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  1. Dead pedal AGAIN!!

    Having orileys order the alt now. Will touch bases when I have the new one in. Any other tips while I'm waiting? Like things I should do that may help the dead pedal issue.
  2. Dead pedal AGAIN!!

    So I tested ground to alt and got .30 and them ground and positive and got around .11 to .14. I took the bd noise isolator off and took it down the road and the tourqe converter kept locking up. So I'm at another dead end
  3. Dead pedal AGAIN!!

    I had them test it once and they said it was good but before that I took the meter to it And I believe I was getting .22 so I thought that it was weird.
  4. Dead pedal AGAIN!!

    Alright! Do y'all recommend a alternator from orileys ?
  5. Dead pedal AGAIN!!

    It is a automatic. And I have the bd noise isolator and if fixed the surging and lockup problems I thought it was the map sensor and replaced it and still nothing. The only thing not replaced it alternator. Should I try that?
  6. Dead pedal AGAIN!!

    Alright. If it's dropping out do i replace it ?
  7. So I need some help. About 5 months ago I got the dead pedal. Got the codes saying it's bad so I replaced it from timbo and worked for a few hours then it happen again. The next day I replaced all battery terminals and fixed it for a few weeks. Once again dead pedal again. Found out one battery was bad and the other going bad. Replaced both and fixed the issue until now. I'm having dead pedal again and have no clue what's going on. I can't find anything and just need help. It is a 2001 ram 2500 24v with 75hp injectors rebuilt trans all new terminals and batteries.