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  1. 1 gallon did my truck and car with like a quarter gallon left over
  2. I use fluid film and it’s the best stuff out there, I highly recommend it. It’s lanolin based and doesn’t get everything nasty like oil. Well worth the cost because it sticks really well, I only do one coating a year in fall.
  3. Hi guys, i got the truck in the air today and was not able to duplicate the noise while spinning the wheels. I backed the star wheel off for the parking brake and still am getting the noise while driving. One thing to note, this truck has sat for months at a time with the parking brake engaged. Is it possible the mechanism just has some rust/debris between the drums? I would definitely take it apart and clean it up if serviceable. Got a quick video of the noise (hope it works) IMG_0307.MOV
  4. Hi guys I’ve been having this problem on my 02 and it’s driving me nuts. The drivers side rear brakes squeal loudly when accelerating/coasting. As soon as any pressure is applied to the brake pedal it stops. I had the same problem before I replaced the pads last year with ceramics. Thought maybe they were metallic, but it made no difference. I just took the caliper off today to take a look and grease things up. Still squealing. It doesn’t make any noise when cold until you drive maybe 5 miles. Any help appreciate as this is making my otherwise mint truck sound like a pos and it’s very annoying
  5. Thanks guys, I think I’ll go with that south bend dd. I’m also going to buy injectors at the same time. I’ll update this thread when I do the clutch, most likely within the next few weeks.
  6. So I’m thinking I’ll be better off with a kit rather than piece it together. Considering this https://www.dieselautopower.com/south-bend-clutch-multi-friction-dual-disc-clutch-kit-750hp-1400ft-lb-with-flywheel-sdd3250-6. I was thinking about going with the single disk valair because I’ve heard about slower shifting and noise vs the dd. However, it is very heavy and aggressive for daily driving in my brother’s truck. How do the new south bend dd’s compare?
  7. Ok I found it, dap sells the flywheel separately https://www.dieselautopower.com/valair-new-6-speed-flywheel-with-hd-pilot-bearing-v3434 But it doesn’t say whether it comes with new flywheel bolts or not. Do I need new hardware that the complete kits come with?
  8. Ok so the needle bearing came from the factory, I thought I read it was a bushing. Did your sealed ball bearing come in the kit? It’s kind of hard to tell but it looks like a needle bearing in the pics on dap’s site.
  9. Well guys, it’s time to change the clutch in my 02 with 103k on it. It held all last summer until I got it to slip up hill in 6th with the quad on level 6. This truck is a summer driver/toy that I plan on building to around 500-550 hp. My brother has an 01 with this clutch https://www.dieselautopower.com/1999-2005-cummins-nv5600-13-x-1-375-single-disc-performance-replacement-ceramic that I’m also considering. However, i’ve read that a factory replacement pilot bushing may be a better option than the bearing. I’d hate to have the bearing fail and pull the trans again. Thoughts on this? Also as
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