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  1. Interesting. Is this type of failure prone to happen on the nv5600 as well?
  2. Thanks for the input everyone. If it keeps bothering me ill put an aftermarket intake with a closed in box on the fender like stock. Maybe that'll muffle it.
  3. Its just hard to believe its the exact same sound even after the injectors were changed. Ill just keep running it and being vigilant. I've done all I could to make sure it's not something catastrophic.
  4. I can hear it more prominently through the air box, but the intake probably just isolates noise better. I don't know, I've been driving it every day for 6 years and it definitely seems noisier since last winter. Maybe I'm the one getting old. I guess if everything checks out I keep truck in, ive don't everything I could, the only other thing is the injection pump, but don't want to change that because of noise.
  5. A little while ago i posted about an engine knocking/pulsating sound. I changed injectors and adjusted valves and the noise is still there. The engine is definitely more rattly since I first got the truck 6 years ago. I also got an oil test and everything came back ABOVE average. Has the same amount of blowby as it always had at operating temp. Where do I go from here after doing all of this? Is there an engine condition that wouldn't show up on an oil test? Can an injection pump thats going out cause noises? Where do I go from here? Video below to hear what you guys think. 20190713_105753.mp4
  6. I got the engine lift bracket off but these back lines still aren't budging. I might just start taking the lines off individually even though it'll be a pain to put back together.
  7. I've removed all of the bolts on the intake cover that i could see that hold down the lines. Are there bolts behind the engine hoist that I wouldnt see unless I could take it off?
  8. I'm having trouble removing the back 3 injector lines. Not from the head but the brackets holding them down on the deck. Do I need to remove the engine lift bracket to do this, because those bolts wont budge. Where exactly are these bolts located that hold down these lines? Thanks
  9. Rotket


  10. Yea mine does that but the left one is stuck on there. I think I might have mis aligned the spines when I put the arm back on last time or something
  11. No sir, started to get dark so I wiped some rain x and called it. Going to have to look at it again this weekend, but pretty sure I'm going to need a puller for the left arm. The right arm came off easy like you said.
  12. My driver arm seems to be seized on the splines. I think I might need to get a puller. I had them off before I must have messed up the spines on that one.
  13. Yes ive take them off before, but that was with the motor working so I could turn it off and on until I got the right angle to clear the hood for the wipers to go all the way up. How do I go about doing this without being able to turn the wipers on?
  14. My trucks wipers dont work, when you turn the switch it just blows the fuse. I was going to verify its the wiper motor but the wipers are stuck down, and you have to have the passenger arm up to clear the hood so that you can release tension on the arm. Any tips on gettings these arms off without being able to lift them up and any thoughts on what could be wrong here? Thanks
  15. No I bought a new one from the parts store, but I thought you were talking about one that would insure the elements better.
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