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  1. chilms24v


  2. Vehicle: Caroline Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2018-06-27 Caroline
  3. I will look in to it and change the map sensor and get back with the results.
  4. I do not know where the pump was rebuilt at. The previous owner had it done probably 6 or 7 years ago and had no paper work
  5. I would say the vp is probably done it has been remanufactured at 100k and now its at 190k. I have done the Apps reset twice already also and still had no success so I will be changing out the map where is a good place for a replacement?
  6. Warning has been gone for a while now i took that screen shot about a month ago. Is there a possibility that the ecm could be fried? Just throwing it out there
  7. No its not driveable. also the motor sounds way quieter then normal
  8. Ive retuned the truck back to stock twice and cleared codes but come back after a few minutes of driving and it ends up with same symptoms. The truck is not driveable if the quad is not on it and cant get above 40 without the pedal to thr floor. If the quad is reading 48psi on level 5 it has no dead pedal, but if its reading correctly theres dead pedal.
  9. I have a 2002 24v and i have recently intsalled a Quadzilla and now have serious problems. Truck ran fine before i installed it and now it I have 3 codes p0236 p1690 and p0216. Exhaust is always a constant white smoke when motor is warm or cold and have excessive blow by and oil. When its cold it has a dead pedal then when it gets warm after 30min of driving the boost on the iquad app is always reading 48 pounds of boost then it runs alot better but have to have the power level ag atleast set to 4 for no dead pedal. like i said before i installed the quad it never had any problems.
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