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  1. Ed ke6bnl

    brake bleeders

    when possible a power bleeder is my favorite way to go, but I also use a vacuum pump and a ball jar with fittings to use on each bleeder. I have not tried a pressure bleeder to the bleeder and pushing the brake fluid up to the master yet.
  2. Kinda what I thought but not sure I had a computer that was on the way out. You folks know your stuff and would be curious if I would be better off switching the computer from my crashed 1999 Dodge ram 2500 if there was some upgrade from the 98.5 to the 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 truck. the reason I ask is that when I wanted to run a smarty tuner the whole truck would just not accept any tune I tried, I had to disconnect the battery and wait and I could then restore the truck to normal.
  3. I have a no start a lot of times if I jump in a turn the key on. If I wait for all the dings on the dash it starts every time. Is this normal? I has been like this for a long time.
  4. Has been a while but I think I ordered the ones that were on my 1980 Chevy duelly 454 pick up.
  5. Ed ke6bnl

    P1762 Governor Pressure Sensor Offset Volts Too Low Or High

    Fantastic write up very detailed.
  6. I got this P1757 GOV PRESS ABOVE 3 PSI IN GEAR WITH 0 MPH also got P0622 and P1693 the last two for some reason come on at times when I activate my exhaust brake. I have a DTT built transmission and it has some sort of electronic device that substitutes for the transmission shift control under the drivers seat. I am on vacation and just have a bag of tools so lets not scare me I still have to hall the 5th wheel home. I cleared it and all seems good and this happen both time while I was not pulling the trailer just at a stop sign or light. thanks ps I only have internet a couple of time a day at the campsite.
  7. Ed ke6bnl

    Dash bessel removal

    What do us 98.5 guys do with the push pull type light switch???
  8. Ed ke6bnl

    3rd Gen Front Brake Upgrade

    will this work for the front brakes of the 98 Ram 2500???
  9. Sounds like he is saying that ring gear does not turn freely
  10. Ed ke6bnl

    Light under hood

    old jeep Cherokee had them, I have it in my shed
  11. Ed ke6bnl

    Light under hood

    want to add under hood lighting someday 12 volt to help with rodent problems ???????? may just mount some led angle eye headlights on the hood> I had one on my mill spindle for a couple of years till a large thread on aluminum took it out..
  12. is there simple way to check in what mode the pump is on park or neutral etc. thanks
  13. Did the same thing and have had no issues
  14. I had been using a vacuum pump, but now have better results with a pressure bleeder, put 20 psi and run around to all the bleeder, no issue with sucking air through the threads.
  15. Ed ke6bnl

    Clicking under dash

    Could it be an auto reset circuit breaker