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Found 59 results

  1. I've got an AirDog 165, and a CAT 2um filter, supplying my dual CP3's. So the A/D pulls from my sump sends it through my Baldwin BF1275, then to my Fleetgaurd FF5617, then to my CAT 1R-0750, and finally to the CP3's. I often run through the deserts of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas so fuel stations are few and far between, and often I just have to get fuel where I can. Injectors and CP3's are expensive and breaking down on the side of the road is even worse with those costs. My question is, I know the BF1275 is the best F/WS I can use, but the Fleetgaurd isn't the best F/F I can use. What filter should I use on the A/D that would still flow adequately and compliment my CAT filter? I'm thinking something in the 5-10um rating at 100GPH. Or should I just use the Donaldson P551313 on the A/D and get rid of my CAT filter? Again I can't always get the best fuel, but I always use Stanadyne Lubricity Formula at every fill-up and want the best protection for my 100hp injectors, and dual CP3's. Thanks in advance for any help you guys provide. With that said please provide some evidence to back up what you say, such as micron and GPH ratings.
  2. I don't think I asked this here... I'm in a fog this morning... Is there a crossover to other branded filters / separators that would save any money? Thanks(If this has been asked before, MODS direct me to it & delete this thread)
  3. Question about fuel gelling: so yesterday it was -1 all last night and I went to go start my truck at around 2pm. Got in and it started right up like normal but my fuel psi gauge was at 15psi (normally idles at 18-20) then within 10 seconds it dropped right down to 0 and the truck would smoke when high idle kicked on. The truck still ran great and sounded great like it really didn’t have 0psi of fuel pressure. After about 10 minutes of idling the fowl pressure just randomly started to go up a psi every couple seconds until I hit 20 psi and then it ran good for the rest of the day. Went to the store and put some howes in so if it did gel up it won’t happen again. Sorry for the novel but is this my fuel gelling up? Never had something gel up before so don’t know what to look for. Thanks
  4. notlimah

    Lift pump pressure adjustment

    With today's electronic lift pumps from FASS and Airdog, TYPICALLY they do not come with a way to easily adjust fuel pressure. There are options out there but they are quite spendy and there's easier ways to accomplish the same thing. So for those who have pumps that do not have an external/adjustable regulator, your pump more than likely uses a spring and ball to regulate fuel pressure. Springs should be provided from the pump manufacturer to provide adequate pressures. Typically between 16-18psi. The pumps use a hard plastic ball, either a Buna or Viton ball. This will create a seal when the pump is off and keep fuel from "leaking" or "moving" in the lines once the pump is off. The springs can be inconsistent which can cause erratic fuel pressure readings or lower then expected readings. Using this diagram of a FASS system, if you remove the hose/fitting that is connected to the "air/vapor return to the tank" you will find a spring a ball, it will look like this. If your spring comes out looking like this... You were more then likely experiencing erratic fuel pressures. You could either straighten out the spring and reinstall or replace the spring all together. I only have experience with FASS but I called FASS support and they sent me a replacement. I imagine the same would happen with Airdog. The next factor in all this are the balls. In my research I've found that FASS uses a Buna ball and Airdog uses a Viton ball. I was having a mixed bag of issues, erratic fuel pressures and also lower then expected fuel pressures. Upon removing the spring and ball I found my spring had twisted (previous pic) and that the ball had indented into the spring. You can see the indentation here. I tried a couple replacement balls from FASS with the same results. I then went with a Viton ball and the problems haven't returned. The Viton ball is stronger material and seems to be holding up well. If you're still having lower pressure issues then you can put a washer in to shim the spring and raise pressure. The following measurements should get you in the ball park but make sure you double check you're not adding any additional restriction by using to small of an ID. Here are the measurements: OD - .631" ID - .320" thickness - .039" ***This washer/shim should be added between the fitting and the spring NOT between the spring and ball.*** So what helped fixed my issues was going with a Viton ball and a 17lb spring. This isn't meant to say one company is better then the other, just what I found out in my research and what fixed my problem. The point of this article is to help educate others on potential fixes. ***Additional notes*** List of parts I used Viton Ball HERE 17lb spring HERE I understand these are labeled as Airdog parts but they worked fine in my FASS 150. The Airdog fitting DID NOT work on my FASS pump so if you're looking to replace that on your FASS 150 you would need to contact FASS to get a replacement. Here's the difference FASS LEFT AIRDOG RIGHT Pretty noticeable difference in threads and overall length so if replacing these fittings they must be brand specific.
  5. Went to install new filter and water separator on my airdog today. I'm putting a bit of oil on the brand new donaldson 551315 filter right out of the plastic wrap and I notice the inside looks like this. Now I'm now mechanic or anything, I don't know much but to me that looks messed up. Looks like that rubber seal or what ever it is, is not installed right or slipped out or something.. I suppose it made like that for some reason and thats why I'm posting. Please let me know what you think, thank you.
