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  1. I cut the original cables back and put on new terminals. I was fortunate enough to get good usa made crimper at the swapmeet for under $20.there is a hammer type crimper that will be fie for a very fair price. Deka 8 Gauge Hammer Crimper Tool $25 at batterymart.com
  2. My suggestion is to crimp. Some Chinese hydraulic crimpers can be as cheap as $30. We have done 3 Dodges and use dual wall adhesive shrink tube
  3. I do not think it will run a spinning air tool or for just a half of a minute. BUT I carry a small Co2 bottle with regulator for that and tires. and use the oba for the air bags and blowing things off and air horns.
  4. I am running I think a 540C viair. it finally took a dump, there are rebuild kit that are not expensive and rebuilt it and works great again. I ran a air quick connect to the rear of the truck and it runs the air horns.
  5. voltage drop is very helpful, to appreciate the need for voltage drop by taking the black lead and put it on the negative battery terminal and for the positive put your finger on the positive and touch the red lead to your finger and the meter will show battery voltage lets say 12.6 volt. BUT you will not be able to even light a .500 mv test light from your finger it cant carry a load.
  6. I guess I will be doing the front band adjustment next week. thanks for all the info that made me feel comfortable to do the job.
  7. my truck came with a DTT transmission and separate shift box and exhaust brake. but I have not way to tell what converter it has. The guy I got it from paid $7000 for all the work.
  8. I did a voltage test of the water to ground going for a voltage less than 0.400 volts
  9. Well water can range from hard to soft you may be fortunate to have softer well water, mine is rock hard.
  10. I took a piece of water pipe that matched the radiator hose and put a hose fitting on one end, then I put a 1/4in pipe at a sharp angle for an air line. Been awhile but I believe I removed the stat and bottom hose and ran the water for a while then blew air and water to boost the flow to clean and flush the debris out. I also use a vacuum device to refill the coolant
  11. you do not have to add to each component the oil is carried around with the refrigerant I would add what is needed for the accumulator condenser and measure what your can remove from the compressor. pressurize and check for leaks and evacuate and charge. You can add gas to get the pressure up then you can add to the low side to charge you may have to jumper the low pressure switch to cycle it on. good luck.
  12. thanks for the fast response will order one today. is there a typical mileage before changing I have never seen a fuel pressure drop yet. I have herd 30k miles
  13. I need to change the air dog 100 filter which filter do I choose. I see the 2 micron and the 10 micron on amazon not sure which is best I believe there is a 10 micron in there now. Thanks
  14. That seems simple enough and should work
  15. I Have a switch like that for my exhaust brake.
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