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  1. I'm now getting the p0216 code and a lost communication to ecm code.
  2. Yes it starts like its 0 degrees outside when its 50. Also another weird thing happened today. When I had my obd reader connected I got a "no buss" message on the odometer. The message went away after unplugging the reader.
  3. Ive had a fass Ive had a fass 165 on there for 5 years. Has fuel pressure and the pump is working. Truck is completely gutless no matter what the edge is on and low rpm wants to die. I checked over their work and nothing obvious stands out. My pump is original with 155k on it. I just don't understand why it would die with adequate fuel pressure
  4. I don't know what to do now. Make them figure it out or tear into it myself
  5. Sorry, I meant p0216. P0230 is on there but that's from when I pulled the lift pump off of it when putting in the fass
  6. Update: I took it back and of course they couldn't find anything. They saiid they made sure the vp44 was set right and that the timing was fine. I took the truck back and it still has an the issues. I'm also getting the dread p0230 code for injection pump timing. Do you think this is a coincidence or did they some how damage the timing piston on the injection pump? Ive head a steady 14 psi to the pump for 5 years.
  7. I can never find a diesel tech in louisville ky that works on pick ups. They're all a couple hours outside of the city. Though if anyone knows one I would greatly appreciate it.
  8. Yep. The whole purpose was to get my truck leak free real quick without me having to wait for a free weekend, but that plan doesn't work to well when they break more than they fix
  9. It was 1100 dollars for a new cover and gaskets with the seals and quoted 8 hours. Honestly I should have taken the time to do it myself, I have the ability and tools. I should have ran when the diesel tech tried to explain to me how my trucks common rail fuel injection system works.
  10. hmmm. Couldnt find anything loose around the vp44. I'll just take it back up there tomorrow i guess.
  11. Ok, will check connections today. Would any of this trigger a CEL?
  12. I had the stealership replace my tappet cover gasket (I know, bad idea but time is money) and now its surging/ having delayed fueling when stepping on the gas. Also feels like it wants to die when releasing the clutch from a stop. What do you think they messed up for me to be having these issues? Im thinking timing from removing the injection pump. I'm bringing it back but I want to be prepared for whatever excuse they'll spin me. Thanks
  13. Interesting. Is this type of failure prone to happen on the nv5600 as well?
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