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  1. Didn’t know where to put this topic but since it’s on a 2nd gen I’ll put it here. I’m wanting to paint the compressor housing on my he351cw this weekend but it’s a pain to remove the snap ring that holds it on. It doesn’t have one of those convenient tabs that make it easy to remove its just got 1 hole in each side like a normal snap ring. Does anyone have a cheap tool that I can pick up at the hardware store? I can’t find any snap ring pliers big enough. I got it out last time with 2 punches and some channel locks but I’d rather not go through that again 😂
  2. Yes it does. I’ve flashed my box before with this same cord.
  3. Youngblood24v

    V2 tuning adrenaline

  4. Youngblood24v

    V2 tuning adrenaline

    @Norowner Check out the quadzilla power section under venders I believe. A whole forum dedicated just to the quadzilla platform
  5. I’ve been trying to flash your long idle version for a good 1.5hrs. Done a whole bunch of different combinations. Even deleted my quad driver and installed it over again. Still nothing. Guess I’ll give it a shot tomorrow
  6. @Me78569 Is it normal for it to be a pain to reflash the box? I’ve only been able to do it once with out a problem. Every other time ive had to fiddle with it and take a lot of time to get it to connect.
  7. Youngblood24v

    Injector swap

    Did you remove or loosen the (4) hold down bolts? Once you remove them the lines have a bit of travel
  8. Youngblood24v

    Injector swap

    Just replaced mine last weekend. Remove the injector hold down bolts (4) I believe and you will have enough room to move them just out of the way of the crossover tubes
  9. Youngblood24v

    Mopar1973Man's Daily Tune

    Ah that sucks, I’ll have to do mine pretty soon here also. Just put some 7x.010’s in and I’m trying to get a good economy tune down but can’t find any in the forum for medium injectors and big turbo. Made one up last week and am gunna fill up tomorrow and see the numbers 🤞
  10. Youngblood24v

    Mopar1973Man's Daily Tune

    Hey @Mopar1973Man, do you have an updated daily tune now that your back to a tapped vp?
  11. Youngblood24v

    Vehicle: 2000 ECLB 24v DRW

    Yeah my buddy tagged me in that 3 times 😂 He wants $950 for just a bare cab. No doors or anything so I’ll pass. I’m looking at a full cab for $800 on CL right now
  12. Youngblood24v

    47RE fluid temp?

    Does anybody know if their is a significant difference between the Derale deep dish and the maghytec pan? Besides the $150 price difference of course 😂
  13. Youngblood24v

    47RE fluid temp?

    I have my probe in the tranny case where the quadzilla says to put in in their manual. I plan on splicing it into the return line this summer, but right now with this cold it doesn't even register a temp. as the minimum is 100 F unless I got WOT for a stretch then it will come up to 105 but then back down to under 100F.
  14. Youngblood24v

    Quad installed!

    Its just like people who install a banks intake horn and think that it added a whole bunch of horsepower because it "flows" better when in fact theirs guys with 800+hp trucks running a stock air horn. Now with the exhaust I agree with you when you say that just because you have a 4" doesn't mean you don't have to worry about EGT's. In my mind I agree with Moparman when he says to adjust the tuning instead of paying $350+ for an exhaust system just to lower EGTs. But then again a 4" exhaust does sound great
  15. Youngblood24v

    Vehicle: 2000 ECLB 24v DRW

    It sure does! Just gotta find a rust free bare cab with power windows and electric door locks. Shouldn't be that hard to find in MIchigan right?