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  1. Just bought this tune but it doesn't download it, just says dowloading starts in few seconds. I've been waiting 20 minutes now 😂 I just reply to myself, too many beers to use mobile devices everything works ok!!
  2. Finlandese


  3. I did it again last night when I was driving to work!! But just twice! Today I scanned the obd codes and there was P0122 and P1693 codes. Could the unlocking problem be from APPS???
  4. Today I did the ground mod. Didn't move alternator cable, only the ground cables. Just came back from test drive and guess what....no more unlocking!!! So, thank you very much to you all who helped me to understand how to do it!! I would recommend this site to every Dodge owner here in Finland!!
  5. Would 200 amps circuit breaker be too big for the alternator cable???
  6. And cable from alternator is attached to passenger side battery instead of pdc?? And circuit breaker to that cable?? What do I do with the old ground cable what was taken off?? Sorry all these questions, takes time to understand all instructions eventhoungh I have studied english many years
  7. That clears a lot!! Thank you!! Couple of questions though...cable from alternator to pdc should be taken out and moved from alternator to passenger side battery?? And ground cable needs to be cutted from splice and put 4 wires together?? Where do I bolt those 4 wires??
  8. I wish I understand english better!! But if I understand it right, I have to modifye cables from alternator to battery??
  9. I'm having torque convertor locking/unlockin problems. It happens between 40-55mph. At first unlocking was very fast, maybe one second. Next day unlocking lasted couple of second at time. I know something about ac noise, can it really cause that or is there something else wrong?? Any ideas where to start?? Brake light switch, output shaft speed sensor?? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks again!! Hard to find info here in Finland! Big thanks to all people maintaining this forum!!
  11. Opinions about 60/60/16 holset hx40 super with 7x.011 injectors??? Trying to find good starting point for Quadzilla to start a tune. Does hx40 make enough air for these injectors?
  12. If I happen to have oem high idle enabled, does it work automaticly when outside temperature drops or how it starts high idleing?? I have been reading some forums and some trucks can enable high idle with cruise buttons in steering wheel.
  13. It worked before I updated it to v2. How can I be sure if I have oem high idle enabled??? Or can the oem high idle be turned off somehow so I can use quadzilla high idle??
  14. Updated my Quadzilla to v2 version and now high idle doesn't work. If I enable high idle and delay is 40 seconds truck high idles few seconds and shuts down and doesn't start before I wait couple of minutes power off. Seems like lift pump doesn't work after that high idle attempt!
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