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  2. when i try to start my truck the starter soliniod fuse blows it started out as occasionally now does it all the time. starter was working fine just was blowing fuse on occasion should i try a new starter 1st.
  3. i just got the codes of the dash turning key on and off three times
  4. brake light and abs lights are on and no speedo any ideas of the cause?
  5. Changed my fuel filter and oilchange and problems fixed never had low fuel pressure?
  6. At 45 mph my tranny feels like it jumping in and out of over drive eng at 50 its good, any one had this problem and what is the fix.
  7. got my raptor 95 installed today took about 8 hrs most time spent on geting stock line of fuel tank and disconecting old pump, arms to big to get in there after over an hour of working on it my son came out with his skinner arms and got it off in about 2 minutes, but the pumps working good 18 lbs at idle and 15 lbs excelerating my old pump was goining bad so im a happy camper now. should be in 2nd gen. thread sorry.
  8. I am guessing the 1/2 inch line will give better flow and volume, i think the extra volume would make it easier for the lift pump to keep up the fuel supply.
  9. I have decided to go with the raptor 100 and the Vulcan big line kit, that gives you every thing u need for install.
  10. what brand of engine coolant should i use.plan on changing fluids and flushing radiator soon can u use peak or preston or is there some thing else required.
  11. I use the hasting ff1260 filter so wouldn't a raptor pump give me the same filtration with better water separation then the airdog.Its my understanding the Hastings is the same filter as the Baldwin.
  12. was thinking about running through tr canister with no filter for fuel warming capability
  13. when i install a new airdog pump will i need a new draw straw and should i plum it through my stock filter housing. is there any advantage to the airdog 100 over the 150 for a stock to mild engine.
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