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  1. I fitted may super heavy duty rivet gun with tip with brass end, makes fast work of it. And makes all the ball joints slip off when hitting the side of the fitting
  2. These are the ones I use for my trailer https://www.technorv.com/tst-flow-thru-system-with-4-to-12-sensors/ that seems like a lot of money but On my my new to me used trailer I had a blow out on the first trip and nearly tore out the whole side of the trailer, with the sensors I came to find out that one of the rims had a pin hole leak from new. was able to braze it from the inside and never an issue again. Caught a puncture and got an alert on a trip through Louisiana and was able to pull over while still having air in the tire. I do like the separate monitor it has but NOW they have less expensive ones that use your phone to monitor the tires.
  3. might want to hook up the speed sensor and disconnect the charging wire on the alternator and do a short test and see if the problem goes away.
  4. On my trailer and rear wheels I have added pressure/temperature sensors. The TPMS sensors came as a set of 6, an unusual high temp can indicate a bad bearing.. This may be a good choice for our trucks. and I may now move the 2 extra sensors I have on my two rear tires of the truck to the front and that may give me a sign of a bearing in its way out. Just a thought
  5. Vehicle: Ed G Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2018-08-02 Ed G
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  8. That is were mine went, the mice destroyed it, I have some industrial black paint and a back of ceramic spheres I was thinking of painting under there.
  9. Ed ke6bnl

    Inland empire Ca.

    Her number is 6612668866 tell her Ed Ginsberg sent you. She has gotten me and my boy out of trouble a few times over the phone
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    Inland empire Ca.

    I know of Betty Sutherland BUT she is in Palmdale
  11. I believe I used chevy 1 ton wheel cylinders in the rears of my 98.5 a little extra stopping power. was a long time ago.
  12. Ed ke6bnl

    Poor gas mileage

    that maybe a good combination I run 33's on my offroad buggy I am sure they are not too much for the Dodge. I think that is a good compromise.
  13. Ed ke6bnl

    Poor gas mileage

    I went to 35 in tires and the mileage dropped, I bought a crashed 99 Ram with 4:10 gears and 80k motor and DTT transmission and exhaust brake Cheap used the 4:10 gears in my 98.5 ram and it is a good combo but the extra tire size and weight doesn't back into the good mileage arena. I guess you give up a lot for the look. and now all set up for my 5th wheel so i will leave it alone. I do still have the engine and trans to sell in so. California. bought it when both my boy and I had the same truck and he now has a 3rd gen dodge ram
  14. best possible vacuum but heat is your friend, the more heat the better you will boil out the moisture, and it is also helpfull to evacuate and refitll to 1 or 2 psi repull a vacuum to help move the moisture out. Not as critical as a freezer that run in the minus 20s.
  15. It will be OK, but don't leave run it can ice up the evaporate, but will help to figure out what to do next