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  1. Quadzilla Power

    Quad 4K tuning help

    Well, you just helped me find a bug that I am frankly reticent to fix. There is a name discrepancy between the update.json and the vehicle_dodge9802_4k_2_6_v2.json file that the update.json file references. In the update.json we name the vehicle: " V2 Dodge 1998-2002 4K " and in the file itself we name the vehicle " V2 Dodge 1998-2002 4k " . You may say to yourself, well those are the same. Honestly, they are not. The first has a capital K and the second has a lower case k. That makes those two names unique in the world of computers. The iPhone uses the update.json name while the Android uses the name embedded in the file. Here's why I am reticent to fix it. The minute I change one or the other all of the custom tuning settings will go away for every user that uses that vehicle profile. It will take time for it to happen because you have to open the vehicle settings menu for the change to take affect, but they will eventually go away. The problem with them being names slightly different is the fact that when you share tunes from an iPhone to an Android, the tunes won't show up in the list of tunes, even though they were copied there. When you try to build a tune with the name of one you tried to download, you will get a message saying, that tuning file already exists, even though you can't find it in any of the vehicle profiles. With apple iOS devices, its not as big of a deal because its shows all the custom tunes from every vehicle. If I do change it, you will probably end up with two different vehicle profiles on iOS devices until you reset the app's data. . About your tune. When I finally found out what was going on with it I noticed a couple of weird things: 1. Maximum Fuel Stretch of 6000us is very aggressive. Your truck may not like that much fuel it may be past the point of HP gains and into the diminishing returns area. 2. TPS pump Min is proably too low at 10%, thats really aggressive 3. Pump Low Boost scale is set to 0 psi. This means that the pump tap will kick in immediately upon reaching 10% throttle. It may be too early for that. 4. Fuel load timing: 10* is probably way too much. Try something closer to 3. If you were to set this to 0, you would unlock a special timing mode that you probably don't want. Its good you had something here. 5. Timing reduction is set to 0, you might want to reduce by 2 or 3 degrees. Timing reduct scaling is 0% so it cancels out the 10, but I would put this to 100% with the reduction set to 3. 6. Light throttle timing Advance - Set this to around 2 to 3* 7 LIght throttle load limit of 30% is good. 8. If you have head studs etc. you will probably want to max your timing out around 3500RPM. You would want to set this to 30*. If not, why are you running a 4k module, you're going to blow stuff up. 9. THis is the biggest issue, all of your values for CAN bus fueling from 11PSI + are set to 0. If you didn't realize this, you need to swipe left and right on that screen to see the other values. Those need to be set higher. At least 100%+ at that point. Depending on the size of your injectors, you will want to build up a ramp similar to what is listed here: http://quadzillapower.com/adrenaline-custom-tuning-guide/#V2Tuning which you should really read over again.
  2. Quadzilla Power

    Quad 4K tuning help

    You're using the wrong vehicle profile. You are using a "V2 Quadzilla Only 4k" vehicle profile which is only for testing purposes. You should change your vehicle profile to the "V2 Dodge 1998-2002 4k". The "Quadzilla Only" version has been deleted. The next time you delete your app and re-download your vehicle selections it will not be there in the list.
  3. Quadzilla Power

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Yes, having reduced your MAX to 14 from 16 is almost the same thing, but its always like that instead of only when needed.
  4. Quadzilla Power

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Here is where your trade-off is most apparent. By adding more fuel down low, you will inherently smoke more. The more "low-end" speed generally means more capability of producing smoke. With that said, there are a couple of ways you can go about tuning this. First off, go ahead and increase the Timing Reduction Scaling to 100%. You will probably want to reduce the full 2 degrees at the high throttle low boost in order to help your turbo spool a little faster thereby getting you out of the "smoke zone" a little faster. Now, with your tune using the factory defaults of 105, 107... ramp rate, you are already putting out more than stock fueling. With your larger injectors you are probably putting out a little smoke already. If you really want a "smokeless" tune, you will need to start messing with the Valet Mode power level and its setting. Up it to closer to 90% and test on level 1. If you are making smoke, back that percentage down until you don't make any smoke. If you are burning clean, then you can up it until you make a little smoke, then back it back down a percent. If you go all the way to 100% without making any smoke then you might need to move on to power level 3 and mess with the CAN bus fueling until you find a point where you start to smoke down low and then back off from there. For example, start by setting all of the CAN bus equalizer to 105% and test your smoke output. If you don't smoke, set all of the equalizer to 107% and see if you see any smoke. Step up and down according to the smoke out put that you are comfortable with. Once you have a good starting point, build from there with a ramp in fueling. ME will tell you all you need is 121% or so on the top end to max out the CAN bus fueling, but it doesn't hurt anything to have the higher number. trreed Just mentioned moving your 1500 RPM slider up. That's not a bad idea to do either.
  5. Quadzilla Power

