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  1. Do you have a contact number that I can get ahold you about the transgo kit and also get an idea on cost of shipping this tranny to you do have you rebuild it so I have zero issues out of it. Thanks Daniel 469-500-9986
  2. I agree with you guys 100% also and I will be going threw dynamic when I pull that trigger but thanks so much for the good feed back and information.
  3. Awesome, well looks like I’ll be taking the boost fooler plug off and adding the HX35 turbo off my 99 dodge 3500. What kind of boost numbers should I see with that turbo? Any difference in EGT’s? Would you recommend I go ahead and put the j hook on that turbo as well before installing it.
  4. I do have a nice 1999 5.9 5speed manual just sitting because it has 53block with a crack. Wouldn’t that truck have a HX35 turbo? If it does would that swap over without buying any additional parts?
  5. Okay thanks guys, when you say J Hook. You mean Make some kind of hook that just holds the wastegate open at all times?
  6. So I have a 2002 5.9 dodge 3500 SLT automatic. Not the best turbo but I wan’t to get the most out of it. I have an iQuad v2 tuner with 10levels plus a boost fooler. Never go above level 5 due too stock transmission. Id say I have lightly modified it. Larger exhaust minifold, 5inch turbo back, 275 RV injectors, Airdog ll 4G 165, AFE intake. I have gauges on everything to monitor. The most I can get is 23pds of boost. I have heard some guys tighten something to where the waste gate stays open. Is that do able on my turbo or would anybody even recommended it. It would be cool to see lik
  7. Awesome that’s the info I’m looking for. Glad I have received some good recommendations from you guys. I’m probably going to do everything at the same time then. Where do you recommend me looking into for me to send my trans off to have everything upgraded to billet internals & also what brand converter should I go with and stall? I would like to eventually get too 500-600hp
  8. Just looking for dependable strong tow truck that doesn’t struggle. I’d say somewhere between 450 & 600hp range. I would be super happy with the 500range cause I know more and more issues come with too much power tq/hp. Now the 7x.010 I’m not familiar with is that around the 150hp injector range. Also what brand injector and turbo would you recommended me looking into and is there anything else beside major updates with the trans you would recommend. Sorry just picking your brain cause I know your very detailed and know your stuff from reading several of your other responses to people
  9. I fully understand that. When it breaks I will send it out and have it billet proofed. I still have the same questions tho. I had no questions about the trans.
  10. It has a stock trans. I pull a 18k gooseneck trailer and it just seems to struggle quite a bit. It won’t push anything over 21pounds or boost. I don’t want to get crazy high power numbers but seeing what brand equipment I should look into to get some more fuel and air threw this thing to pull a little easier.
  11. Hello there I have a 2002 2nd gen automatic 4x4 alt 5.9 24valve with 50k miles. I have lightly modified it. 5in Exh, bd exhaust manifold, s&b intake, Quadzilla tuner, air dog 165 4g fuel pump. I don’t want to get crazy with it but it needs more power to pull my trailer. I do want the best of the best. I’m wondering what you would recommend for brand and size injectors/turbo. Anything else recommended for better solid pulling power. Also after getting these things should I go ahead to do arp studs with new head gasket. If so what brand head gasket would be best or go back with a ne
  12. I have a iPhone and im having trouble downloading these tunes. Could anybody help me out? Thanks
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