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  1. I feel that. While focusing on body issues lately some mechanical issues started having. Pretty sure my vp44 is getting tired. Sigh
  2. I was trying to push the bumper in all of the way while my brother tightened the bolts and it still sticks out for some reason. Makes my truck look like those awful 4th gen bumper swaps. I think somethings jacked with the mounts
  3. Same actually. I had to force some bolts and hammer in clips. Which is crazy considering the prices they charge. The lower plastic that fits tow hooks was 120 dollars...
  4. Its odd that it would make that much noise from needing to change the oil considering the truck only has 80k Though it is old and could have cantaminates
  5. Lol I also bought a kit, just thought that was a good price casually scrolling this thread
  6. This is helpful. The passemger side top cover wouldn't clip down all of the way over the middle grey plastic, so realistically it should be raised MORE on the side that's sagging. I dont think it's the plastic that the issue, but the way the bracket is sitting in the frame. I know that there is some play in the holes where the brackets go into the bumper, so i might try to raise the bracket on the passenger side to offset this sag? IDK, it's weird that my old broken one that was missing plastic had good fitment, but this one doesn't.
  7. I sourced all new parts from lmc truck. Everything on the bumper is new from them besides the brackets. The right fender plastics wouldn't seet together for some reason. The fender liner pins arent in, and i don't think they would line up anyways since the bumper isn't all the way back under the fender. ??
  8. Ha, I found them on a dodge at the local pull apart. Then had to buy the lower valiance that has hole for the tow hooks off lmc truck
  9. Its me again. Ive been restoring the front of the truck so I've run into a lot of questions My current problem (besides my headlights) is that my front bumper is sagging. I bought all new plastics and chrome bumper besides the brackets. My old bumper lined up fine, besides being a rusted mess. The passenger side of my new bumper sags and also it seems my bumper isn't seating all of the way back and not lining up with the fender. Any tips for this?
  10. Do you think I could combine leds with the sport harness? I'm wondering if the lights would work in my lens or just blind people. Especially if its 2 leds per housing
  11. I know, but its better than the yellow mess I had before. Just can't afford a quality hid set up right now
  12. This is helpful. In going to switch around the sockets tomorrow and see if that does anything. Maybe this kit was wired wrong
  13. I recently bought dap's sport conversion harness. It was all plug and play but didn't come with any directions. Are the sockets light specific with these harnesses? It looks like it just splits the signal of the oe harness into 2 sockets, but my outer lights which are the 9007s are working as the high beams instead of the inner 9004s. Which bulb should be on the inner and outer because they both fit. Has anyone installed this harness before? Also all 4 lights are on all the time whether in hi or lo beam.
  14. I could never find an alignment shop that would mess with my adjustable track bar so ive always had to do it myself
  15. Do you need to adjust the track bar after messing with the castor?
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