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  1. ecurnes8888


  2. Where do you get your information on filters? I have tried to get info on my own but don't ever find very much. Do you get it straight from the manufacturers?
  3. Not sure how familiar you are with the 3rd gens, but do you think it could have something to do with my gauge cluster? I have heard elsewhere that the gauge cluster actually acts as a BCM. Maybe you know someone on here that has some experience with this?
  4. No because it didn’t come factory with my truck. If it had come factory with my truck they all recommend using the ASWC-1 which I already have.
  5. So the only computers in a 3rd gen are the PCM (left side of block), ABS Controller (left corner of firewall), and Airbag Controller (in dash sitting on transmission hump). For the wiring I believe all dash wiring harnesses are the same mine even has hook ups for manual transmission parts. I’m thinking I need to have my PCM flashed but I don’t know I’m only presuming this. I’m really looking for someone that’s done this, even just gotten it to work with the factory stereo.
  6. I’ve actually already installed it, it recongnizes that it’s wired correctly, it recognizes the radio, but doesn’t recognize the vehicle. I’m thinking I need the dash wiring harness but have no idea really. But as always I really appreciate your help.
  7. This is an 05’, are you talking about the computer in the dash? Can I get the one out of the truck I got the controls from so it would at least work with the factory stereo? I see your diagram says left side of dash, but I have no idea what I’m looking for or exactly where. The computer I see inside is the airbag controller center dash floorboard.
  8. I am using an aftermarket radio, but I have an Axxess ASWC-1. I’m sorry you’re way over my head. What is a High Line Centeral Timer?
  9. I just put steering wheel radio controls in my truck. They plugged right into my clock spring, but don’t seem to be working. Do I need to get my PCM flashed like I did for high idle? Has anyone else gotten them to work? Do I need the dash harness also? Thanks for any help you guys can offer.
  10. If it doesn't hurt anything then that only means it's helping, and the cost of a filter over what fuel system parts are is negligible. I'll take a look around and see if I can find some specs. I really appreciate your help, thank you for coming through.
  11. So run two FF5817's or ditch the final and only run 3 filters?
  12. What would you recommend for the W/S & F/F on a FASS? Last qeustion haha Last question, what would you use as a W/S & F/F on a FASS? I noticed you said that you can adapt the threads.
  13. Makes sense!!! 20um filter to a 25um ish (not 100% on that number), to a 3um, to a 2um filter. And the W/S's are really effective, gonna be a great set up! Thanks, AH64ID
  14. Yes, I agree about the crappy selection and want to switch to a FASS. "unfortunately" haha, my A/D still works great so I won't switch anytime soon. Got it, I'll run that setup! Thanks so much for your help!! Side note, why the BF1212 over the FS1000?
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