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  1. Dynamic

    47RE question

    I'll keep you posted...
  2. Dynamic

    47RE question

    Your valve body showed up safe and sound today!
  3. Dynamic

    Shifting on a built 47RE

    Sounds good. I'll be watching for it...
  4. Dynamic

    Shifting on a built 47RE

    You're welcome to ship it on over. I'll take a look at it. Dynamic Transmission 8311 N. Glenarvon Ln. Newman Lake, WA 99025 From everything I can see in the pictures, it looks pretty normal. There's always going to be some particulate matter generated in there.
  5. For a "no forward" condition, yes, I would pull the transmission.
  6. Your truck does not have a Tow/Haul mode, only an OD cancel button. Those switches in the shift lever go out all of the time. That's the first place I'd look. While pressure testing is never a bad idea, I'm not sure it's going to tell you much in this case. When the failed component is on the other side of an orifice from the pressure source, you'll often see normal (or close to it) line pressure at a test port, while there's no pressure at the component.
  7. You'll want to check and see what you actually have in there. "Billet" seems to mean something different to everyone, especially someone trying to sell a truck. LOL...
  8. Yeah, abuse would be my first suspicion. It really all depends upon what you have in there now. If you don't have a triple disc converter with a (roughly) stock stall speed with that turbo (I'd recommend a Goerend 17SS or DPC's equivalent), and a valve body calibrated to match it, then yes, I would put them in there. That's what's going to work best with that particular setup. You'll also want to make sure you are running a billet input shaft at that power level.
  9. The stock system will more than keep up with a moderate setup like that. I don't think that was your issue...
  10. I don't recommend removing the heat exchanger from the system. It's in there for a reason, and it works very well for what it was designed for. What is wrong with the stock cooler? Why do you feel that it caused the transmission to fail? That is one of Lavon's pretty basic kits, using basically stock frictions, but it does look like he's got a TCS combo kit in there. I only use Raybestos GPZ frictions and a Raybestos Pro Series band in my kits. There are also no roller clutches, OD bearings, snap rings, L/R piston, stuff like that in that kit from Lavon. I'm not sure how thorough of a build you're wanting to perform, but that kit looks to intentionally be pretty basic.
  11. Honestly, it doesn't matter how new anything is if it's not built well, especially the torque converter. If you want to build something that you're not going to break or burn up, and that's going to perform well, then I can help you. If you're just going to try to patch it back together, I just don't recommend it.
  12. A transmission build is a complete package; from clutches to valve body, and everything in between. If you're asking it to do more than it was designed to do, you're going to have to build and upgrade everything accordingly. There are better clutches and intermediate band that can be used (which I do recommend), but most of the magic that will improve performance and longevity are in the valve body and torque converter. (Just as a FWIW, I'm not a big fan of kolene steels.) As far as going straight to it "needing a complete rebuild", no shop (mine included) is going to go through the trouble of pulling the transmission out of the truck, and then patching it back together. If your forward clutch failed, other parts aren't far behind. Plus, in the case of the 47RE, there are SO MANY things that can and should be upgraded, it makes even less sense to patch it, and it's certainly nothing that I'd be willing to stand behind.
  13. It's likely that you have a failed forward clutch. That would be the most common failure causing a "no forward gears" situation. There's no quick, cheap, easy way to fix that one. It will have to come apart...
  14. When I put 7 gallons of gas in my Dodge, I just filled it the rest of the way with diesel and drove it. I ran 2-stroke oil in that thing anyway, so no harm, no foul. It was just a little noisy (a noisy 24 valve...imagine that!), and down on power a bit. Back in the day when I went through all of Bosch's diesel (and gas) training courses, Bosch recognized up to 25% gasoline in the fuel to help them start in cold climates.
  15. I hear ya on the putting gas in the diesel tank. When I had my Dodge, I one time put 7 gallons of regular unleaded in it. Oops...