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  2. well.. been a week and out a few times. my fix has held longer than the dealer's two attempts. first trip out I left a coolant puddle in home depot's lot. upper radiator hose wasn't tight enough. if that's the worst thing to happen I'll take it.
  3. Thanks dood. Definitely get the anaerobic meaning... but didn't realize it was actually anaerobic. Kinda has me worried now about this stuff setting not setting up ever and causing leaks. Everyone said use loctite. service manual says mopar bearing mount. figured loctite bearing mount should be the same thing. hopefully it holds.
  4. ?? 1. used the Cummins seal kit per the thread. so it is a match set of sleeve and seal. oem cummins. even called them with my engine code to confirm. 2. researched the 620. said it above which is why I selected it for the gap coverage. originally had the stick, but saw the gap coverage wasn't as great as the liquid for. 3. read the instructions on the bottle, their site, and technical spec doc. mentioned primer, but never exactly said why. most spray paints say use primer but 99% of the time it's not needed. figured it was just another add on and aceton
  5. my article is complete.......... https://mopar1973man.com/cummins/articles.html/24-valve-2nd-generation_50/51_engine/12-and-24-valve-front-crank-seal-replacement-r474/
  6. Started her up tonight to bleed the coolant system. Let her bubble for ~30 minutes. So far 45 minutes run time on the truck. Fingers crossed... no oil as of yet. Don't want to jinx it. Waiting on a part from dodge. Stupid dealer never put the plug back in my bell housing where the barring tool goes.
  7. I set about searching the internet and looked at 20+ videos and 40+ threads that all seemed to be somewhat incomplete and decided to write an article based on my experience. My original nightmare dealer experience thread: https://mopar1973man.com/topic/11382-front-crank-seal-help-and-show-and-tell-of-what-the-dealer-did/ Tools Required 1. LocTite 620 ($12) http://www.amazon.com/Loctite-234772-Temperature-Retaining-Compound/dp/B003T7UXUI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1460479397&sr=8-1&keywords=loctite+620 2. Astro Bearing Race and Seal Driver (
  8. started her up with Mike on the phone. she didn't explode. rain tomorrow. will take her out Wednesday and check for leaks. still have to get air out of cooling system.
  9. got her buttoned back up..... tired i wound up not starting her. rotated the crank by hand twice. book says let her sit four hours dry. i am going to let it sit 24 hours b/c ultra black says wait 24 hours before putting vehicle back into operation. fingers crossed.
  10. just found my baring location has no rubber gromet in it. dunno if the dealer left that out or one wasnt in there. he just did a valve service. likely forgot to put it back in. Got er in. don't mind the locktite 620. thought it would have hardened by now, but still goopy. oh well. seal is a hair cocked, but square in the cover. really weird. i tightened the right side of the case down a bit harder to compensate. waiting for ultraback to hardened for an hour per instructions, then torquing to spec you might like this redneck engineering. i
  11. The finished product. I am leaving that loctite 620 in there. hardens in 24 hours. ZERO of it is touching any seal material or yellow sleeve. i won't know until tomorrow if depth is right... but... i used the cummins tool so hopefully when I do the install, all goes well.
  12. read all the above... update and response to a few of ur comments... new timing cover. dealer destroyed last. install is happening off the truck. Here is what I did. I went to harbor freight. Got a 1 TON arbor press I saw someone use on another thread. I overnighted a seal install kit from amazon for 40 bux. There is NO WAY in hell this was going to go in from the front square. I tried w/ my original destroyed seal and the seal actually bent. I played around and this is what I did...... went from the front (kinda). I put the thing
  13. Well I just destroyed the first seal. Can't go in from the front. The front of the new timing cover is too narrow. You wind up gouging out the sides of the seal. Can't go in from the back. Install tool from cummins isnt worth a dang. Won't stay level. Messed up the seal in every way possible. I am now officially stuck. Hell, I even tried putting the little turd in my vice grip to squeeze it in......... no go. Oblonged the seal.
  14. emm billet cover. or so it looks. Sadly the tool won't go in the front of mine. going to **** around with it in a few.
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