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  1. Ed ke6bnl

    2wd low setup

    Thanks for the prompt replies, so helpful, this site is unbelievable.
  2. Ed ke6bnl

    2wd low setup

    Do you by pass the transfer case vacuum switch and do it all manually? and to go into 4x4 lock do you engage the transfer case then activate the vacuum switch in that order?
  3. Ed ke6bnl

    2wd low setup

    I have some of those air switches in 1/4 in. one in and either port out. did you have a diagram of the install by any chance that would be an easy mod.
  4. Ed ke6bnl

    Losing power or sanity

    my boys edge EZ went out and we check for boost leak none, we were use to the extra power with the EZ. turned out the EZ went bad. all else was ok.
  5. I have had good luck with a contact cleaner spray like Deoxit D5 not cheap but I refer to it as magic electrical spray
  6. Ed ke6bnl

    T stat bad?

    I just noticed some water at the thermostat housing and will be by Napa Tuesday and will get a thermostat. what is the part number of the one that is recommended. thanks
  7. Ed ke6bnl

    Alternator & PCM failure

    Can this be done right at alternator?
  8. Ed ke6bnl

    3rd gen wheels

    I have hummer tires and wheel that I believe are the same size. No rubbing and have a 2 in. Simple lift on the front
  9. What I have herd is the best solution is to CERAMIC COAT the lenses. I have not personally tried it though, Coating is in the $50 a bottle neighborhood.
  10. Ed ke6bnl

    Gremlin overload!

    another thing I would add is to use double wall adhesived shrink tube to keep out the elements
  11. Ed ke6bnl

    Front axle u joint

    this is so powerful if you use it with it not against the object it Flys out past the spring
  12. Ed ke6bnl

    Front axle u joint

    My newest tool for this procedure is the super rivet gun I have with a bit that is about 1 in. diameter with a bronze piece on the end. a couple of blast with the rivet gun and the stuff just falls apart.
  13. Ed ke6bnl

    Gurgle after heater core

    I have one of those units that you pull a vacuum on the system and then use that vacuum to suck in the coolant , seemed to work great for my old Jeep straight six that would have problems for days to burp ot the system. Just a thought
  14. I am using a digital oil (Speedway) Gauge for my fuel pr. And have a mechanical gauge by the lift pump so no fuel inside the truck
  15. Ed ke6bnl

    Axle shaft u joints

    I have never done it this way, always used vice or press, BUT I like the idea BUT I might make a piece for the press that presses both sides of the cross at the same time