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  1. Collinst15

    Bulletproof mods

    My suggestions and current mods are: ISSPRO gauges: EGT, Trans Temp, Fuel Pressure, boost Airdog 4G lift pump Good batteries Tim
  2. After a lot of searching and review reading I am going to go with Hancook Dynapro ATMs. Thanks everyone for your input. Tim
  3. Thanks for the explanation. I am looking into 265s but will be traveling a lot this year with truck. Big trip this summer from NY to KY to WI to NY so want a good tire that will not wear super fast. Id be okay with going with a 245 but truck sits so high in rear it would look goofy with a 30 inch tire so i think 265s or 285s are it unless I go to a bigger rim size. Thanks, Tim
  4. Thank you. I will look into 265s
  5. Would going to a 265/75 load range E be better? Truck sits pretty high in rear die to 3500 series leaf pack. Tim Collins
  6. I have read good things about the ATMs just not in budget. Tire size is a 285/76/16 if that makes a difference. Tim
  7. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any experience using Trail Guide A/T or Mastercraft AXT tires. Looking for new tires for truck. Thanks, Tim
  8. Is this what your looking for? Maybe someone has a good one laying on a shelf also. But if you want to buy new I found this from AFE https://www.dieselops.com/afe-bladerunner-turbocharger-turbine-elbow-replacement-for-dodge-cummins-1998-5-2002?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=1o1&scid=scplpAFE-46-60067&sc_intid=AFE-46-60067&gclid=CjwKCAjwq_vWBRACEiwAEReprAwkao1Ka4zAmSaMi7-tVGEwT_mr6ucIodk00G4rT0mfURUvXM2TthoCBM8QAvD_BwE
  9. Collinst15

    HX35 Rebuild

    Thanks. I'll look into them. Tim
  10. Hello everyone, I have a spare HX35 laying on the shelf and I would like to get it rebuilt to more of a towing turbo. Does anyone know or recommend a shop that can rebuild turbos? Closer to CNY the better. Thinking about getting housing machined for a 60 or 62mm wheel. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Tim
  11. Collinst15

    Diesel Newby From Central NY

    The Xzt+ has a high idle feature that kicks in once truck idles for 30secs. I start truck 1-3x a week and let it warm up to operating temps. I have driven it on "nice" days and washed salt off it. I am going to undercoat underside of body this summer just incase I need 4x4 next winter.
  12. Collinst15

    Diesel Newby From Central NY

    Jag1 - Thank you! Can'twait to drive it once again. I won't drive it in NY winter if I don't have to. Don't want to see body rust out like other was. I picked up a donor truck from VA to do swap. Not sure now accurate the OBDLink is but I set it up according to forum and read the attached #s. Red arrows are maximums read. ~300hp and ~700ftlbs Tim
  13. Collinst15

    Diesel Newby From Central NY

    Dripley- I got it from Ebay. I think it was like $25. It a rubberized sticker.
  14. Collinst15

    Diesel Newby From Central NY

    Good morning all, Name's Tim and I am relatively new to diesels. Been a member of forum for some time but thought I would post an introduction. I have a 1999 Dodge 2500 24v Cummins with 169k. I bought the truck from my father in law and it was owned by my wife's grandfather before that. My father in law bought it with intentions on flipping it, but I needed a camper hauler so I bought it for $2500 as is. Truck was in rough shape when I bought it. I did a full body swap/semi restoration. Truck runs like a top. Current mods are BHAF, Quadzilla Xzt+, Airdog 165-4G, full set of Isspro gauges (EGT, Trans Temp, Boost, Fuel Pressure). Future plans are to rebuild the HX35 and maybe a set of 40-75hp injectors. Look forward to learning more about the 24v Cummins. Tim