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  2. Awesome thank you for the info. Its not to concerning to me either I just want to get all the bugs worked out since it is a new truck to me. I haven't got a chance to flash yet due to the weekend, but I will try it and give you and update. thanks again
  3. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, I've been reading it for a while and I think its great. I just got back into the vp44 game a few days ago after just purchasing one to keep the miles off the 4th gen and I have only came across one problem so far. The truck is an 01, auto, v2 quad, 50hp inj. head studs, super B, raptor 100. The truck runs perfectly fine and idles perfectly fine but when I free rev it with the quad on anything other than stock it pops and spudders and smokes a blue/white smoke. I have tired it with the default tune and a custom tune (which the iquad is amazing for custom tuning I haven't custom tuned since the pulse days around 2009) and both do it, but on stock level its fine. My custom tune is similar to nicks dd tune. I noticed that when it is free revving on stock tune the timing is 13ish and goes up from there through the rpm scale and on any quad tune at idle timing is 13ish but the second 1% throttle positon applied it drops to 8 and stays there through the rpm scale and that's when the misfire starts. The fuel pressure is good, so i'm at a loss, I would think it would be a injector or vp44 issue if it didn't run and idle fine. Any ideas? * it also does this at any temp regardless of how long its ran. Thanks,Lane