    Quad 4K tuning help

    One thing to note is that we recently discovered that the default 4k v2 tuning has the RPM limiter set to 3400 RPM. Just an FYI. You have to custom tune in order to get over 4000 RPM, but that is what you are trying to find out so you are already making the right steps. First things first, you need to follow the Adrenaline custom tuning guide, even for the 4k V2. http://quadzillapower.com/adrenaline-custom-tuning-guide/#V2Tuning Most of the parameters have the same descriptions with the same defaults. The ones that have changed or are added is that the fuel stretch on the 4k is between 4000 and 6000us instead of 1200 to 2200 us. This one is different because we completely take over the fueling. There are also two more settings on the RPM Timing Max equalizer for the higher RPM ranges. Like ME78569 mentioned, you will need to probably top your timing out at around 3500 RPM (set the max to 30* here).
  6. Quadzilla Power

    P-Pump 24V with V2 tuning

    Way better than I could have ever put it.
  7. Quadzilla Power

    P-Pump 24V with V2 tuning

    I have heard through the grapevine that Bosch has said that the VP44 is the most advanced injection pump they have ever built. With the common rail they moved the smarts out of the pump and into the electronics that then control the injectors. The p-pump is 100% mechanical. You honestly don't even need a battery or alternator to run the truck once the truck has started. You can run it with a simple zip-tie in place of a relay to keep it running. (With a mechanical lift pump). There are 0 electronic smarts to the truck with the p-pump. Everything is mechanical.
  8. Quadzilla Power

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    What Mopar1973Man said. Except Mac has a built in tool for doing dual boots. You just have to restart your machine and then tell it to boot into the other OS. I believe the tool is called boot camp. You can find a lot of info with a few google searches.
  9. Quadzilla Power

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    If you are missing the gallons per trip and the ECO you are probably not running the latest V2.7.7. Those two things were added as part of V2.7.7. If you know how to load it and can follow the guide found here: Then you can probably go ahead and load the following file to get the ECO and Gallons used per trip to function properly: http://quadzillatech.com/TunesDownloads/V2Tunes/ADR9802v2.7.7.exe That should have the ECO and Gallons Used pop and be functional.
  10. Quadzilla Power

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Like @Me78569 said above. Its not a bad idea to double check your jumper settings in the Adrenaline module. Here is a guide to how to set the jumper (and a guide to what else you need to buy if buying used): http://quadzillapower.com/after-market-adrenaline/#VP44Trucks
  11. Quadzilla Power


    Not right now. We need to look at it and its on the list, but I'm not sure about the date.
  12. Quadzilla Power

    Boost Pressure High

    Well, I hope that fixes it for you. I've never heard of a loose wiretap causing the boost to read high, but I guess it could be possible.
  13. Quadzilla Power

    Boost Pressure High

    Usually if the Boost Fooler circuit fails it fails low, to 0. Double check all the wiring, make sure you don't have a short between the power line and the sensor line, that would make it read 48psi constantly on some of the trucks. If you get a hold of a scanner you should be able to read the MAP sensor reading, then subtract off 11 and that should be what we report for boost pressure. If the MAP reads good, but the Quad reads high, then it might be in the Adrenaline. You can double check with the MAP adapter removed and the factory harness plugged in for good measure.
  14. Quadzilla Power

    +50 Injectors

    I think there was a miscommunication. Adding fuel won't drop EGTs, but adjusting the timing will. Honestly though, those are some really high EGTs and I'm not sure that a tuner only will fix your issues. The Adrenaline will adjust the timing how you want it over the RPM ranges. You can see a drop in EGTs but at 1350* cruising, there is definitely something else going on there that should be addressed. One thing the Adrenaline will also do is add a second EGT probe so that you can verify that your current one is accurate. It would be a shame to chase a problem that isn't real.
  15. Quadzilla Power

    Quadzilla Adrenaline Economy and MPG