  6. Replacing the Airtex with an FRRP 100. The Airtex pump does away with the factory line that has a banjo type setup and just uses the quick connect fitting. I need this line for my FRRP to work but it is expensive....are there any cheaper alternatives? Assuming the P.O. just threw it out with the factory pump. I wish Airdog did the same as Airtex and did away with the banjo setup. Part number 8 in the photo....the line that has the support bracket on it.
  7. My truck is a 2001. I have an older AirDog, and an ISSPRO electric fuel gauge. The issue I'm having is that when I first bump the ignition I get about 15-16psi of fuel pressure. Then running, or even if you let the pump shut off and then rebump the ignition, the fuel pressure goes up to 26psi. I really need to get my test gauge on it, but two different sending units and gauges have been put on it, and both read the same. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of what I should check? Is it the AirDog, that's marked as being regulated at 15 psi, did I screw up with how I installed the gauge? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Also, the AirDog was on before I pressure gauge was (I know shame on me....), so I do not know if this is a recent change or has always done it.
  8. Mopar1973Man

    AirDog 100/150 Filters Numbers

    AirDog 100/150 Filters Numbers AirDog 100 & AirDog 150 Part Number FF100-10 (10 Micron) Fleetguard FF5617 FF100-5 (5 Micron) Fleetguard FF5587 FF100-3 (3 Micron) Fleetguard FF5613 2 micron fuel filter NAPA 3626 WS80 (Water Separator) Fleetguard FS19768 WS100 (Water Separator) Luber-Finer LFF9594 SuperDog Filter Numbers SuperDog 200 Part Number FF200-10 (10 Micron) Fleetguard FS1054 WS200 (Water Separator) Fleetguard FS1023 PureFlow P/N Cross Reference P/N Manufacturer AirDog FF100-10 FF5617 - Fleetguard 10um absolute, 60GPH AirDog FF100-5 FF5587 - Fleetguard discontinued AirDog FF100-3 FF5613 - Fleetguard 5um absolute 60GPH AirDog WS80 FS19768 - Fleetguard 0% emulsified water/50% free water sep 20 GPH AirDog WS100 LFF9594 - Luber-Finer 95% free water/75% emulsified water sep 90 GPH NAPA Part # 3626 2 micron fuel filter works on the airdog!!! 6um nominal! More numbers supplied by 1lowdiesel @ CumminsForum (AirDog Tech) Napa / Wix 3527 & 33527 Napa / Wix 3697 & 33697 Napa / Wix 3420 & 33420 Napa / Wix 3616 & 33616 CAT 1R-0751 CAT 1R-0750 Donaldson P551315 Baldwin BF1275 Fleetguard FS19768 Baldwin BF7634 FleetGuard FF5324
  9. 5-15% off BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY and Beyond SALE-- Now- DEC 8th http://www.dieselautopower.com/v/BlackFriday.html
  10. got a airdog original pump on the truck right now and been looking at the Fuel Boss Mechanical Lift Pump System. I was wondering if anyone has had put one on yet? I want to use the airdog filter setup up on it, if it is possible or do I need to buy a different filter set up for it? Would really like it better then the airdog because im sick of messing around with the airdog and would like to have something that is really reliable. If anyone knows someone I can talk to on making the fuel boss work with the airdog filter setup that would be awesome thanks guys.
