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  1. Weldrup33

    Engine idling to high

    I'll have to check the pump shaft should the engine run good when you run the hot wire mine runs rough when I do that
  2. Weldrup33

    Engine idling to high

    The injectors I put in are Bosch 275 hp i'm wondering if it's because the engine was cold when I tried it maybe I should warm it up first
  3. Weldrup33

    Engine idling to high

    Ok now I see it my truck runs with the hot wire bypass to the vp44 pump but it runs rough and idles at 900 rpm
  4. Weldrup33

    Engine idling to high

    Cummins tech your discripion says that pin 7 is on the bottom and your pic shows it on top can you clarify please
  5. Weldrup33

    Engine idling to high

    my truck is not throwing any codes at all only if I unplug something like the apps then it will other than the high idle and a very slight sputter when I rev it up alittle in neutral say 2000 rpm it runs great I will try a hot wire to the vp pump and see what results I get and let you guys know
  6. Weldrup33

    Engine idling to high

    How do I do a blue chip hot wire test? what trucks would have the same ecm as mine
  7. Weldrup33

    Engine idling to high

    Yep I set the apps sensor below tag limit I even unplugged it to see it would run off the soft wear in the computer and a reset of the apps but there's no change
  8. Weldrup33

    Engine idling to high

    I tighten the crossover tubes first then the injectors but this problem was happening before I changed them operating temp driving is 89 degrees Celsius is what my scanner is saying
  9. Hi this is my first post on this site so please bare with me I have a 2002 Dodge Ram Cummins 1 ton 6 speed manual it idles at 1000-1200 rpm with the engine hot or cold the only mods are a banks big hoss tuner and banks air intake I just replaced all six injectors, the lift pump, the cam sensor i've also checked the apps sensor with a multi meter and a scan tool the truck is not showing any codes other than a faulty air intake heater relay I'm not sure what to try next