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  2. if you have model of the saber. john deer has a parts website and they are still in there and you should be able to get the part number for it. http://jdpc.deere.com/jdpc/servlet/com.deere.u90490.partscatalog.view.servlets.HomePageServlet_Alt
  3. damn that sucks being that close out of warranty and then having a major break down like that.
  4. you should check into the warranty again it should be a 5/year 100,000 miles for a powertrain limited warranty on it. the 3 year 36,000 miles basic warranty here is a page straight from the book of a 2009-2010 on what is warranty.
  5. here is my new gmc that i got just awhile back and just putting some pic of it. still got my 1999 dodge just in case i need it for towing stuff. its a 2006 gmc 1500 sle with 4 inch lift and has four 8 inch subs in the back of the back seats. its got 58,000 miles on it and is in very nice shape and taken care of.
  6. im so jacked for this game!! I really wish I was going down there had tickets offered to me but thier bus was full . so we got a keg for the game and the rest of the night after this game ha
  7. this is just as bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W5r7rrR_Mg
  8. well got to messing around with loans last week we decided as a family to sell the 2013 to make more money and then I got free rein to buy a different vehicle and bought a gasser and keep the old 99 for fun. got a 2006 gmc 1500 sle with 4 in lift and tire and rims. will post pics in the gmc/chevy section this week.
  9. high idle is engaged to 1100 but can go higher if needed to be up to 1500 it says. and exhaust brake only works tell 40 mph when slowing down with no trailer.
  10. just bought a 2013 dodge ram 2500 Cummins Laramie Longhorn edition with 31,000 miles and 1100 total engine hours. Took over my dads loan from him just passing away last month. I hope this truck will serve me in the long run and keeping it stock tell warranty is off . Will be selling my 1999 dodge ram 2500 if anyone is interested in it.
  11. I would have to use the airdog regulator I would suppose because there isn't much of a way to completely block that off to use the other one
  12. hey guys thanks for the info I will send him in an email and see what it take to do it and everything. the one way I see it working but might not be plausible would be to run the line from the tank to the fuel boss then the out line on the fuel boss to airdog front in through the filters then the out on the airdog to the vp44. it is a lot of line with might be to much and won't have enough psi through all that to hold it is my thinking. made a crude image to help under stand ha Orange-tank Purple- airdog Blue-fuel boss Red- vp44 Black line- fuel tank to fuel boss Marron line- fuel boss to airdog Yellow line- airdog to vp44
  13. got a airdog original pump on the truck right now and been looking at the Fuel Boss Mechanical Lift Pump System. I was wondering if anyone has had put one on yet? I want to use the airdog filter setup up on it, if it is possible or do I need to buy a different filter set up for it? Would really like it better then the airdog because im sick of messing around with the airdog and would like to have something that is really reliable. If anyone knows someone I can talk to on making the fuel boss work with the airdog filter setup that would be awesome thanks guys.
  14. I think it weighed right around 9500 pounds I don't want that job we got a lot of sales man already. but this is for one of his customer I did it for one of his last sale I think
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