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  2. I called bluechip and chatted for awhile. That man seems to really know his stuff. I hotwired the vp and it started and idles. So for now I'm ruling out the injection pump Doug at bluechip is leaning more toward a throw out bearing or bad pressure plate in the clutch as the cause of the rpm bounce. Since it only bounces when the clutch is in. Another cause may be the larger injector. Im going to take it for a long drive and see how it acts when it's hot and go from there. Thanks for all the great information everyone
  3. Well I never found the piece of the pushrod. I put a new pushrod and rocker on, changed the oil and put about 70 miles on it. Runs mostly fine, I haven't been mean to it or drove it hard yet. It still has the bounce when I put in the clutch but no miss anymore so one problem solved
  4. When I have some time in the next few days I'm going to run a magnet and finger over everything to be sure. Even more strange is that the valve bridge was still perfectly placed on top of the valves during my test drive I went 1/2 mile round trip and never got over 27k rpm some times weird stuff happens I guess lol
  5. here is the carnage so far the rocker is seized on the silver roller thing (whatever the technical term is) no sign of the missing piece of the pushrod yet i stuck a magnet down the pushrod hole and the tappet goes up and down freely so that's good news I guess
  6. Valve is still there all the retainers are there spring is in good condition
  7. Thats right. I never touched a valvetrain part either. I have no idea why, how, or what happend
  8. I read through the bluechip guide last night. There is a wealth of information there. Last night I put a set of injectors in to rule out injectors as an issue. Then I jacked up a pushrod on my test drive. Pics later some day I will learn how to leave well enough alone and not mess with what cummins brought to us
  9. That is great info I'm only an hour from Denver so that's handy thanks a bunch Thanks guys I'm quickly finding out what a pain in the a$$ thoroughbred diesel is trying to get the pump warranty worked. If they test it and it comes up ok I get charged $150 I'm paying shipping both ways regardless. I'm pissed. If the pump is bad I will be asking for a refund and finding a new supplier
  10. Everyone seems really tight lipped about where they buy parts lol thoroughbred has a good core policy and have a 2 year warranty. I think schied has their own bench but I haven't confirmed that
  11. Okay guys put a new vp in yesterday. Pickup ran like a dream for the test drives. Went from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins and at the 100 mile mark white smoke bad miss and it hardly runs when you come to a stop. No fuel leaks no codes everything seems to be in order under the valve cover. What in the world is going on with this thing
  12. Agreed the 4K is grumpy. Basically I'm taking an engine I built to be a dyno/drag thing and turning it into a d/d lol. It wasn't very fun to drive with a redline 4K box either. Or a dragon fire vp44. It's taking some time to de tune it. Apparently that costs as much as hotrodding them lol. maybe I'll get the new box and keep everything else for a minute. It's amazing what the quad does now compared to what I bought it
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