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  2. It's washable. Guess I should look into the dry filter?
  3. I know the BHAF is the recommended filter around here, but unfortunately I didn't know at the time I bought the s&b. It has less than 500 miles on it so I will be sticking with it for now. I'm an eyelet toolmaker by trade and do all my own wrenching so the mechanical work doesn't worry me (not that i'm an expert mechanic). Finding the right combination for what I want will be the more difficult part. Here's the truck
  4. Hi, I bought a 2002 h.o. 6 speed qclb back in October. It is a rust free Arizona truck. It has a few dents and faded paint but I plan on fixing that in the near future. It is totally stock minus the 4" exhaust and s&b. It has 99,600 miles on it. It also has a raptor dfrp that it came with. My plans for this truck are to basically make it as reliable as possible while waking it up a bit. Realistically i'd like to be making around 300-350 this summer to at least be able to keep up with my buddy's stock '05 6 speed. Right now it's in storage for the winter ( I daily a rusty '96 ram 1500 ) so I've just been buying parts. Fass 95 titanium, isspro ev2's and quad adrenaline are all here ready to be installed. I will probably end up doing a clutch this summer and possibly upgraded injectors also. Anyway I'm sure I'll have many questions along the way and I look forward to learning about my truck.
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