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  1. Thanks Mike. I figured my injectors are shot. currently saving the money to have DAP build me a set. Tim @mopar1973man - does the MX obdlink allow you to look at engine timing??
  2. the motor just sounds different to me since Ive been driving it this week. It is a daily driver during summer but I try to park it in the winter due to NYS salt roads. I don't remember it sound like it does during the summer. Tim
  3. Good afternoon everyone, This past week my vehicle situation has changed and I have been driving my 99 daily. Since I have not driven it much this winter in the cold I don't think it sounds right. I can hear a knock or a rattle noise when driving it and think it is either a fuel knock or timing knock and hopefully not something else. The noise does not increase with rpms, but it is there. I believe the injectors are stock with 174k miles and the truck has a Quadzilla XZT+ chip. Both videos were taken with the chip in the "timing" setting. I have turned the chip to the off setting, the noise is there but faint. I have included a couple video clips, what do you guys think? https://www.facebook.com/510913837/videos/10157061274603838/?l=8449699577610092840 https://www.facebook.com/510913837/videos/10157061269128838/?l=5694756621128741884
  4. Collinst15

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Here are a couple better pictures of my truck
  5. Collinst15

    Fuel Pressure Question

    So I drove it home tonight in 22°F weather with a real feel of 12°F. I let truck warm up 5 minutes in high idle mode and fuel pressure was a steady 18psi. While cruising at 55mph FP was 16psi. I did a 40mph-70mph run and FP held at 15psi WOT. Not sure why it would change other than it was 30°F when I went to work today. Tim
  6. Collinst15

    Fuel Pressure Question

    I did a small test pull from WOT 30mph to 60mph and psi went from 21psi to 17psi. Ill give it a few days and see if it settles in. I will be driving the truck for the next week as a daily. Tim
  7. Collinst15

    Fuel Pressure Question

    Good evening everyone, Small update - I let the truck warm up in high idle before work and when I got in the truck to leave for work after about 10 mins the FP Gauge read 21 psi. Tomorrow I will let the truck warm up and reset the FP to 17-18psi. Thanks, Tim
  8. Collinst15

    Fuel Pressure Question

    Moparman, this is what I did. I did it 7x full in/full out. Then I set screw to about half way, started truck then set pressure to 18psi while idling.
  9. Collinst15

    Fuel Pressure Question

    Good morning everyone, My wifes suburban blew brake lines this morning so I have to drive truck to work as she needs the winter rat to get to work. I spent a few minutes this morning and screwed the adjustment screw on regulator in and out several times then set fuel pressure to 18psi while idling. I work 2nd shift so I'll see how it does this afternoon. I also reflashed the XZT+ with a less aggressive tune that still has the high idle feature. Hopefully this fixes my problems. Tim
  10. Collinst15

    Fuel Pressure Question

    Moparman - Thank you! Glad you are feeling better also! Praying for you and a fast recovery! Tim
  11. Collinst15

    Fuel Pressure Question

    MoparMan - What did you use again for your tubing? I assume i could use a compression fitting at he end of the snubber then a compression fitting to the appropriate adapter for the sensor? Thanks, Tim
  12. Collinst15

    Fuel Pressure Question

    I have a snubber valve that is hooked into "T" then the gauge sensor. I am going to look over everything hopefully this weekend. Tim
  13. Collinst15

    Fuel Pressure Question

    dripley - I have turned the pump up about a month ago and set FP to 17-18psi at idle. all my gauges are Isspro EV2 electric gauges. It has been reading 17-18psi with no issues until the past couple days. I drove truck last night and it was a steady 14.5psi cruising at 55mph. I noticed the FP difference this morning when I bumped motor over to see if it was reading 14.5psi without engine running, only to see gauge read 16psi. I then started truck up and gauge read 14.5psi. I have parked truck until I can look at it later this weekend. Tim
  14. Collinst15

    Fuel Pressure Question

    It is the style were I can adjust the FP - I adjusted it about a month ago and set it for 17-18spi at idle. Ill make sure the jamb nut is tight this weekend. Tim
  15. Collinst15

    Fuel Pressure Question

    dripley, The pump is just over 1 year old. I installed it 12/2017 and this is my only issue with it thus far. I am going to park it until I can check volts this weekend. It is just odd that the psi would differ 2 psi running and not running. I don't want to hurt 6 month old vp44 with lackluster fuel pressure or dirty fuel. Tim