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  1. @Mopar1973Man We will definitely take a look at this. Have you noticed a performance decrease, or just getting the message?
  2. As @Mopar1973Man said, it is most likely a MAP sensor issue! The diagnostics tab on the iQuad app is only functional for some of the later Common Rail trucks that plug into the OBDII port.
  3. We just sent you an email. It would probably be best to have you send in both of your modules for testing so we can get to the bottom of your issues. @Tatteddad3116 Unfortunately, the processor on your Adrenaline (for 2006-2007 Cummins) was damaged. The actual iQuadBT was fully functional, it just wasn't getting proper voltage to power on.
  4. @Steezy If you have 5v and good ground going to the iQuad then there could be an issue with the iQuad module itself. Would you mind sending it in for testing/warranty? We sent you an email with further details. Thank you
  5. @Cowboyup72490 Would you mind taking a screen recording of the process you are going through? There was an issue with this, but the latest update should have eliminated the issue. Thank you
  6. @Otto8335 @Me78569 The app has been updated and this issue has been fixed! Thank you for your patience
  7. @Otto8335 We hope to have it fixed by next week! Thank you for your patience
  8. @Me78569 @Otto8335 We were able to replicate this issue on iOS13 and are fixing it now!
  9. @Me78569 We haven't run into this issue yet, and the iPhone has always been trickier to get tunes imported. What iPhone/OS is this happening on?
  10. @Otto8335 Would you mind telling us what iPhone you are using as well as what OS? We haven't seen this issue yet! Thank you
  11. @kzimmer We will do some more testing on our side and see if we can fix this issue in our next update. Sorry for the delayed response!
  12. @Ravewolf We strongly recommend not making a "lope tune". Although, it can be done utilizing the pump tap parameters it can damage your truck and is not really driveable. Thank you
  13. Hi @kzimmer, Have you tried updating to the latest version of the app? We have been working to solve this issue, and believe the latest update should fix this problem! Thank you
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