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  1. Mine definitely was because of this it is now a slightly noticeable shutter. Just hate that trans started to act up. Always something Tim
  2. When my truck bucked it would want to shake truck apart. Spilled many coffees due to it. Since I added fuel down low it is slightly noticeable now. Although trans does not like wot pulls. I noticed it doesnt always start in 1st. I will be ordering updated sensors after Christmas. Hopefully dont need a trans rebuild bc truck would be put on back burner for while as funds wont allow a trans rebuild at moment. Tim
  3. The adjustments I made in the fuel curve helped. The bucking is still there, but not as bad, but truck has way more power off the line than it has before. Thanks guys for your help. Going to add a little more fuel down low and hopefully get bucking to go away for good. I did some wot pulls but couldn't tell if it was smoke from exhaust or salt dust being kicked up from road. I'll try some more wot pulls in coming days. Tim
  4. I tend to drive with a light foot. I dont think I have ever gone WOT from a stop. I do get a slight puff/haze of smoke when in O/D and I put foot into it, but nothing crazy. I'll give it a go tonight after work. Tim
  5. I changed the fuel sliders to: 0psi: 84 1-3psi: 85 4-5psi: 86 Then rest are untouched. The bucking seemed to not be as bad, but still bucked in O/D with low boost. I am going to change the entire fuel map to start at 90 at 0spi and see what happens. If it does not clear up, I may send box out as this is a recent issue. Tim
  6. Perfect. Thanks for your help. Been reading like crazy to learn the Quadzilla better. I am trying to get 18mpg in the city, but winter fuel has messed all my data up. I dropped timing a few days ago and it seemed to pick up some power, shall see if mpgs improve. Tim
  7. Me78569 - You talking about the Canbus fuel sliders correct? If so I have them set as follows: 0psi: 80 - goes up 1 until 4si 5psi: 86 - goes up 2 until 9 psi 10psi: 97 - goes up 3 until 20 psi 22psi: 125 24psi: 130 26psi: 135 28psi: 110 30+psi: 85
  8. Good afternoon everyone, I did some searching on the site before posting, but would like some other insight. My truck bucks between 40 and 50 mph and rpms are around 1100-1200 on level 2 and 3; I have not gone above level 3 as pump is not tapped. I feel it may be timing related as it did not buck today when I had the Quad on level 0. Current tune set up is below. Do you guys have any suggestions where to move timing to stop the bucking? Tune: Mopar1973man Economy Tune Max Load Timing Offset: 1 degree Low PSI Timing Reduct: 3 degrees Timing Reduct Scale: 40% Light Throttle Timing Adv: 1 degree Light Throttle Load Limit: 25% RPM Timing Max 1500rpm: 14 2000rpm: 16.5 2500rpm: 19 3000rpm: 21.5 Max: 24 I attempted to data log today, but closed app before I could import data. I will get data tonight when I leave work. Thanks, Tim
  9. Good afternoon everyone, Over the past 3 weeks my truck has been throwing a P0122 code and I've tried doing several apps resets and cleared codes several times. Figured apps was on its way out, ordered a Timbo APPS on Friday and it arrived today. After about 30 mins and a relative easy install truck has never accelerated or ran this good. It goes from 0-33psi and holds psi through all gears. Thanks to this site for saving my sanity and keeping truck on the road again! Tim
  10. Dripley - I have not tapped the pump and have only run the quad on level 2 or level 3 thus far, but I have zero smoke even under heavy throttle. I have a slight haze but it vanishes quickly under WOT. The DAP 100hp VCO injectors are clean. I'm sure if I turned quad up and tapped pump it would smoke, but I like the clean power. I have ran Mopar1973man's economy tune, mid injector tow tune and Me78569's medium injector daily tune. I am currently running the medium injector daily tune and love how the truck reacts, even on level 2. Tim
  11. Good evening everyone, Just a small update - I downloaded the daily tune from the website and have gotten 18.2 mpg in town using level 2. I still have to tap the pump, but am very happy with the injectors and quad! Tim
  12. Vehicle: Attitude Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2019-05-30 Attitude
  13. I have been filling up at 1/2 a tank. Filled up yesterday 1/2 tank, used 20.405 gal and went 313 miles. I did tow my camper home from storage 30 miles so figured this may of caused the lower mpg. Shall see how this tank goes. I'd love to get different tires, but the 285s have 3k miles on them so I'll be running them until they need replacement. I'm happy with power and if it means I average 15 that's fine, its alot better than 12-13 I was averaging in winter. Tim
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