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  2. Ah, so I was mistaken. This image is just a reflection of the Morimoto Mini, making it look like double? Thanks for the fast reply.
  3. I see that you were able to retrofit two projectors within the sport headlamp assembly, and I am curious as to which projector is which since they look to be of two different sizes. I'm going to assume that the bigger one is the Morimoto Mini, while the smaller one is the Morimoto Matchbox. Am I correct in assuming as such? If so, what all is involved with retrofitting the matchbox in the highbeam portion of the sport headlamp assemblies? Is it as simple as the other? Is there any major surgery/modification to the headlamp assembly required to make them both fit? You seem to be the only one to have done this (at least from what I have been able to find). Any tips would be greatly appreciated, as I may be planning on doing the same thing.
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