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  1. What is the stall speed of your DPC converter? Many people get carried away with lowering their stall speed. A little tighter than stock is all you want, and at altitude a good case could be made for a stock stall converter in your application. Also, Tractorman is exactly right. The reverse gear ratio of a 47RE/48RE is very tall - somewhere between 1st gear and 2nd gear when compared to the forward ratios.
  2. It was loud, not all that comfortable to drive long distances, and I was ALWAYS fighting EGTs...I'm not sure a 6 speed would have helped much with any of that! It did have fairly decent power, though. But I much prefer the truck I currently drive in that regard as well. Just my opinion, though... I never did build a complete transmission for that truck. I never needed to or, obviously, I would have. But I did use it to develop the valve body packages (especially the pressure control and shift calibrations) that I use now. I bet I had the valve body out of that truck 100 times...
  3. Oh boy... Don't get me started! I really, really wanted to like my 2nd Gen, and I really, really tried! But, alas, I just did not care for that truck.
  4. OK. I was just curious what kind of ratio you were seeing (drive vs. boost) with that setup. It's a big piece of the "efficiency puzzle". With Lenny and those guys doing all of that dyno testing, they have landed on that Borg turbo as nearly perfect with mods that guys commonly do. I was just wondering how it compared to that hybrid you are using. They're at a shade over 500 actual to-the-wheels hp, and man does that thing work good, especially with the converter that we used. I'm not the world's biggest 2nd Gen fan, especially the 12 valve, but that truck really runs nice!
  5. What kind of drive pressures are you seeing with that hybrid turbo?
  6. There is really no reason to be shifting locked in the lower 3 gears unless you're racing the truck (which some guys do). But shifting from 3rd to 4th, or from 4th back down to 3rd with the converter locked is much more useful, and doesn't pose any real issue. You don't need any billet shafts at 350 hp, but a valve body, torque converter, accumulator piston, servo cover, and band strut (the stuff you can do with the pan off) are a good idea at pretty much any power level.
  7. On a stock 47RE valve body, the 2-3 shift valve is hydraulically locked in the upshifted position when the converter is locked. That signal is removed in the modified valve body, which will allow a 3-2 downshift with the converter locked if so desired. It is a bit hard on the gear train to do so, but there are guys who want that function. The modified valve body will allow lock up in any forward gear, if commanded to do so. This turbo is working extremely well on Lenny's 1997 12-valve. They have been doing a TON of dyno testing with it and it has proven to be a great pe
  8. Check out the video we shot after installing the custom 47RE that I built for Dynomite Diesel Products. This project that they are doing might be of interest to all of the 2nd Gen guys on here. This particular truck is a 1997 with a 12 valve (and 16K original miles!), but many of the concepts will apply to the 24 valves as well. It might be fun to follow along as they do their turbo testing and fueling mods in stages, all while documenting everything with actual dyno numbers. It might help a lot of guys avoid some of the pitfalls and poor setups that we see out there.
  9. Black Friday pricing is now up on my website. Unfortunately, due to the state of this industry, this pricing will not be around for long. https://dynamictransparts.com/dynamic-built-transmissions/built-dodge-transmissions
  10. Oh boy... I guess I need to make a video! LOL Tearing one down doesn't take long (shouldn't take more than an hour). Putting it back together with the proper mods, properly done, and building a great valve body...well, that's a different story. FWIW, Black Friday pricing is up on the website.
  11. Your TV cable is a little tight. Loosen it until WOT shifts occur at 2800 rpm and see if that changes anything (besides the shift point).
  12. It sounds like you've lost 2nd gear. I would not put much stock in a, $1800-2000 transmission, though. Goerend doesn't build transmissions. They only sell parts.
  13. I really don't see any converter cycling in that video. I'm trying to make heads or tails of it, though to be honest. It looks like you take off from a stop, and at the 1-2 shift, it shifts, but then the tach jumps UP a few hundred rpm, and then back down, then back up a couple of times before continuing to rev up toward 3K. If I had to guess, based on this video, I'd say it was a 1-2-1-2 shuttle shift going on. What governor pressure solenoid is in the transmission? It also seems like a LOT of rpm going on for how fast you're accelerating. Where is your TV cable set? At what rpm is your WOT 1
  14. Assuming the rest of the transmission is in good shape (which is anyone's guess, honestly), a valve body, torque converter and deep aluminum pan are great upgrades (along with supporting items such as: billet accumulator piston, billet intermediate servo cover, reinforced band strut, etc.). The million dollar question is what is the condition of the rest of the transmission? I had a 48RE across my bench just the other day that was just here for a valve body, servo cover and accumulator piston. He had the transmission out of the truck for some engine work and just dropped the whole
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