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  1. Quadzilla Power


    Check for 12v with the engine off but keyed on. It will set a code for MAP sensor voltage too low. Check for pin1 on the connector for 12v. Yes, you can just swap the iQuad out for the control pod.
  2. Quadzilla Power

    Fuel economy on iQuad

    I would only set these to "on" when you are trying to reset them. You basically want to toggle them on then off to reset the gallons used per trip and the AVG_MPG. I'm concerned that with them on when you connect the app it will resend the signal to reset them every time it connects. Also, having to try a few times disconnecting and reconnecting the Adrenaline before it flashes is perfectly normal. We have to do that all the time here too.
  3. Quadzilla Power

    Well the Order is in

    On its way now. (Of course you already know this).
  4. Quadzilla Power

    Quadzilla Adrenaline Economy and MPG

    That is actually rolling length of the tire, not the tire height. So circumference, not diameter. Less accurate method is to take the tire height and multiply it by 3.14 to get the circumference. Most accurate is to measure it yourself with the truck rolling. Stock is set to 95.7". This is actually pretty interesting. I've never actually heard a "whisper mode" tune that actually worked so this is nice to hear in the video. Every time we have tried to mess with stuff in the idle section it has ended up badly for us. I can look at this again when my trucks are put back together. Because Apple app doesn't let us write to the file system directly, nor does it give us a good way to view the files in the file system. Unfortunately the only way to load tunes is through the email to myself then "open in the app" method. Kind of an iOS thing. I honestly don't know why it doesn't work, its supposed to, but it doesn't I guess. So, rather than clicking on the name of the tune to apply it, you would like a button in the custom tuning menu that will load the file to the Adrenaline when clicked? That is interesting. I will have to look at this in the future. 3 cylinder high idle would require the ECM to be programmed for 3 cylinder high idle then we would have to "fool" the IAT sensor to make the truck think its really cold. That would require a complete revision of the Adrenaline system. I'm not sure that its really feasible at this point. Maybe we can make a extension module on our screen when we finally come out with it that does something like this. I too agree that it would be nice to set the idle target. This change isn't as involved as the others and is something that we can conceivable do. I will have to look into that.
  5. Quadzilla Power

    Well the Order is in

    Sounds good. I will talk with JKidd and make sure its good to go.
  6. Quadzilla Power

    Well the Order is in

    We have stuff that I have confirmed will work on up to 2012. I am 99% sure it will work with yours as well as the changes to the interface have slowed way down in recent years. This is really just gauge only and we don't know what if anything we can change. Your Teraterm work would probably still be helpful.
  7. Quadzilla Power

    Well the Order is in

    Do you want me to send you an ViZion unit? It is basically an iQuadBT without the tuning capabilities. Plugs into the OBDII and reports all sorts of good stuff.
  8. Quadzilla Power

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Hey @TJ_00Cummins, I just got off the phone with you. It could be a software thing or it could be a damaged board thing. Let's hope it was just a software thing that we can fix. I would hate to have to go through another board replacement. -Thanks again,
  9. Quadzilla Power

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Did you jump start the truck after it sat for a while? Really any time you mess with the batteries you should disconnect the Adrenaline unit from the main harness. You can send it in for testing if you'd like.
  10. Quadzilla Power

    Well the Order is in

    So the blue one is the one that was hail damaged? I'm a little confused.
  11. Quadzilla Power

    Well the Order is in

    We have spent some time on this white truck. We found some treasures in here including this bad-boy.
  12. Quadzilla Power

    Fuel economy on iQuad

    That is different isn't it. Not losing power level says that you should have a good power and ground connection (hot part of the fuse block is fine in that case). However, it is weird that you are getting your MPG stuff reset all the time. What is the status of your MPG Offset and AVG MPG reset settings in the settings? Are they both set to ON or OFF?
  13. The gear ratio will only affect how it determines which gear you are in. The tire size is really the only thing that affects the speedometer readout. You will have to figure out what you need to reprogram to get the proper gear ratio and speedometer settings. Once you have whatever it is that transmits the speed corrected for the 4.10s then you can adjust for tire size in the iQuad app. I would suggest having it set for 4.10 gears and 95.7" rolling length tires then do the tire size correction in the app. That way the gear selected and the speedo are both right. Once you get the updated fuel economy stuff, you will need to correct for fuel usage. This does require a corrected speedo as described above. You don't need to know the odometer reading. You will need to fill up the truck, set the MPG offset to 100%, reset the gallons used per trip, run a tank of fuel, then fill up again. Take the actual gallons used / reported gallons used x 100 and set that as the MPG offset. This will only work if you don't use the pump tap at all, so run on level 3 or below with the V2 tuning. Once that is set properly, then you can start to trust the ECO, gallons used per trip, and the Average MPG gauge (latest version corrects what Mopar1973Man was seeing earlier). Again, you can only trust it when not running the pump tap. When you add in the pump tap all you are getting is a rough guideline at best.
  14. Unfortunately you have a custom build of the ADR base code. I think the MPG stuff went in after your custom build so I don't think you have that. Your custom trans temp from the Allison is different I think. I will have to see what Nick did to build yours.
  15. Quadzilla Power

    Fuel economy on iQuad

    Chris' tool reports +1 over the Adrenaline?