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    392 Stroker Hemi Build

    I would like to copy your build completely since it is different and would be easier for me being that you know exactly what you did if I am having trouble with anything. I don't have everything that is needed to measure the deck height or pistion protrusion, so I can buy all that or borrow from a friend who has a shop but would rather just buy my own. I started making the list of all the parts needed so I can get everything delivered. Where did you order from? I'm seeing that one place has the crank, rods but not the pistons. The rods/pistons take a. 927 floating pin correct? Not seeing pressed. What brand bearings do you recommend? Should I use the comp cam double roller timing chain? Did you buy a new cover or just clean up your old one? Should I wait for all my parts then send block to the machine shop ? Can I switch to a 6.1 intake or do I need to stick with 5.7. I'm not seeing a wire harness adapter to bring the throttle body towards the front. As far as headers what did you go with? I have a set of stock srt but thinking about putting kooks long tube. Already spending 7-8 g so why not spend another 1300. I don't know if I am getting to far ahead with everything but I like to have my whole plan of action before starting so everything matches properly. 11:1 sounds perfect! This truck will just be to cruise around since I have my daily driver. I appreciate your help with everything John
  3. Oceansky

    392 Stroker Hemi Build

    I appreciate your response..thank you
  4. Oceansky

    392 Stroker Hemi Build

    Hey guys, I just came across this forum and I have to say that you dynamic provided me with some much more information then other forums I have read over the last few weeks. I just torn down my motor out of 06 dodge ram with 210,000 miles and ready to send off to the machine shop. Any advice on what to look for in the shop, questions I should ask? I am looking to go with the 392 so I would like to copy your build. This will be my very first build so I will be taking it slow. (Mechanically inclined though) Any other advice for me that you could throw my way, I would appreciate it greatly. Also where are you located?