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  1. I do not think it is an interference fit. even though it is usually difficult to remove the hub. when cleaned up and reinstalled it is a nice slip fit for me.
  2. Is there a tune for towing, that would be my main goal for the Quadzilla other than a milage economy when running around town. although the truck is 90% use to tow or haul something. Will purchase one when I sell a transmission or old truck I have for sale.
  3. I do not have the Quadzilla but would like to see it in action and see if I should go that route. It is a lot to spend if I can not get a big benifit. Thanks
  4. Wish there was a knowledgeable person in the So. Calif. Santa Clarita area that is familiar with the qiadzillia that could set me up and see it in action in its use, and maybe I could trade some of my abilities.
  5. thanks for the idea on new fasteners just tore the door panel off for passenger side bad window switch. took the switch apart and it is mechanically bad switch for the window portion of the switch. ordered an original mopar switch maybe work for the next 20+ years.
  6. would be nice if you had a clamp on DC amp meter with max/min and you would see the max readings that the truck is drawing. but I think you are safe in getting a good breaker as a replacemnet
  7. I have the kit made with a plunger type air compressor and I have in some cases with pressurized over flow tank vehicles cut the heater hose and installed a copper fitting between the hoses with a silver soldered schrader valve to test the system with air conditioning hoses. can set it in the window area and drive and watch the readings. Can pressurize at the schrader and look for leaks.
  8. I am of the impression that dina and condensation can cause acid in the oil that synthetic is not going to do.
  9. I have one since I got the truck about 11 years I have 35 in tires and think it was a great investment and added to that a front receiver. never have had any steering issues.
  10. I put restore in my forklift that would smoke like a fireplace, added restore a month's later did not smoke again.
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