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  1. Youngblood24v

    Quadzilla display project

    @Marcus2000monster This is the size android tablet I’m running. Currently have it just sitting on my cluster due to the heat always knocking my suction mount off while sitting in the sun.
  2. Youngblood24v


  3. Youngblood24v

    GDP Tuning EZGDPM EZ Lynk Monitor

    I agree with the HG. I figured they would have just done turbo, injectors, lift pump and studs to get him to his earned hp rating. I’m still in awe that they didn’t give him just a simple set of arp 425’s but instead threw a $1500 vp at it 😂 Id be mainly excited about getting a new tranny and convertor
  4. Youngblood24v

    GDP Tuning EZGDPM EZ Lynk Monitor

    Well they kinda stuck themselves with a knife when they switched to custom tuning vs their own tuning and gained 30hp 😂
  5. Youngblood24v

    GDP Tuning EZGDPM EZ Lynk Monitor

    Ya I kinda laughed at the stock turbo thing also. I don’t even want to know what his egts were. And the fact that they mentioned nothing about adding head studs.i can only imagine how long that HG will last knowing what that kids going to put it through 😂. It also really gives me a feel as to where my truck is hp wise as I’ve never dynoed it yet
  6. Youngblood24v

    GDP Tuning EZGDPM EZ Lynk Monitor

    He doesn’t only talk about the tuner. Skip towards the end and he mentions it. It’s also on their website
  7. Youngblood24v

    GDP Tuning EZGDPM EZ Lynk Monitor

    They are. I just watched a YouTube video of Power Drive Diesel using it to monitor their quadzilla v2 adrenaline
  8. Youngblood24v

    GDP Tuning EZGDPM EZ Lynk Monitor

    From what I’ve read they just released it not too long ago (2018). It looks like it would be a good unit. It’s everything I’d imagine quadzillas own unit would be like. The only thing I’d change would be a obd2 connection cord so you could check codes with it but I guess I’ll have to stick with the old fashion odometer and key trick.
  9. Youngblood24v

    GDP Tuning EZGDPM EZ Lynk Monitor

    Just came across this monitor while doing my normal internet searching. It looks to be a good unit and it set up for running the adrenaline module. It also has built in dash cam and gps maps! That a big upgrade over my android tablet. Anyone have any experience with this before I pull the trigger on it?
  10. Youngblood24v

    Quadzilla Adrenaline Economy and MPG

    @Quadzilla Power Have any idea on how long until your screen for the quad is going to be available? That is something that I’ve been looking forward too for a long time! I also agree with having the ability to change the high idle rpm setting
  11. Drive the truck all day today, came home parked it for a few hours put my new rims/tires on and then went and started it up and got half way down the road when I realized my speedo wasn’t working. This is also causing the truck to shift weird because it doesn’t know how fast it’s going. Anyone have any ideas as to what could go bad just from sitting for a few hours? Picked up a new axle speed sensor and will throw that in tomorrow for a Hail Mary. I’ve already checked the wires and everything looks good. Also throwing a p 1683 code speed circuit short. Could the sensor internally short and just took a crap?
  12. Youngblood24v

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    My 7x.010’s don’t haze at all at idle as far as I know. At least with this 90°f weather, when it cooler out in the mornings it will a little. Now 0°F in the winter it’s a white smoke show while warming up 😂
  13. Youngblood24v

    What next?? Need suggestions

    I’ll have to do some more research on the load rating on the 265/50r20 tires to see if my truck will be fine running them. With the ac I’m also a windows down kind of guy, it rarely gets used even if it did work. As long as I get heat during the winter I’m a happy camper
  14. Youngblood24v

    What next?? Need suggestions

    The tire size difference is only less than an inch. I’m currently running 235/85r16 ~31 inch tire and I will be getting 305/50r20 ~32 inch tire. I’m deleting the ac stuff not to shave weight but just for the fact that it doesn’t work. The difference between the AC on max and the normal cold setting is very minimal. From what I’ve read their are a lot of people who have deleted their stock fan and are running electric fans with no issues @Mopar1973Man I’ve read your forum on your tire size change. The tires im currently looking at are 305/50r20 which is roughly a 32” tire but I can get a 265/50r20 which is a 30.5” tire. Which would bring my ratio up a little
  15. Youngblood24v

    What next?? Need suggestions

    Not at all, trucks too heavy for that. Just a fun daily street truck. I already had some plans on shaving some weight to get it in the 7000-7500lb range