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  1. That is the reason why I have one, I go down some severe mountain roads with my 5th wheel.
  2. I too will be at Mono Village later this year for a month. and I tow a loaded 5th wheel about 12,000 lbs. RV275, edge ez, waste gate elbow and HX35w turbo, and AirDog lift pump. pull good enough for most everything, took it across country and the Sierras every year. also have a DTT built transmission. Always can ask for more but it does the job. 4.10:1 gears and 35 in tires. That is where I stand.
  3. WHEN my abs light came on it was the sensor in the rearend. On my 98.5 ram
  4. Ed ke6bnl

    Ed ke6bnl

  5. try this there are more than one set of colors https://www.etrailer.com/faq-wiring.aspx
  6. some of the truck with a tow package had a plug that the 7 way goes to for the bumper and IF SO then you just can by the TEE for that plug with wires that goes to the bed
  7. Also had a bad rearend in a cherokee bought another Cherokee for about $300 switched it over and at the time in California turned it in for more than that for smog refund
  8. Just a question, the relay on start is closing BUT is the computer itself sending some sort of pulse with modulation to control the pressure NOT the relay opening and closing
  9. my boy and I replace the rear main on his 3rd gen truck that was looser than those used on our 2nd gen trucks. We bought one with a thin metal sleeve that helps guide it in without destroying the lips of the seal, DARN I just threw it away after sitting on my bench for a couple of year. But get the kit and is easy. The old one on the 3rd gen was pulled out by and and barely in the motor. the new one is a tight fit. one the trans is out it is easy.
  10. Where are you located, I have a 99 with 80k still in wrecked truck BUT I am in So. California also has the DTT built transmission and transfer case
  11. I bought the plug for the bed and it came with some cord and a TEE I had to purchase the other two plugs to attache it. I want the plug in the bed for the 5th wheel and the plug at the pull trailer receiver in the back. You could always splice the wires together. either way it turned out to be more work than I thought it would be...be sure to keep the plug in the bed low enough to have the plug to fit through, I did not and had to make a spacer for the bed side to have the plug cleared but looks like it was designed that way when I was done.
  12. In a pinch I just wait till I can get the correct tcw3.
  13. I have a HX35W with 275 RV injectors and it tows my 5th wheel well. reasonable egts. but I do keep an eye on theme. not sure this is useful for you.
  14. sure would be nice if there was someone from the forum in the area
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