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  1. I wouldn't hold my breath on that one...
  2. To say that I've been busy in the shop would be the understatement of the year! This month has been a bunch of Fords, a TON of 68RFE's, a few 48RE's, and @IBMobile's 2WD 47RE thrown in for good measure. (Shipped it out yesterday for those scoring at home...) Crazy towns... There are some parts of the Transgo kit that work pretty well, and some parts that don't. There are some parts of the Superior kit that work pretty well, and some parts that don't. Transgo is usually the popular one because they've marketed it well to the DIY crowd. If I were to recommend an off-the-shelf setup, it would be a combination of Transgo (with some steps in the instructions omitted) and Superior (again, with some steps omitted), with a little Sonnax sprinkled over the top. But without the right separator plates, you just won't get all of the benefits.
  3. The SFI 29.1 flex plate is included with the Stage 2 build. Stage 3 and higher include a full billet flex plate. No builder would intentionally put a "fuse" in the system. The flex plate is no exception. The SFI 29.1 flex plate is more than most people will ever dream of needing.
  4. The converter to flex plate bolts torque to 38 lb/ft.
  5. Once he gets up into high gear with the converter locked, they have to load the dyno. Then he can start the pull once the dyno is loaded and ready. That's what you see at the end. The actual pull doesn't last very long.
  6. Skyler makes well over 1000 hp on fuel alone...at about 65 psi of boost, on a single turbo (and a relatively small one at that). A well balanced system accomplishes MUCH! Dynomite Diesel for the win...!
  7. Above about a 60mm turbo, you really need to run a stock stall speed converter, especially on a 2nd Gen VP44 application. Stock turbos love about 200 rpm under stock. I run triples on stock input shafts all the time. More often than not, actually. In fact, I don't run, or even recommend a single disc converter in any application.
  8. Single turbo (a very large single turbo) with external wastegate, about 65 psi boost.
  9. Skyler made 1552 hp on this pull. This truck has run a best of 9.765 @ 137.69 mph. He has been running one of my transmissions all this season. Great young man!
  10. Set the WOT 1-2 shift point at 2800-2900 rpm and your TV cable is set. But I definitely wouldn't be driving it with his pressure doing what its doing.
  11. I'm not sure if the video came through, but this one's just for fun. This is Skyler Oestrich's (Dynomite Diesel Products) race truck on the chassis dyno at Hunting 4 Horsepower here in North Idaho last Saturday. Any HP guesses?
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