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  1. 2001 idling high, rough idle

    By "resetting the apps voltage" I meant adjusting the set screw until my voltage was at 0.63 V and then turning it back 1/2 a turn. I only did the apps re learn because I had just had my batteries unplugged and because I had just messed with the apps adjustment screw to change the voltage. I have my old apps sensor (i know it idled fine when I had it in) so I was thinking about just plugging that in (without installing it fully) and starting the truck to see what my torque app reads for tps. When I did unplug the apps sensor and start the truck I said that I did not hear any change in idle but my torque app finally read 0% for tps. I wouldn't say that it's idling rough anymore but the rpms still seem higher than I remember. In park or neutral, idling, the rpms read about 850. From what I've read this is normal. I need to call timbo again but work has been hectic lately and I haven't had time. I need to make the time.
  2. 2001 idling high, rough idle

    Sorry I haven't been able to post much of an update, been very busy getting my Jetta tdi ready for daily driving so I can start heavily modding my truck. But first I still have issue to resolve. Since cleaning the grounds, resetting the apps voltage, and doing an apps re learn the truck has been running much better. No "hickups" at idle, the rpms at idle have dropped some to about 850 and, whether its related to the apps sensor or cleaning the grounds, the truck just drives like a whole new truck again. So for that, I thank you guys. With that being said I noticed that my torque app was still showing 12-13% for TPS so I called Timbo. Also I did unplug the apps and was not able to notice any changes in sound or idle but did notice that Torque app now showed 0% for TPS. We talked through the problem and he mentioned that the apps voltage is dependent on a good ground and that the ground determines the voltage. I thought it was interesting since my harness going to the apps connector had the crappy splice job with a wire going to the negative terminal of the battery. Im wondering if the connection has become compromised. I will hopefully be returning the wiring to stock this weekend assuming I can borrow a deutsch tool from work tomorrow. If returning the wire to stock does not work I will have to move on to other things. I recently stumbled across a thread where they talked about rewiring and splicing in wires between the apps and ecm and pcm. Any input on this? is it just to fix TC locking issues or could it potentially help me with my apps issue? I have pasted a link to the document from ats below. https://www.atsdiesel.com/PDF/120505/4th hunt 46 47 RE.pdf
  3. 2001 idling high, rough idle

    Thanks @Dieselfuture I'm thinking I'll get a new one online and rebuild my current one so that I'll have an extra for down the road. I don't ever plan on selling my truck so it can't hurt.
  4. 2001 idling high, rough idle

    Roger that. I'll have to look into it. Well I'm not sure to be honest. I believe that the engine idling high was due to the apps being at 17% but I can't say for sure that the engine rpm increase was proportional to the 17% or the increased apps voltage of about 0.9xx volts.
  5. 2001 idling high, rough idle

    How's the process of rebuilding an alternator? Need any special tools? Is it good enough to rebuild the one I bought from the local parts store?
  6. 2001 idling high, rough idle

    I think I was thinking of testing the idle validation switches. I reread that article and now it doesn't seem as applicable. Anyone have any suggestions on a good alternator? Or is it more along the lines of just don't buy a reman?
  7. 2001 idling high, rough idle

    I cleaned my battery terminals as a part of cleaning all the grounds. Is that enough to satisfy g115 or should I get spray the plugs with contact cleaner? im glad I joined this forum and I really appreciate all of the help! @Mopar1973Man you've done a write up on testing all of the apps connections haven't you?
  8. 2001 idling high, rough idle

    Roger that, I've got batteries disconnected now, gonna do a reset and then check the voltage again. It still seems to be idling a little high and rough but definitely better. I just cleaned all of my grounds while I had the free time. so should I be in the market for a new alternator? Any suggestions? I'd like to up the amperage output a little if possible without spending way too much money
  9. 2001 idling high, rough idle

    Okay a few questions. 1.) what would cause my apps voltage at idle to randomly increase to .93? 2.) should I look into replacing my alternator soon if the ac reading was 0.1 volts while the grid heater was cycling? And because I read 0.03 v at 160* coolant temp. 3.) what's to say my tc won't start locking and unlocking really badly when I pull off the noise isolator? as for the ground wire added into the apps sensor by the PO, the harness is pretty jacked up, I'm going to try and borrow a Deutsch kit from work and remake that's plug.
  10. 2001 idling high, rough idle

    Ac voltage read at the alt was 0.03 v with the truck almost at op temp. The grid heater was kicking on and it'd ramp the ac noise up to over 0.1 v is that normal? I've got 14.16 v Dc coming off the alt and 14.11 v measured at driver side battery. I installed a timbo apps. i revved the rpms a little and then the truck started idling very rough. Here's a video IMG_1073.MOV I also think I just found an actual ac noise filter. It's a wire going from a ground to the pcm?(passenger side computer) and the wire has components in the middle. I think it's a bd noise isolator.
  11. 2001 idling high, rough idle

    I replaced the apps about 6 months ago when chasing down a dead pedal issue. The wire is on the "truck" side of the harness, meaning the main harness side. I will check for ac noise and report back.
  12. 2001 idling high, rough idle

    so would it be safe to assume my apps is the culprit? i was just looking at it and I noticed that the PO added a wire from the apps harness to the negative terminal of the battery. I'm not sure what wire it's connected to as it's pretty crapily covered in electrical tape but any ideas what he was trying to do there? Makeshift Apps noise isolator?
  13. 2001 idling high, rough idle

    So I get my obd2 reader all hooked up and start my truck and the first thing I see is that my throttle position is stuck at about 17% (fluctuating above and below 17). I'm using torque pro btw. Interesting that 17 is what my scan gauge was spikeing to when at idle. So now my question is what is that 17% is it what the ecm is requesting or what's being requested of it?
  14. 2001 idling high, rough idle

    Thanks for the optimism dripley! I was actually just monitoring it again and it seems to have jumped up to 17% not that that matters I don't think. I wondered if it was just a scan gauge thing. I'm excited to get the obd2 reader and see what I can find. also just an FYI since I assume we are all cummins fans here. That haul truck in my picture has a cummins QSK60 16 cylinder diesel that outputs about 11 times what our trucks do stock, hp wise. That thing is the Maserati of the haul truck world.
  15. 2001 idling high, rough idle

    Just ordered a BAFX OBD2 bluetooth scan tool and it will be here tomorrow. It had good reviews and seems like it is somewhere in the middle of the two that you suggested, quality wise. I will download torque pro unless you all suggest a better alternative.