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  1. JoeMPO

    A/C issues

    I'll be picking up the lines and accumulator today and I'll find a source for the vacuum pump and gauge set. I'm glad I found this forum. It's good to know there are knowledgeable, experienced DIYers who can "lend a hand".
  2. JoeMPO

    A/C issues

    For what it's worth, My A/C has not worked for some time. I went to a local repair shop and had them run a diagnostic test and found I have a hole in one of the lines from it rubbing on the air tunnel (?) from the turbocharger. Of course, they wanted to sell me on doing the work, and provided me with several scenarios with estimated cost per each one, up to and including replacement of the entire system. The bottom line - I know where to begin, with the replacement of the lines and the accumulator since I know that's a definitive issue. The diagnostic cost me about $65.00. Well worth the money to me.