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  2. No tuner on it at all right now, trying to figure out this transmission issue or whatever it is.
  3. Any help? I've dropped it off at two shops and they have charged me enough. All they did was replace the solenoids, and after said oh yeah it's lowed geared. Is there any way to attach a longer video for y'all to see?
  4. Here is exactly what I was told is done. Only reason I want the edge over the quadzilla is simply for the cts2 monitor, i used to love mine. I just don't want to have to Bluetooth mine for the quadzilla every time.
  5. Fresh oil change today, runs great. Used to have an edge comp box on it now it doesn't have anything. Trying to decide between a comp box and a quadzilla. Any help would be great. Not looking to molest my truck, just for pulling purpose and figured it could use something with the amount of fueling it has. Just doesn't seem right to have compound turbos and no tuning at all.
  6. They are a little bigger than stock I'm 2400-2500rpms at 73-78. It seems to run great, needless to say I bought it. If it's geared higher I'm cool with it, not looking for a race truck just a good truck to pull the camper. May still get it checked out.
  7. 2400 rpms at 70, possible its just geared low or am I looking at some other problem? Shifts good Runs excellent, nothing is getting hot trans temp is staying low as well.
  8. Alright thanks guys! I think I'm going to take a shot on it
  9. Okay so from what I'm understanding it's just geared different possibly? If that's the case I'm perfectly fine with it, I'm not looking for a race truck, looking for something to pull a fifth wheel camper and boat here and there. So I'm really new to dodge transmissions so some of the stuff I may have y'all repeating but I greatly appreciate the help!
  10. So I should not be worried about that speed issue or the overdrive not dropping more than 250 rpms.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I've always been very wary about buying built trucks, they always seem like a mess. He claims it has different gears but he's just going off what a previous owner said. He said it pulls great, said it would pull just about anything. He supposed to send me a video today of the rpms on a straight shot to 70 mph. I'm defitnitely going to look over every inch of the truck and drive it of course, I'm just trying to get as much info as possible gathered up being I live 3.5 hours away from the truck itself.
  12. First off thanks for the add. Looking at buying a 2002 Dodge. Guy said everything is great but one problem. The owner now said you can cruise pulling a trailer at 70 all day but Rpms are to high at 80-90. I found the Guy who built the truck and said you could run 120 no problem before. Any guesses on what may be causing this? Truck is mildly built with a fully built trans. Below is exactly how the owner now worded it I it won't run 80-90 on the highway but I pull the camper 70 all day. It runs too high of rpms in the short. U can hear it hit overdrive but only drops 250 rpms. It doesn't burn fuel I get about 18- 19 pulling. Witn this being said any ideas? I've searched around and from what I've read it could be a bad solenoid? Would like to have an idea of what it could be before I purchase it. I've always had fords or duramax so want to give this truck a shot. Any help is appreciated, thanks again!