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  1. I was just giving you a hard time. You're right in Firepunk's backyard, so you're probably right. Shipping would be a bit spendy, I would imagine. I ship them all over the west coast, and a few to the Minnesota/Wisconsin area, but none as far as Ohio.
  2. Depends upon where you shop! LOL You'll definitely want a billet flex plate if you're shooting for those numbers.
  3. Don't get me wrong, Transgo has some products that do work really well (Ford E4OD/4R100, Ford 5R110, Allison 1000 to name a few), but the 4-speed Dodges are not one of them. The 4-speeds really just need so many refinements and a "shift kit" will not address them all.
  4. Oh boy... Don't get me started on that one...! LOL
  5. I absolutely agree that labor is where the largest profit lies. For the most part, I just R&R and build transmissions for diesel pickups (Dodge, Ford and GM). That keeps me busier than I want to be 99% of the time. But even at the fever-pitched pace that I'm always running at, I will still R&R a transmission for someone for just labor. I work quite a bit with Diesel Power Products here in Spokane, and they're a huge BD dealer. Every once in a while, they refer one of their retail customers to me for installation of a BD transmission. I'm always willing to do a job like that. I'm equipped for it, I do it all the time, it doesn't take me very long, and it's just "free" money from a business standpoint. Plus, and I've always said this...the greatest part of my job is the cool people that I get to meet in the process of doing it. There are many of you right here on this forum! Doing a quick R&R job for someone simply adds one more to that number...
  6. I guess it would depend upon the application. The most this truck will ever see is gravel roads.
  7. Give me a call. I can fix you right up...
  8. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of removing the heat exchanger, but I do understand why people do it. The stock cooling system on the 3rd Gen does have its weaknesses, hence my thermostat delete kit, but I don't have much trouble with 2nd Gen systems. This gentleman just wanted some additional capacity, and OH BOY did he get it! That setup works amazing!
  9. No. I added it in addition to the factory coolers. He wanted the extra capacity because he tows a huge trailer up some winding back country roads with some pretty vicious hills. Plus, the 3rd Gen cooling systems are pretty marginal when you start adding power and mods. I can tell you that this setup is a heat shedding monster!
  10. Here are some pictures of a Derale 15870 cooler that I installed for a customer. I haven't installed any of the wiring in these photos, but the fan will be controlled by a relay. The temp switch is on the inlet side of the cooler, and will turn the fan on at 180 degrees, and back off at 165 degrees. Here is the cooler (which is massive) and the bracket that I built to mount it to the frame. And the bracket mounted to the frame... The cooler mounted to the bracket. By mounting it at an angle, I was able to tuck it up against the bottom of the cab nicely, but not have anything hanging below the frame rail. Another view... And its associated plumbing. I used -8AN fittings and line throughout.
  11. You can put a big doughnut magnet in the bottom of an aluminum pan if you want, but it obviously won't "stick" to the pan and might have a tendency to wander around in there. The 4 speed Dodges do generate a lot of trash as they break in, but once broken in, they operate fairly clean and the magnet on the drain plug should suffice...your call on that one. All is well here, and busier than ever! Enjoying the summer as much as possible!
  12. There's a magnet built into the drain plug itself.
  13. I use them all the time. It's a good, well built and well machined pan...and made in the good ol' USA. I bundle them with all of my builds now.
  14. Dynamic

    Auto trans slipping

    A failed OD brake clutch is very common on the Dodge 4 speeds. So is a failed converter clutch. Without tearing the transmission at least partially apart, you won't know for sure.
  15. Add-on drain plugs are notorious for leaking as they age. I would strongly consider a deep aluminum pan as an upgrade. You get extra fluid capacity and a drain plug, but the biggest benefit is that they strengthen the transmission case by a significant amount. Shop around. There are some pretty good pans out there for a decent price.