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  1. Assuming the rest of the transmission is in good shape (which is anyone's guess, honestly), a valve body, torque converter and deep aluminum pan are great upgrades (along with supporting items such as: billet accumulator piston, billet intermediate servo cover, reinforced band strut, etc.). The million dollar question is what is the condition of the rest of the transmission? I had a 48RE across my bench just the other day that was just here for a valve body, servo cover and accumulator piston. He had the transmission out of the truck for some engine work and just dropped the whole
  2. The pass through connector comes as part of the OD/TCC solenoid set.
  3. The pass through connector is leaking internally and needs to be replaced.
  4. I used Dex 3 with a bottle of Lubegard "Black". It's the fluid I've always preferred in the older transmissions. ATF+4 has a TON of friction modifier in it to deal with converter clutch chatter. This affects shift feel quite a bit. If you build it right, and use the right converter, there won't be any slippage to cause chatter.
  5. Sounds like a power distribution problem somewhere. Not sure why the PCM was condemned, but even if the alternator quit charging altogether, the gauge wouldn't drop to zero. Somewhere in the power distribution system, there's a faulty connection. The transmission can't work with no electrical power.
  6. They make their flex plates in-house. They send the proper bolts with new converters.
  7. I use Goerend flex plates on Stage 3 and higher builds. Either way, get that stock one out of there.
  8. I didn't say not to fix the AC problem, but I'd definitely shunt as much of the remaining AC on the TPS circuit to ground as you can. The electronics in those 2nd Gens were too sensitive to AC ripple even when they were new, and haven't gotten any better in the last 20 years as they have aged.
  9. You have leaking diodes in your alternator. While these mods that you're doing do help the batteries dampen some of that AC noise, you have to fix the source of the noise. I would also put a noise filter on the TPS signal line at the PCM as part of the process.
  10. No, there really is no way to adapt it. The 3rd Gen uses an actual range sensor, which has varying resistance based on position, while the 2nd Gens just used a switch for Park/Neutral. There would also be no reverse lights if a 3rd Gen transmission was installed in a 2nd Gen truck.
  11. Neutral safety switch is different.
  12. My suspicion is that your intermediate band has failed (or the strut or anchor has fallen off), and you don't actually have 2nd gear. This happens often with the 48RE, but the 47 is configured the same way, so it's always a possibility. Guys will feel a late shift out of first gear once you get enough road speed, but they're actually feeling a 1-3 shift because it tried to shift to 2nd earlier, but there was nothing there. Idling at a stop, pull the shift lever from Neutral into Manual Low, and then take off normally. Once you're rolling at about 12-15 mph, bump the shift lever up
  13. No. Don't touch the TV stop adjustment. That is set to a specific spec when the valve body is built, and shouldn't be touched (although I see someone Transgo kitted the valve body, so who knows where it's set). It is not a "user serviceable" adjustment. The TV plunger will pop out and contact the TV lever once the truck is running and there is line pressure being generated.
  14. When they added TCC lockup to the mix in 1994, they renamed it the A618, but that's not of much use, because there are a bunch of variations off of that. ALL of the 4 speed automatics had "electronic" overdrive, and the '94-newer had "electronic" converter lockup. (I use the term "electronic" because there is much "electronics" involved. They both use a simple on/off solenoid to engage/disengage. There is no PWM.) 1994 and 1995 used the 47RH (hydraulic governor), and in 1996 they came out with the 47RE (electronic governor). There were a bunch of running changes, but th
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