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  1. Eric from Vulcan Performance answered my email and already sent right parts without extra charge. In my opinion good customer service. It takes couple of days the package to arrive to Finland. So now I have time to fix my camper shell
  2. Thanks for your help. If have to take a trip to a bigger city and check couple of hydraulic shops! Atleast I got the filter changed
  3. Installing wasn't a success, those two jic adapters were different size. Smaller fits both vp and ff housing but the other one is too big, I think maybe M14 and it should be M12!
  4. If I have understanded right bsp and npt are different and shouldn't use together! So 90 deg fitting with tapped 1/8npt thread is better to put in filter housing?
  5. Hello. Just got a package from Vulcan Performance. 1/2" big lige kit for my 98.5 24v. I got the 90 degree fittings in both ends, vp44 end has tapped port for fuel pressure sensor. That thread shoud be 1/8 npt right?? Was wondering what that one fitting is in the picture, the one with plastic cap on! It says 1/8 bsp in the cap. I was remembering that those two have different angle in threads. So can I put a needle valve directly to that 90 degree fitting closest to vp44?? I have also 18" long grease gun hose to get the sender away from vp. Can you give me some ideas to assemble the kit? Thanks and greetings from Finland!
  6. It's risky business to drive with bad lights, lots of moose and white tails here too. Just couple of days ago friend crashed with whitetail, his Opel's frond end was trashed!! One question about halogen bulbs! Want to get good quality h1 bulbs, here in Finland we have Phillips and Osram bulbs. I found PIAA bulbs from ebay, quite pricey but how's the quality?? Don't want to use 100w bulbs and melt the housings! I want to avoid leds because they don't produce heat and our weather here in winter is so unpredictable. Light will be covered with ice and snow!
  7. Here is a bad picture of last night heading home from work. Auxillary high beams 2x50w xenon in Bosch 225 housings. Led bar is still off!
  8. My friend bought these ebay lights! H1 halogen bulbs in low and high beams. Not so bad light for 100$!!
  9. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/dodge,1998,ram+2500+pickup,5.9l+l6+diesel+turbocharged,1400162,body,headlamp+assembly,10762 Are these junk??
  10. Hello. I'm searching second best option for headlights. I know retrofit with morimoto projectors ate the best but $$ is the issue at the time. Any decent aftermarket housings available? Looking for good low beam, high beam isn't so important! Already have enough auxillary lights so I can see far! Also has to be with two bulb housing because my trucks headlights have been modified to meet European standards ( Hella projectors in high and low beam ). Light output is is junk!! Low beam has now H7 bulb and high beam is HB3 bulb! Sorry long story but dark times are coming and greetings from Finland!
  11. Just bought this tune but it doesn't download it, just says dowloading starts in few seconds. I've been waiting 20 minutes now 😂 I just reply to myself, too many beers to use mobile devices everything works ok!!
  12. Finlandese


  13. I did it again last night when I was driving to work!! But just twice! Today I scanned the obd codes and there was P0122 and P1693 codes. Could the unlocking problem be from APPS???
  14. Today I did the ground mod. Didn't move alternator cable, only the ground cables. Just came back from test drive and guess what....no more unlocking!!! So, thank you very much to you all who helped me to understand how to do it!! I would recommend this site to every Dodge owner here in Finland!!
  15. Would 200 amps circuit breaker be too big for the alternator cable???
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