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  1. Greenbastard

    99 4x4 5speed ecm issue?

    Alright, it's been running fine now. And hopefully it clears soon. Thanks for the help fellas.
  2. Greenbastard

    99 4x4 5speed ecm issue?

    So I pulled the pass seatbelt relay, charged my batteries, and blam it starts fine. Only issue is the codes are still there. I took it to the parts store to clear them and they won't go away, anyone know how to clear them other than the battery trick or a code reader?
  3. Greenbastard

    99 4x4 5speed ecm issue?

    I'm at work now, that's what I'm going to do, I know there is a relay or something under the middle seat, I going to pull that and charge my battery and see what happens.
  4. Greenbastard

    99 4x4 5speed ecm issue?

    Just kidding, back to doing it, I think it may be caused by a low voltage situation from my seatbelt. Does anyone have the seatbelt wiring floating around? Last night after I shut the truck off I heard the pass seat clicking, obviously drawing power, this morning volt gauge showed a hair closer to the low side of "normal" than the middle line. Is it possible that I'm just getting pushed to my wits end by a malfunctioning seatbelt sensor? My thinking is, low volts to the ecm, ecm is outside of acceptable voltage reading by any where from .01v to whatever, fails self test, throws a p0606 code, disables my truck, I want to hit it with hammer" please help, wife's pulling the "you need to fix it or sell it" and not trying to sell, so...
  5. Greenbastard

    99 4x4 5speed ecm issue?

    Thank you all so much for your support, after extensive testing, swearing, and kicking, I discovered that the electrical connecter to my map sensor was damaged. The 3 prongs were making terrible contact, and a slight wiggle snapped them. A little soldering and a lot more swearing later, the green beast is doing celebratory burnouts. Thank you again for the assistance! Hopefully some one else has a typical issue this can help them.
  6. Greenbastard

    99 4x4 5speed ecm issue?

    Thank you for the help folks! Hawkez, I will definitely look up the ac test for the alt. I currently do a wide variety of electronic and rf repair, so I can get in there with my multimeter and figure it out. Also, the starter contacts are new, I replaced them about 7 months ago. Also I just found a good ecm from a 5 speed 99 truck that has 105k on it from a rollover for 200. So I'm going to buy it and hopefully it will fix this issue. If it does, I will get it flashed and it's burnouts for everybody, if not, well I guess it's back to the drawing board. Really need to get this truck up and running soon, as it makes me some decent money..
  7. Greenbastard

    99 4x4 5speed ecm issue?

    Thank you for the reply! I had my alt. Load tested yesterday, and everything checked out, all of the voltages were proper, I have cleaned all of my grounds, and electronic connectors. The truck was only doing this intermittently. Also, can I swap an ecm from an auto 99 to a 5 speed with no consequences? Just to verify that the ecm is the issue? Also, nothing funky is going on with my wait to start light, or my gauges. Although every once in a while it will act as if the neutral safety switch is bad, it won't kick over when the clutch is all the way down.
  8. Alright, first off and for most thank you for any and all reply I receive So I have done a fair bit of Googleing and searching around, and have come up with nothing. Called cummins, called blue chip diesel, and haven't found a single person who has had the same issue happen. I have a 5 speed 99 dodge 4x4 2500 exsb, ts mvp fuel boost Pyro gauge, bhaf, s366, 150 injectors, pusher intake. When I start the truck at any time it INSTANTLY revs to 3000 ish rpm, then drops to 1000. When I push on the accelerator it will only Rev to 1800 or so, and that's it. Sounds awful and produces and incredible amount of white smoke (as in my cul-de-sac is filled as soon as the truck finishes going to 3000 rpm) I have never tried to drive I'm in this condition. I have attempted to reset the ecm by disconnecting my battery cables and turning the key (this worked, I've had the issue for a few months now and it only used to happen every so often, more so after a raining) but that doesn't work anymore. Scanned the codes found a p0606 and a p0602 code. Attempted to clear the code, nil. Nothing. When the problem was very intermittent, the truck drove fine when this didn't happen, but now (tried for over a week to clear this issue including a new map sensor) I cannot get the truck to properly start. I have heard that these trucks do funny things when the alt. Is starting to die, so I will be replacing it with a friend's to see if that fixes the problem. Really hoping that p0606 code is just make believe because 700-1300 for a new ecm is out of the question. I have attempted to start it with the ts mvp disconnected and it doesn't help. Prior to starting the truck takes around 3-5 seconds of cranking. When she is running healthy it only takes 1 second max.