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  1. Set your TV cable so the WOT 1-2 shift occurs at 2900 and leave it. Don't be messing with the lever stop adjustment. Set it to factory specs and leave it alone. It sounds like your TV cable is on the tight side if it has no slack in it at WOT, your upshifts are coming in late, and your downshift are early. Did you use the TV pressure regulator spring for the Transgo kit? Was there wear on the end of your TV plunger? Wear in the TV regulator valve bore? So your 2-3 shift orifice is at .106"? That's pretty small at that pressure. Enlarging it will firm up that shift. Where do you have your front band set? That will affect the feel of the 2-3 shift also. The orifice sizing I use for the 2-3 is much smaller because I have the boost valve on once the 1-2 shift is completed, so it wouldn't be much help to you. Line pressure will not affect your shift points. That is determined by TV pressure and governor pressure, not line pressure.
  2. Yessir! Tons and tons of them! And they are improved compared to the ones pictured. They now have dual o-rings on the plug. The best way to get one is to jump on our website and order it there. https://dynamictransparts.com/dynamic-transmission-replacement-upgrade-parts/dodge-transmission-parts-47re-48re-68rfe/3rd-Gen-Thermostat-Delete-Kit
  3. I guess I'm not following you. I don't typically shut my engine off between reverse and drive. A converter will drain back when it sits for extended periods with the engine not running; ie. overnight.
  4. The converter drains back when it sits with the engine not running.
  5. Converter drainback is normal, but the time it takes to refill can be minimized within the valve body. A good valve body will fill a completely "drained back" converter before you even get your seat belt on. But 5 seconds to engage forward AFTER you have already backed up (converter functional at that point) gives me a little pause, though.
  6. What kind (brand) of governor solenoid is in there right now?
  7. Those are governor pressure readings. They look completely normal.
  8. Dynamic


  9. The first suspect in any problem with gear selection in the first 3 gears would be the transducer and/or possibly the governor pressure solenoid. If I had to throw parts at that problem, those would be the ones (replace them as a pair). To verify, though, I would put a pressure gauge in the governor pressure port and monitor what the governor pressure is doing.
  10. I have no experience with PATC whatsoever. I use either DPC or Goerend converters. They are the best on the market, in my opinion.
  11. I don't run a single disc converter in any 47RE or 48RE setup. Only triples leave my shop. You definitely DON'T want kevlar bands.
  12. The stock converter is not a very good piece. A good converter is your best friend when setting those things up. 47RE's are dime-a-dozen. Finding one should be easy. Getting one apart and back together is pretty easy, but knowing what to do when you're in there, and what parts to use? Priceless... JB Weld can work, I suppose, but it's not exactly the right way to do it.
  13. I like the WOT 1-2 shift at 2900-3000. It won't shift that high unless you go WOT. It's a good benchmark to use for setting the TV cable. There are no "kits" on the market that I can say really address everything that needs to be addressed. That's why there are guys like myself that custom build valve bodies. These valve bodies are complex in some ways, painfully simple in others, but definitely unique in how they operate. There is a LOT of R&D that goes into a good setup...
  14. At the pressure your transmission would be operating at during those 2 shifts (boost valve off), a .106 orifice would be OK for the 1-2, but would be a bit light for the 2-3. You can certainly go bigger if you want to quicken it. You can turn up the PR spring if you want, but that's going to increase everything across the board - all shifts. Same with the TV adjustment - it will affect all shifts. Having said that, I like to see a 24-valve shift at closer to 2900 or 3000 rpm at WOT, so I would tighten yours until it does. This will firm up your shifts a bit across the board.
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