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  1. Yeah my steel protective plate crushed it, but it only ended up being the very end part. The little 10" pigtail is still good, along with the female connector part. Here's what I'm talking about.
  2. Does anybody know if the little “male” connector with the spring door can be purchased separately from the pigtail that plugs into the body trailer harness? And if so, what’s the part number? All I can read is Delphi. Everything else is gone. Thank you.
  3. I tried, but it keeps asking me to put my address in, but then it doesn’t recognize my address.
  4. Update: I bought a used alternator and a 140A fuse off a 99 cummins somebody local is parting out. Went home and tried to follow John’s great tips. Both batteries were reading 12.5 volts. I put the 140A fuse on, I took off old alternator, and put new one in. Made a 5A jumper fuse between the B+ wire and the stud on alternator. Disconnected the grid heater wire at the positive driver battery post. It wasn’t clear if you wanted me to start the truck next, or just key on to see if the fuse 5A fuse popped. So I just did key on, and it didn’t pop. So I hooked up the B+ and started truck. I
  5. Thank you gentlemen for the wonderful tips. I will hopefully get out to the truck today and apply what you’ve all said. I tried to reply back yesterday, but I reached my “maximum posts for the day”. I was surprised to see this. I’ve donated in the past, didn’t realize rules have changed. John, the batteries are refurbished from interstate batteries. Like I just bought them a couple weeks ago from them. The 145A fuse was blown. I’m embarrassed to say, but I actually put a dab of solder on the break to make the connection again thinking surly my tiny solder bridge was thinner tha
  6. I just put new/refurb batteries in it. From interstate batteries. I assume they would have just tested them before selling them?
  7. Hmm ok. Here is something I found, that now I’m thinking is possibly related? don’t see how to post pictures off my phone so I’ll describe. under the hood fuse box, there’s two fat wires on the onboard side of fuse box. They are bolted down and bridged together by some kind of “fuse”. That fuse is broken now.
  8. Thank you VERY much!! I’ll look into this when I get home. I appreciate it. What does “full fielded” mean?
  9. I wouldn’t think so... I just redid the positive and negative terminals. You wouldn’t happen to have a wiring diagram of the engine bay would ya? Lol
  10. Hey all. I bought my truck as a theft recovery, and so all the battery wires were cut up. I replaced the wires, and also the serpentine belt this evening due to a failing damper. I fired it up and let it idle, everything looked fine, and then like 5 min of idling and I started smelling an almost burnt plastic smell. Was looking at the alternator and could see smoke, so I killed the engine. The alternator was extremely hot! It looked like some of the solder or whatever holds the copper wires together, started boiling. Looked like tar. I wasn’t sure if it was motor oil that got splashed onto the
  11. Hello. I found some 2018 Ram 2500 Bilstein shocks here locally, for cheap, will these bolt up to my 2001 2500 long bed 4x4 truck, with little modifications? The rears is what I’m after, but if fronts fit as well, then bonus.
  12. Florin1


  13. You like the Pacific Northwest? Yes, we have some gorgeous scenery. Here are a couple pics from same weekend.
  14. Don't have a scale around me. But yeah I was able to get all four of he truck axles on the scale at the same time. So who knows. How much does your guys' truck weigh? In a SB 4x4?
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