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  1. farmboy


  2. O.K.i will do that. I experienced bad fuel lines collapsed on a semi that wouldn't run once. If this Dodge was a semi I would have had it figured out by now. I'm good at semis but nothing to brag about on this pickup. Thankyou for all your help greatly appreciated.
  3. Thankyou Mopar1973Man. I've followed some of your other topics and find you to be very good on these trucks. Thankyou for all you do and thankyou to everyone else also. Thanks Guys I'll check in on a fass tomorrow. Thankyou
  4. What is good fuel pressure for a Cummins 24 valve? I have 10 psi at idle but goes to nothing under load damn near. Thankyou in advance.
  5. Scanned for codes and nothing showed up. We scanned with 2 different scanners to double check it. Nothing. O.K. guys checked fuel pressure and it has 10 psi. give it fuel and it drops like a lead weight. I DO believe we might have found the problem with help of all of you. Thankyou for all advice.
  6. Scanned for codes and nothing showed up. We scanned with 2 different scanners to double check it. Nothing.
  7. No mods and no codes. It is straight factory. For instance I was not doing it on purpose to see if I could power braket I only done this to pull it down!! So when doing that it goes to missing poorly and starts acting like a dirty fuel filter. Filter is changed and clean. 350 miles on 25 gals of pulling a livestock trailer,7x24 ft. stock trailer. So a decent size trailer pulled pretty decent until a hill. 60 mph down to 50 mph pretty quick on a moderate hill. No black smoke at all. This truck doesn't smoke at all. Like I said it's all stock expect for the ranch hand bumper and the flatbed that I put on it. Not sure on fuel pressure. I need to put a mechanical gauge on it. Not for sure on fuel pressure.
  8. Get on hard pull or pulling something out that's stuck it spits and slooperers. Consistent miss. 2000 dodge 3500 4x4. Thanks in advance.
  9. I went directly to this site for answers. I like your quote. I try not to spare money on good parts. I like using quality parts. Preferably American made. I finally got it apart. I wish I could send you pictures so you could see why it wouldn't come apart. The gears are so destroyed they were twisted together with the transfer case. Yes you read that right. Next guestion, np241dhd vs nv241. Obviously mine is beyond repair. If you're wondering I'm not making a rock climber or some off the wall deal. This is in my chore truck. Just your average old dodge. Thanks. P.S. I'm not the one that destroyed it.
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