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  1. Rotket


  2. Yea mine does that but the left one is stuck on there. I think I might have mis aligned the spines when I put the arm back on last time or something
  3. No sir, started to get dark so I wiped some rain x and called it. Going to have to look at it again this weekend, but pretty sure I'm going to need a puller for the left arm. The right arm came off easy like you said.
  4. My driver arm seems to be seized on the splines. I think I might need to get a puller. I had them off before I must have messed up the spines on that one.
  5. Yes ive take them off before, but that was with the motor working so I could turn it off and on until I got the right angle to clear the hood for the wipers to go all the way up. How do I go about doing this without being able to turn the wipers on?
  6. My trucks wipers dont work, when you turn the switch it just blows the fuse. I was going to verify its the wiper motor but the wipers are stuck down, and you have to have the passenger arm up to clear the hood so that you can release tension on the arm. Any tips on gettings these arms off without being able to lift them up and any thoughts on what could be wrong here? Thanks
  7. No I bought a new one from the parts store, but I thought you were talking about one that would insure the elements better.
  8. It actually was the relay. Could you link me to a protective relay for the fass system? Thanks man
  9. Nevermind my fass is intermittently working and now its just dead... Great. Anything I can check on the system besides the relay and grounds?
  10. If my truck sits for a couple days I get surging and erratic idle when I first start it. Fass seems to show the proper fuel pressure? Leaking injectors?
  11. Yea i don't think dodge designed this door hinge to be removal, there's even insulation you have to poke through to get to the bolt hole. Even after taking all of the bolts out of the brake assembly and removing the pull lever rod, there's still not enough room to stick a ratchet up with a very small extension, which is what you need because the bolt is too far back in the hole. I could go over the assembly if it came down enough, but it doesn't. I'll probably have to figure out how to take the brake assembly all the way out, aka removing it from the cable that routes below the cab and into the rear parking drum. I'v never had so much trouble over something so silly ha. It's amazing that cummins thinks of all the little ways to make engine work easier, but chrysler makes it a nightmare for basic stuff like this.
  12. I finally got the rod off but that bolt that's in the cab that goes to the upper hinge is still impossible to get to. Any tips?
  13. Alright I found the last bolt, but how do you take off the rod that goes to the pull lever? It has a plastic clip but I don't see how it releases.
  14. How do i take this thing off? I took off the back 2 bolts but there seems like there's still something holding it on besides the cable. Also how do i take the cable off the latch? I'm doing this so that i can access that top bolt to replace the door hinge. I need my door back on so any help is appreciated. thank you,
  15. O ok thats probably why i was confused. Thank you
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