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  2. I would advise trying to stay away from the manifold swap as they are two different port styles, rectangular on the 12 valve and circular on your commonrail manifold, although I would like to agree with mike in the fact you will benefit from the he351, not a whole lot of fab work that needs to be done to make it work either. I run a milled version of the he351cw and it has absolutely no issues supporting 300 horse I run a 6 x.014 custom injector on a 24v and it gets a bit hot at times but it's an awesome turbo with a fantastic gate setup in the housing.
  3. @Tractorman the truck is back to normal by the way, as soon as it was replaced it started right up!
  4. Exactly as @Mopar1973Man has said, nothing was blown and every wire ohmed out well, I was stumped with it, read some past forums and decided to start pulling fuses and ohm test each one, thankfully it was only the #2 and quickly found, it didn't have any charring like it actually blew, it just got old and cracked, perks of a 20 year old truck! Smh... Also, glad to hear the surgery went well and best wishes on upcoming events. Hope everything goes as well as the first!
  5. Sorry about that.. its a 99 ecsb, I believe I found the issue with a 30 ampignition run fuse under the hood, was getting power on both sides but after I pulled the cap to the fuse I could visibly see it was blown, must have just barely been connecting to get power when i used a probe to check it!
  6. I do my best to try and figure what I can without asking others for help but I'm stumped on this one, trucks been starting fine, went to the store, came back truck wont start, figured just a starter, a few years old. Replaced it, still no start. Started chasing wires power to the starter but nothing to solenoid 5v wire with key cycled to the start position. Pulled the relay. I have no constant power to pin 30. Dont know if there should or shouldn't be, all the other relays have power on 30. If I jump power from pin 86 to 87 and crank the key it fires right up, the list of things I have tried goes as followed. Jumped the clutch pedal safety switch. Checked every last fuse and relay, tried three brand new relays in the starter relay spot, all relays click. The only thing I'm not sure about is if the ignition switch supplies power to pin 30 in the relay, or if the main fuse going into the panel supplies power to pin 30, any input would be greatly appreciated
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