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  1. All, thank you for your help with this. I decided to go with Dodgeparts.com. All the sites said one of the lines was updated by dodge and the price has changed, even though the amount on the sites was alot less. Dodgeparts.com said it was $20.94 but they put the order on hold and said dodge updated the part and it is now $105.00 but they still seemed nice on the phone so I stuck with them. My friend put these lines in on his own and has had no problems so far. Thanks again and I know where to look for answers next time!
  2. this truck is used year-round. Although, I did notice and abundance of salt and sand around everything under the hood. My friend plows snow in the winter with this truck. He said he cleans it frequently. Honestly, I do not believe he cleans it like I clean my BMWs, or even my tercel. I gave him a hard time about for this. I have made brake lines for numerous vehicles in the past but not a tranny line. I will check on prices tomorrow. Thanks everybody. How can lines like this rust so quickly? I have cars over 20years old that have been driven through upstate NY snow/sand/salt and still have the original tranny lines.
  3. Hi Everybody. My name is jesse and I am helping a friend replace the rusted out automatic transmission cooler lines on his 2006 SLT. We were able to get the lines off today but cannot find these lines. They are the ones from the front cooler, one goes to the tranny and the other goes to a heat exchanger/aux cooler. I found the lines on summitracing.com but lists for a 5.7l V8. Does anybody know where I can get these lines? I let him borrow a car while we fix these.