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  1. Vehicle: Attitude Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2019-05-30 Attitude
  2. I have been filling up at 1/2 a tank. Filled up yesterday 1/2 tank, used 20.405 gal and went 313 miles. I did tow my camper home from storage 30 miles so figured this may of caused the lower mpg. Shall see how this tank goes. I'd love to get different tires, but the 285s have 3k miles on them so I'll be running them until they need replacement. I'm happy with power and if it means I average 15 that's fine, its alot better than 12-13 I was averaging in winter. Tim
  3. Good evening everyone, Just little update after a couple tanks. Truck still runs amazing, I put my wife in the back of her seat and made her drop her phone because she did not expect it. Truck is an absolute dream to drive. No complaints about the 100hp DAP injectors or the Quad Adrenaline. I have averaged 15mpg using @Mopar1973Man's economy tune and @Me78569 mid injector daily tune. I am running the Quad on setting 3 as I have not installed the BD stealth cover yet to tap the pump. One question for everyone, will tapping the pump increase mpg? Tim
  4. Nice! I don't have head studs, but would like to see near 20mpg once i figure out some parameters and adjust your economy tune for my 7x.009s
  5. @Mopar1973Man I was amazed how much truck picked up just buy turning quad to level 3 with your tune. Truck runs fine and starts right up. Going to say sound is normal and possibly due to bigger injectors. Tim
  6. yeah mine leveled out after about 30 seconds once it started after install, but the videos above are videos of truck idling once warmed up. Tim
  7. Rotax - Not sure I understand this part: it pushes it at least once you run it for a few minutes. Tim
  8. Quick question everyone, It has been nearly a week since I've installed the Quad, I have been running it on the default setting after I downloaded @Mopar1973Man economy tune. I turned quad up to level 3 today and wow.... what a difference truck is a rocket. My question is: My father in law thinks the sound that I think is a lope from injectors is not supposed to be there. He thinks it is air in the system. I have not had any hard start issues since installing injectors on 4/20/19. Anyone think the sound in the video is normal or possibly an injector/air issue? Thanks, Tim
  9. I got the tune loaded into the quad and have been running it on level 0 just to data log. I have to find time to get to a back road so I can figure out several parameters so I can adjust tune to my injectors. @Mopar1973Man does my truck sound like it should with 100hp injectors? (Video below and above.) Truck definitely sounds different and i feel the knock sound from before is gone. Thanks, Tim
  10. @Mopar1973Man okay thanks. new to the tuning game. Ill load your 7x.009 tune and run it on way home tonight and data log truck Tim
  11. My only complaint is EGT's can get a little high. I get out of out when I see 1k, but once TC locks up egt's rise from around 700 to 1k pretty fast. I do see anywheres from 20-25 psi of boost. I have a stock hx35 and a boost elbow. I did a WOT pull yesterday and saw 30 psi and egt maxed out at little under 1100. I did rebuild a hx35 turbo cartridge and was going to swap it into truck as current hx35 is leaking a little oil. Now I am thinking I may need to jump into a bigger compressor wheel, but I have not loaded any custom tunes as of yet. I am hoping egt's come down once I change timing and fuel. All in all, I am very happy with the 100hp sticks and looking forward to playing with the quad. Tim
  12. Here is a screen shot of readings from quad. Truck idling in park just below 800rpm. Don't mind oil pressure, pretty sure I need a new sensor. I am going to keep it on stock setting for about a week and data log truck to see where timing sits before I start to play with quad. Tim
  13. @Mopar1973Man I'll get a screen shot from adrenaline once I drive to work this afternoon. I just got quad installed yesterday.Truck runs a lot better with 100hp injectors. It used to fall on its face once in od and lose boost. Now once it gets locked in od it takes off and boost goes from 10-20 quick. Tim
  14. Took truck for a drive to warm it up today. Once warm it idles in park around 750. I have attached a video of it idling.
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