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  1. Thanks guys! Some dielectric grease and all is good! 👌🏻Thanks everyone for the help!
  2. That’s what I was thinking it’s MAP related for sure. I’m leaning towards a wiring issue? Bad connection? With no box on my truck I had no CEL, plug it in now it’s reading 48? Seems weird. I just got a reply from the quadzilla tech support. They said it’s either a bad map, or the boost circuit in the box is bad. Is there a way to test my map?
  3. *****solved! 1-30-20 5:50pm** dielectric grease in all the connections solved what was a bad map connection 👌🏻 Thanks everyone! 2002 24v 2500 I just bought a quadzilla with iquad from from someone on here, I connected it as per the instructions(they were included) and I’m having some issues. First issue I would have to guess is causing the 2nd. - with the truck idling I’m getting a high boost warning. It says I’m at 48-50 psi at idle, and doesn’t change while driving. This is the “default profile” for the 98-02 v2 version 2.7. I’m assuming because of this, it’s the reason the level selection bar is “yellow” and I cannot select different power levels. - I uploaded a custom tune, and now I have a CEL. When I go to the “diagnostics” tab it’s blank and I can’t read the code. Kinda stumped.
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