  11. I am looking to put a after market filter set up on my truck and would like to get rid of the factory set up. If anyone has pictures that they could post that would be helpful. I have been looking at two different setups. http://www.glacierdieselpower.com/product.aspx?pf_id=MK109852-BLKH http://www.vulcanperformance.com/VP-MAX-Dual-Remote-Filter-Kit-p/drff.htm
  12. I am having a longer cranking issuse then i ever experienced ,I just had a airdog installed and now have excessive cranking ,now I have exchange a few sentences with one of the mopar members here and this is what I just did, 1st> the truck sat all night, went out unpluged the airdog turned key to start and it fired up about a 1 second or less crank,turned it off right away, 2nd> I plugged the airdog back in and turned the key to start without waiting for pump to prime it took about 1 1/2 seconds to crank over, 3rd my truck is sitting in a driveway with the front faceing up hill when it started the 1st and 2nd time I drove it for about 13 miles and about 30 minutes 5 miles freeway the rest stop and go lights with the truck warmed up setting in driveway front end up again I shut it off and let set for about 15 minutes ,4th I went back outside and put the key in and turned to on position let airdog prime when it shut off I turned key to start it and it cranked for about 3 to 4 seconds before starting left it running for about 6 minutes turned it off ,5th I let truck set for about 25 to 30 minutes I unplugged airdog again turned key to start position and it fired right up 1 second or less.:banghead:
  13. My truck ultimately runs great. It has good power. I recently replaced a crankshaft position sensor and noticed the plug will need to be replaced also. However replacing the sensor only, the check engine light has not illuminated again.However recently I have started to get a miss at idle after coming to a stop. Very slight, but noticeable. You can feel it in the truck. Not similar to the hard miss the crank shaft position sensor caused. The weird thing is my AirDog 150 has also started dropping pressure pretty bad. When new it was putting out 17psi nearly constantly, about a year later it was at 15psi. Then it kept dropping, much quicker after that. Now it is at 11-12psi idle. Though it still holds over 10psi WOT. I do have the typical draw straw issues at 1/4 tank.I purchased a new filter tonight (NAPA) and plan to install it tomorrow. If the pressure does not increase a significant amount I will add some washers to increase the pressure like I have seen done on here.It seems as though the AirDog is drawing air more often than it used to. At a 1/2 tank I can draw air. I did replace the sending unit recently so I am fairly sure it is not that. Besides I can run the truck to nearly empty and as long as I don't make a quick stop it is fine.You can hear the difference in the pump noise when it draws air. It is fairly significant. I am planning on installing a draw straw in the basket to remedy the 1/4 tank issue.It is just odd to me that this miss only occurs at stop lights regardless of the tank level. Once it has idled for a bit at the light it clears out. It never happens when the engine is cold it seems. Only when warmed up and after a stop. No elevated smoke levels at all.The truck is slightly harder to start in the cold lately. I plan to replace the battery cables and probably start looking at replacement batteries...these Walmart batteries didn't last nearly as long as the Duralast I had before. The truck also on occasion cranks for a long time when parked facing down hill.Any ideas?
  14. Guys, NEED HELP ASAP!I do not have a low pressure warning light, but I have gotten in the habit of turning the key to the ON position and listening to the pump prime before I turn the truck over. I cannot recall if the problem started last night, or longer or if it really was this evening.So me and the wife went to the grocery store for a few things, which is about a mile or so away from the house. Truck started and ran just fine. Although I was stupid and did not remember to listen to the pump. We get done shopping and I put the key in to let the grid heaters preheat. I was putting my coat on outside of the truck as I was waiting. I noted that the airdog did not prime.I tried cycling the key to see if it was just me. The lights came on, but the fuel pressure gauge showed 0 psi. So I started checking fuses, the dash fuses were not blown. I popped the hood, and the the main fuse block was good. I checked the airdog pump fuse, itself, and it was blown. I just so happened to not have any 20 amp fuses out of all the fuses I have in my truck! Luckily, I spend about $4 for an assorted fuse kit back in the grocery store. It has 1 20 amp fuse. I plug the fuse in and turn the key to listen for the pump.Pump starts priming, but it sounds like its loaded and it would not prime more than 10 psi. I turn the key off and try again, it primes, but still sounds loaded. So I crank it over to see if the pump would see a better voltage after the grid heaters kick off. I wait, and just as the battery starts charging, the pressure needle drops. I shut the truck off. Check the fuse, BLOWN! :banghead:I checked all the wiring. Everything checks out. I can't for the life of me figure out what is going on?! It does not seem like it could be a short, as a short should immediately blow a fuse. I was reading just a smidge before I posted this and someone says the pumps can be the culprit?I also noticed last night that my trailer brake controller light does not come on when I push on the brake. i checked those fuses, they were fine. :shrug:Damnit, I need my truck! I was supposed to go into the station tomorrow and put in my duty time!
  15. I am ordering a vp44 and was going to replace the stock replacement fuel pump while i am ordering which airdog do yall recommend. i am going to stay stock might install a smarty later on down the road. any suggestion.
  16. Ok guys, bout to pull the trigger on an Airdog 100 as soon as my tax return comes in but had a few questions. First off, my Isspro ev2 fuel pressure gauge seems to be acting funny. When I get in and crank the truck in the mornings when engine is colder the gauge will go to zero for a minute and then pop up to about 10-12 at idle which is where it normally is. No rhyme or reason though I can be driving and it will drop to zero and sometimes stay there or pop back up. My set up on the gauge is I tapped into the test port of the vp44 with a banjo/snubber bolt to a grease gun hose then to my sending unit. I used teflon tape on everything but the banjo bolt to the vp44. I hope thats a good setup but if not I need to change it which might lead to my second question. When I install the Airdog do I montior the fuel pressure from the same spot like I am now or does a fuel line run to the banjo bolt I have now. If I was guessing I probably have to get a different fitting at the vp44 but not sure.
  17. I am about to have the Airdog 100 installed and have a quick and easy questions. Someone said to put the bigger spring in for 17psi versus the regular 15psi and i twas included in his parts for the AD. There is one spring in the bag with hardware, is the 15psi spring in already and you have to change it with this one or it's an extra and I need to get it here before I do the AD install? Just curious, wasn't positive. Thanks!
