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  1. Collinst15

    Quadzilla display project

    Oh, that looks like a good size! Saving my money to get the quad hopefully at beginning of year. Any info in a release date for monitor?
  2. John, Truck has a 4in diamond eye exhaust with muffler. It's just loud, but I like it that way.
  3. Here is a video of my 1999. It has173k miles. I have to admit I have to turn truck off at drive-thrus because it is loud and I cant hear person in speaker. 20181020_072301.mp4
  4. I dont have any big busy places around me, so I am stuck with local convenience store diesel. Last year I used power service anti gel every other tank, but that was with a 170k miles vp44 and don't want to add anything that will reduce lubricity this winter. I dont have grid heaters either. Tim
  5. I thought I noticed a slight sound difference also. Another quick question, mopar1973man, what do you use for antigen with the 2 stroke oil? I live in CNY and wanna make sure my fuel doesn't get but also dont want to add anything that will harm vp44. Tim
  6. Collinst15

    Running board pics!

    Here is a picture of my 1999 with 3in black nerd bars I picked up on the cheap.
  7. Perfect Thanks! I don't want to ruin the VP44. Was a pretty penny and was not expecting when it died earlier this year. Tim
  8. I have not had grid heaters since spring. I removed the harness when my relays died. I am going to adjust the FP up this weekend. Would 18psi at idle be okay?
  9. Thanks guys. I have noticed prior to yesterday that with my quad xzt+ turned on performance mode the FP will hit 13 to 14 if I'm WOT so I was going to increase it a little anyways, but wanted to see if adding 2 stroke would cause a change in fp. Tim
  10. Good morning everyone, Yesterday I started using 2 stroke oil at fill up. I have a reman vp44 from T-bred with 1000 miles and been reading 2 stroke oil is the way to go for pump longevity. After I filled up I noticed my FP was at 14.5ish lbs compared to the 15lbs it was at before adding the 2 stroke oil. Is this normal? Has anyone else seen this? I have an Airdog 4g lift pump so I'll just increase the pressure tomorrow but thought it was odd my fp would drop. Tim
  11. Collinst15


  12. Collinst15

    Grid Heater Harness

    I removed it bc the solenoids needed to be replaced, I bought new solenoids and now can't find harness. I'll look into making my own. Thanks Tim
  13. Good morning, I am not sure this is proper place to post, but does anyone know where I can get a grid heater harness for my 1999. I took my off this past spring and I cant find it and want to hook up the grid heater for winter. Tim
  14. Collinst15

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    I am not sure if injectors are stock. I see 1100-1200 if I get into it. My hx35 maxes out at 20psi boost. I know previous owner did nothing to truck, but idk what owner before them did, if anything to motor. Tim
  15. Collinst15

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    I have a xzt+ on my truck. I like the power, but egts get warm. I'll be up grading to the adrenaline next year. Tim