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  1. Collinst15

    Grid Heater Harness

    I removed it bc the solenoids needed to be replaced, I bought new solenoids and now can't find harness. I'll look into making my own. Thanks Tim
  2. Good morning, I am not sure this is proper place to post, but does anyone know where I can get a grid heater harness for my 1999. I took my off this past spring and I cant find it and want to hook up the grid heater for winter. Tim
  3. Collinst15

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    I am not sure if injectors are stock. I see 1100-1200 if I get into it. My hx35 maxes out at 20psi boost. I know previous owner did nothing to truck, but idk what owner before them did, if anything to motor. Tim
  4. Collinst15

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    I have a xzt+ on my truck. I like the power, but egts get warm. I'll be up grading to the adrenaline next year. Tim
  5. Collinst15

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    1999 with 170k. Work truck and daily driver.
  6. Collinst15

    Treadwright Remold Tires

    Thanks guys. I wasn't going to get them for my truck due to reviews. Just looking out for my father in law. Thanks Tim
  7. Anyone have any experience Treadwright Remold Tires? My father in law picked up a set of wardens and they look good but online reviews are hit and miss. Tim
  8. Collinst15

    Help - Truck won't start

    Good evening everyone, Big update. My VP44 died. Truck wont run again and now is showing a P1688, P0251 and P0252 codes. Looks like my VP44 has died. Any suggestions on where to buy a good one at an affordable/decent price? Looking to replace injection lines also since mine are corroded. Tim
  9. Collinst15

    Help - Truck won't start

    Thank you everyone for the help. I will let you all know if I have any more problems. My truck started right up this morning with no issues. Tim
  10. Collinst15

    Help - Truck won't start

    thanks. I went to test start issue with jumper cables and noticed that check engine light was on. Didnt see it on yesterday. Code was for crank sensor. Cleared code and truck fired right up. Would a crankshaft sensor code tell ecm or vp44 not to communicate thus not start truck?? And by continuing to crank truck with engine not firing cause ground issue that I experienced?? Tim
  11. Collinst15

    Help - Truck won't start

    Thanks guys for the feedback. I assume I need to use 2 sets of jumper cables to test your method since I have 2 batteries?? Or can I just jump post to block on one Battery?
  12. Good evening everyone, This morning I went to start my truck and it just cranked but never fired. I noticed smoke coming from engine bay and it was coming from ground cable from passenger side battery negative post that connects to body. It was extremely hot and was smoking. Truck started and ran fine yesterday. Really need my truck back up and running, please help! Tim
  13. Collinst15

    Bulletproof mods

    My suggestions and current mods are: ISSPRO gauges: EGT, Trans Temp, Fuel Pressure, boost Airdog 4G lift pump Good batteries Tim
  14. After a lot of searching and review reading I am going to go with Hancook Dynapro ATMs. Thanks everyone for your input. Tim
  15. Thanks for the explanation. I am looking into 265s but will be traveling a lot this year with truck. Big trip this summer from NY to KY to WI to NY so want a good tire that will not wear super fast. Id be okay with going with a 245 but truck sits so high in rear it would look goofy with a 30 inch tire so i think 265s or 285s are it unless I go to a bigger rim size. Thanks, Tim