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  1. I got the tune loaded into the quad and have been running it on level 0 just to data log. I have to find time to get to a back road so I can figure out several parameters so I can adjust tune to my injectors. @Mopar1973Man does my truck sound like it should with 100hp injectors? (Video above). Truck definitely sounds different and i feel thr knock sound is gone. Thanks, Tim
  2. @Mopar1973Man okay thanks. new to the tuning game. Ill load your 7x.009 tune and run it on way home tonight and data log truck Tim
  3. My only complaint is EGT's can get a little high. I get out of out when I see 1k, but once TC locks up egt's rise from around 700 to 1k pretty fast. I do see anywheres from 20-25 psi of boost. I have a stock hx35 and a boost elbow. I did a WOT pull yesterday and saw 30 psi and egt maxed out at little under 1100. I did rebuild a hx35 turbo cartridge and was going to swap it into truck as current hx35 is leaking a little oil. Now I am thinking I may need to jump into a bigger compressor wheel, but I have not loaded any custom tunes as of yet. I am hoping egt's come down once I change timing and fuel. All in all, I am very happy with the 100hp sticks and looking forward to playing with the quad. Tim
  4. Here is a screen shot of readings from quad. Truck idling in park just below 800rpm. Don't mind oil pressure, pretty sure I need a new sensor. I am going to keep it on stock setting for about a week and data log truck to see where timing sits before I start to play with quad. Tim
  5. @Mopar1973Man I'll get a screen shot from adrenaline once I drive to work this afternoon. I just got quad installed yesterday.Truck runs a lot better with 100hp injectors. It used to fall on its face once in od and lose boost. Now once it gets locked in od it takes off and boost goes from 10-20 quick. Tim
  6. Took truck for a drive to warm it up today. Once warm it idles in park around 750. I have attached a video of it idling.
  7. Mike, I read the rpm off my phone quick while it was idling, I may have read it wrong, but it idles between the 2nd and 3rd line below the 1k mark on gauge. It def idles lower than it did with old injectors. I'll get another reading tomorrow morning. Tim
  8. Good evening everyone, Just an update. Spent today putting injectors in and deleting the factory lift pump from side of block along with installing new return lines. Truck runs amazing now. Idles at 750rpm with about 6-7% load. The "knock" has disappeared and it has a slight lope to it. Didn't get a chance to install the adrenaline, but can't wait to get that installed.
  9. No problem, I bought a used Quadzilla and it came with the WIFI module and I don't have an apple device. I ordered a blue tooth module. Tim
  10. Int3man- that is correct. It plugs into the Quadzilla Adrenaline and you use an Apple device for screen/gauges. Tim
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  14. Lenny, Nate and Mitchel All great people. Highly recommended. I have shopped at other diesel shops before, not anymore!
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