what it use to do for bout a week I noticed it took 3-4 more cranks then normal. Now it barley starts takes a good 10-15 cranks both times ive had same think in it performance wise.. Fuel pressure is always ubove 10 psi at the lowest normally higher then that.. now with this fuel mods I got done I could put it to the floor and fuel pressure would drop hard core way below 10 psi so I cranked up the pressure to bout 25 psi runs round 20psi under light throttle but when you hammer down it goes down to 10-15 area.. Is to much pressure bad for injection pump? Never really heard anyone say it was but maby i didnt rear right places
  9. Yeah injection pump is original as far as I know i havent changed it. Ill have to check the codes I got edge cs monitor to check it.. --- Update to the previous post... looked up codes only ones there was is P0380 P0501 and P1693
  10. just happened all of a sudden started out taking 2-3 more cranks then usual and now today hot or cold will hardly start.. Ive had air dog raptor on it since 174k miles now its got 220k. Wouldnt think the injection pump would go bad if the pressure has been good for 46k miles any advice would be helpful trying to advoid spending ton on vp
  11. Thats not my problem it has no codes just checked.. Pretty sure its just this big turbo its a compitition turbo i found out so it not built to tow with as i have read more lot of poeple have same issues i have. I think im gonna twin it probually sell this turbo and get a good towing twin set..
  12. well my turbo dont even have 1000 miles on it and i payed 1795 for it so would it be worth 1600? What would I run with the turbos you listed my stocker? Why wouldnt the 66 work? It builds plent of air maxed out should hit upword 60lbs id think which ive never hit that before.. Any links to the twin piping kit for 1200? thanksNow I got another issue that has just showed up. Sceems like sence i bent my intake valve on number one and havent got my other head built up yet it takes bout 4-5 cranks more to start it.. Now i got a big lift pump 150 gpm and its been on there since 180k now its got 221k dont sceem like my injection pump would be bad if pressure be increased for that long. does it hot and cold if I shut it off then start it right away it fires right up but if it sits for longer then 25 min takes a while to start.. Not sure what that means any help on that would be helpful as well. Thanks
  13. Well I still got my hx35 so how good would that work with my sb 66 in a twin set up? Is that a good idea
  14. twin it with what? My 66? I wanted to do that but people I talked to said I couldnt cause I was really useing 2 primary turbos and the 66 would defenently over spool the hx35.. That and no one makes a kit for it that I know of.
  15. would the sb 64 be any better for towing? Ill have to go thro it again and check for leaks ive had boot problems before really need some better boots but cant spend 200+ on em from BD. I really need a good towing/good mpg set up as ive not been real happy with the ddp 250 injectors and this silver bullet 66.. I still like to be wasteful smoke people out now and then. Would really like something that gave lot better low end set up I got now doesnt have much power down low till turbo spools.. What would you guys recommend.. Needs to be good for towing and still be some what quick accelerating and most of all good mpg's cause guy I delt with for this setup said 24 was his agerage is not workin on my truck no matter how easy i baby it.
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