  18. Well tax return time is coming around the bend so Im going to get a new lift pump. So I was thinking its between the Raptor or the Air dog. I priced the raptor at 350 and airdog around 600. It it worth the extra coin for the airdog? My plans are Little bit bigger injectors 75 max and be able to turn up the smary. Thanks guys.
  19. Hey everyone I'm new to the forum and trying to learn as much about my dodge as I can to keep it on the road. I just put an isspro fuel pressure gauge on it confirmed that I need a lift pump. (not that I didn't know that already). My question is I have been looking at lp and I've decided to go with the air dog 100 big line kit whatever I need to do it right. I have no plans for engine/power upgrades I'm just looking for longevity and later on who knows I might want to add something. Just wondering if I'm on the right track. Your input is appreciated.
  20. Last time I replaced the fuel filter on my air dog 100 I lost alot of fuel. What do you guys do to make it easier to change the filter. Put a clamp on the hoses ?? When I'm at it I have a 17 pound spring to put in as well.Just looking for tips so I don't lose a few gallons of fuel like I did last time:banghead:
  21. Just bought an AirDog 100 cause she's stock but, how about those quick connect fittings? Someone on another post said they leaked.What's your guys experience with them as they age? Thanks much
  22. Hey guys, I gots me an AirDog II 165. I installed it back in September and have been with this quirk since then. I'm not sure if it is a problem or anything but just wanted to see if others experience this?I got my fuel pressure at 20psi according to my fuel pressure gauge. When I start the truck and the grid heaters kick on, the fuel gauge will go down to 15-16psi. When the grid heaters switch off, the fuel jumps back up to 20 psi. I have watched the fuel in the line move back and forth to the gauge as they switch on and off.Its a mechanical gauge with a cage protector in between the stock fuel filter housing and gauge.WOT never shows fuel pressure to be lower than 15psi on the gauge.
  23. Well I finally gone in done it... I yanked out the factory batteries and replaced them with a set of WalMart Batteries. I was shocked I to find that the Group 27 batteries where only $89 bucks a piece and they are 850 CCA batteries. I was smart and brought my tools along and changed them right in the parking lots and wheeled the tired stock batteries in the store and collected my $18 bucks worth of core charge. I got to admit the charging voltage is a bit lower and the starter seems to spin much easier. But after getting nearly 10 years from the stock batteries it was time to retire them.
  24. I have a 99 5.9 24 valve 2wd, auto..... My fuel pump is not powering on anymore, when the key is placed into the on position. With the fuel heater on my "On Position voltage is around 11.8 to 12.0 volts.....it has been around 45 in the mornings here, and my grid heater/s are cycling normally. My issue is that my fuel pump only starts running when I start the engine. There is no lag time, it starts normally and the grid heaters stop cycling after about 30 seconds plus or minus. I do not have any fuel leaks and am running 17 psi at idle as soon as both fuel pressure gauges (electric and mechanical) top out about 1 second give or take after it starts...... this is not what it did for the last 4 years.....Also when it is bumped it turns on for a split second and shuts of right away, it doesn't even get to 10 psi and pump shuts off. there is no voltage going to the pump... it is not the pump's issue... can anyone shed some light.... everything else is functioning normally and no light has turned on.Thanks,Will
  25. drove home yesterday, 350 miles with no issues, everything normal. i knew i had run the tank pretty low but should have had a couple of gallons left. went to my son's house this am and backed down his driveway. while ideling the engine appearred to run out of gas. with a low tank and steep down hill grade i could not see it being something else. we got back later with 5 gallons of fuel, put it in the truck and bumped the starter. fuel pump ran but no fuel pressure. i figured the slope was enough that the fuel wasnot deep enough to get to the pmp. went back and got 5 more, no change. went back and got 5 more no change. we pulled the truck out of the drive way and got it pointed down hill, still no fuel pressure. the pump is running but picking up no fuel. neither of the 2 filters on the AD had much fuel in them and i drained some from the FWS and found more dirt particles than i expected to see. i removed the FWS and sitting on top of the filter was a bug about twice as big as a house fly, how that got there is still beyond me. the second filter had some fuel in it but not much. it seems that every thing is pointing to a clogged filter, but every thing was working fine and then the engine shot down like it ran out of fuel. the other thing i noticed while checking the filters is an opening just to the left of the fuel supply and return lines that as i remember had a plug in it and now is open. i stuck my finger over it and tried to prime the pump with no success. there is another plug on top of this part of the pump and that plug is in place. one of these is for a pressure gauge, but i dont know what the other is for.if it is not a clogged filter is there something i am over looking? have not bought spare filters yet so i cant try that until i get some(not smart i know, but feel free to take your best shot).
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