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  2. You like the Pacific Northwest? Yes, we have some gorgeous scenery. Here are a couple pics from same weekend.
  3. Don't have a scale around me. But yeah I was able to get all four of he truck axles on the scale at the same time. So who knows. How much does your guys' truck weigh? In a SB 4x4?
  4. I'd like to know what my trailer actually weighs. I found a scale and took weighs. Drove onto the scale. Here are the numbers. (Trailer is a 5er) Truck: Front Axle- 4400 F/R Axles- 9400 Rear Axle- 5250 Trailer: Both Axles at the same time- 7700 I don't know what my truck weighs unloaded, but it's a 98.5 qcsb, auto, Dana 60/70, 4x4 stock bumpers, 265/70/17 tires on 03 steel wheels.
  5. I just did my axle seals. It was a pain. But I did it. Let me know if you still gonna do it and I'll give some tips and pix.
  6. The tranny is still in the truck.
  7. Hi guys. I'm in the middle of doing a shift kit and I noticed my frond band is pretty low. I've read that you can pull the band out and put a new one in without pulling the transmission. Can anyone confirm? Maybe give me a part number? I need to put truck back together by Wednesday. Heres what my band looks like.
  8. I'm wondering what yr and models came with Dana 60/70/80 that are a direct swap into my truck. 98.5 2500. I have RWABS only. My goal is to find a wrecked ram that has 4.10 ratio, and just take the axles off of it instead of going through a shop to regear my truck. Did gassers come with the same axles? And what years. Can I tell axle ratio by looking at the vin? Or do I need to call dealer? Thanks
  9. Yeah transmission is all stock. Just adjusted bands and fresh fluid a couple months back. 220k on truck.
  10. Thanks for the links guys. Any of you gentlemen do this kit? Any tips? So I should order that billet lever, strap and anchor? And I can do that with transmission in the truck? Anything else?
  11. So I pulled the trigger on the transgo SK TFOD-Diesel kit today. I'm not happy with how the tranny acts while I tow my fiver so I'm gonna try this kit. I also ordered a new Dorman pan 265-827 off Amazon because mine might be warped, and this one comes with a drain plug. My questions. What else should I order while I'm in there that should be done. I've read something about billet intermediate servo, accumulator, band strut, band anchor, 3-4 spring, and upgrade the governor solenoid ? But that's jibbrish to me at this point in my research. I'm not looking to drop the trans out. Just whatever I can do to the VB. Also so any tips or write ups of he install would be most appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Yeah I sent them back. I got backing plates. So i still have those. Looks like I'll have two sets after I get my new pair
  13. So just got my mirrors. And to my surprise, they aren't even close. What did you guys do to make em work?
  14. I think I read that for the driver side seal you don't have to remove carrier. Hats what I'm trying to figure out. Because passenger side isn't leaking