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  1. Ed ke6bnl

    Apps going bad? No codes

    this one may do the job for $25 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CH4D68Q/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=l1diag-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B07CH4D68Q&linkId=97d8bf6ad64438ebdcd92ddfbd031d8e
  2. Ed ke6bnl

    Apps going bad? No codes

    if it is anything like a throttle position sensor on must cars I use a lab scope that has its screen on the computer can be had for as low as $60 HANTEK and it will save a buffer of what you are doing. and what you are doing is moving the throttle from nothing to full throttle slowly and steady up and down and watching that there is just a smooth curve of movement and no quick falling of the graph in any spots of the curve.
  3. Ed ke6bnl

    My 47RE finally died

    Where are you located, I have a DTT with about 10k in Southern California. Truck was crashed and salvage titled BUT would like to sell with engine
  4. Ed ke6bnl

    oil pressure gauge

    I have gone through 2 sending units for the oil pressure gauge stock one in the dash. There has been some changes for the one in my 1998.5 and I did not get the new one that is not a direct bolt in and found the original one NOT from Dodge which is very expensive. Once I found the part number is was not too expensive off Amazone $26 this one worked for me Track package GooDeal Oil Pressure Sensor 4921511 for Cummins Dodge 5.9L 24V 1998 - 2002 Sold by: ooodeal $25.99 Condition: New
  5. Ed ke6bnl

    AC clutch

    150psi is not high, leaning towards the clutch. Last resort would be a loose or bad belt
  6. Ed ke6bnl

    AC clutch

    By any chance did you have a gage on the High side to see if it is over charged.
  7. I did recheck the boost gage and it is correct, mine will only develope a max of 28 psi, but I relocated every thing so it is easy to access and will be able to maybe cut some of the spring and do some tests, That does make sense, that it would have to bleed back or the check valve would keep it pressurized. thanks for the input.
  8. well I can not figure out how this manual boost controller works. I have the boost pressure entering the red female threaded portion. and the blue going to the valve(not sure the name) For one thing if I blow into the blue end the air just flows out a small hole in the threads of the red piece.and can not see how pressure would build up. I have put it on my compressor at 40 psi and can not get hardly any flow at any thread length setting. So I am confused how this works.
  9. I will Check the gage for accuracy or there could be a boost leak is my guess
  10. I have rv 275 injectors and edge ez that is it.
  11. I installed my man ual boost controller and I never see more than 28 psi no matter what settings I use on the controller. my turbo says it is HX35W garertT BDH3536160. I think my next step is to put 30 psi to the boost gage and see if it read correctly. Sound like the next move?
  12. mine just came in got it early maybe next week install job
  13. I have one on order due June 1, what is the best way to set the boost level?
  14. did you recheck the fluid level??
  15. wonder if there is an auto reset fuse somewhere in the line. would be nice if you could put an ampmeter on the line and see what the actuall ampredge draw is.