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  1. This seems like its the same issue that's keeping me from releasing the average MPG gauge. When you set the value for the offset, sometimes, it wants to toggle it off then back on which causes it to reset. If you try to set the setting for the offset to the right value then turn it to "off" it should stop resetting. (Crosses fingers). Its really an issue with the app that needs to be looked into. We need to have a "reset" button that will only toggle the code (send on then off) when its pressed and not every time it connects.
  2. The default V2.7.7HF that we send out does not have the high idle enabled by default. It can be turned on with the iQuad app, but not with the control pod.
  3. That ... That's great. Thats fantastic. I will have to get that published as quick as possible if it works for everyone. -Thanks again,
  4. Yep. let us fix it. It was a manufacturing defect that we know about. If you want, I have some longer cables that I can put on it. Its easier for me just to fix this cable rather than having to re-solder on new cables, but I will be willing to help you out and put a longer cable on it.
  5. Honestly, neither do I. Was it the one that you got from here: http://quadzillatech.com/TunesDownloads/V2Tunes/ADR9802v2.7.7.exe
  6. I honestly don't recognize the Feature Code, but it looks like it programmed successfully. If you can see the feature code, then don't worry about the problem you saw above, that was just the step needed to install drivers so that you could get to the point where you could connect to the Adrenaline. You have connected and successfully updated your module, probably to the version that Nick uploaded here.
  7. When someone picks a tune like the 1007 tune, they usually know what they are doing so we usually don't check with them to make sure. Its normally because they have a control pod and no way of setting these settings on the control pod like they can with the iQuad app. When you connect to the module with a phone, it will grab the connection and not let go. We also only allow 1 connected device at a time. Make sure that on your old phone you turn the Bluetooth off completely before trying to connect with the new phone. When you sent in your module for a test and update did you also include your Bluetooth module for testing?
  8. That's possible. But I have only seen one time that the boost fooler circuit failed high rather than low. You might have a voltage regulator issue that is showing up by causing your MAP sensor to fail.
  9. You may have to save the file to the device in the file system somewhere, then go to the app and import the tune. I have a galaxy S8 and I've never had an issue. If the operating system has already decided that the default app for opening .json files is the json genie then you will have to figure out how to reset that preference somewhere.
  10. Truthfully, I don't know why there is a V2 Dodge 98-02 vehicle selection. It may be that you got an update.json in the middle of a transition. Once you download a vehicle profile it will stay there until you delete the saved information or the whole app. I honestly can't remember when we updated the "name" of the profile to be consistent between the update.json and the vehicle_xxx.json but it looks like you got one that was stupid. Sorry about that. That was my fault. If you are running an Automatic. You can modify the wiring harness to put the Adrenaline into the cab of the truck through the clutch plate. I would recommend having a grommet to put in there as well. You will need to find a constant 12v battery supply to tap into for the power and then a good ground, but it has been done before.
  11. Yes, high idle and automatics with warm-up mode is a bit of an issue. It is something that you will either need to adjust the delay for or you will need to make sure that your truck is warmed up before you start driving. These guys here are the best. I'm so grateful for every post that they help with.
  12. It could be a broken wire in one of the connectors. You could have a 1-way communcation issue with the modules themselves as well. Try the things I mentioned in the PM, but you may need to send it in for testing.
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