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  1. I put an airdog 100 on my truck in early 2009. Roughly 35,000 miles on it. I haven't had one problem Should I be expecting failure soon? At idle it has 16psi and at wot it drops to 13. Never lower. Luke
  2. Thanks for the replies, Where would be a good place to get the valves from ? Did you put the ball valves directly to the pump or did you put them inline with the fuel hose. Thanks again Luke
  3. Hello Guru's. I need to change the filter on my airdog 100. The last time I did it I remember losing lots of fuel. What do you guys do ? I was thinking of clamping the hoses. Have any of you ball valves on the hoses to keep from losing fuel ?
  4. My oem has the slop going on. I've read mixed reviews about the borgeson box, the napa box, and don't know much about the redhead box. Point me in the right direction, if I'm going to give up a day of fishing for the swap I do not want to do it again 6 months later.Luke
  5. I thought I read that the borgeson boxes were not worth the money as they had problems with them ? Did they get all the wrinkles worked out?Luke
  6. I got the wheels at les schwab. They are ultra 164's. 17x 9
  7. Here is how my truck looks now. It drives so much better now. - - - Updated - - - One More
  8. No I have not. If I were to try it how much should I tighten it ? Is there a torque value ? or is it an amount of a turn ?
  9. That was another reason for the change as well. I just put a new track bar on her and noticed that the steering box has a tad bit of play as well. Any suggestions on a new box ? I heard mixed reviews on the borgeson, so maybe I'll just get a stock box from napa auto parts:shrug:Luke
  10. I am finally gonna get rid of my 35's on wide offset wheels. it looks great but I am gonna downsize a bit and get a more common size wheel. I am replacing the 16.5 inch wheels with 17 inchers and putting on 285/70/17 toyo 2 at's. I assume I will get a little better mpg's ?Luke
  11. You guys are scaring me now:cry:. I think I'll be proactive and get an assasin ordered up.
  12. I used vise grips on the line from the tank and the line out but, the motion lotion kept coming out of the return line fitting. probably lost 2 gallons even with the hoses clamped off. I'm gonna look into some 90 degree ball valves for the 1/2 inch line. I remember last time I changed the filter it was a similar adventure with the fuel coming out all over the place.
  13. After reading Mikes thread about the ball getting stuck to the spring I figured I'd check mine today.yep the ball was pushed into the end of the spring bit. back up to 16 at idle and the lowest I could get it to drop to wot was 13.5.What a mess what do you guys do to keep from losing alot of fuel. I clamped the hoses but it still was a diesel bath. Do they make some shut off valves to put in line with the big line hoses??Luke
  14. I guess I've had my head under a rock. I haven't heard of any AD problems. I have an AD 100that I put on and have not had a problem with it. 3 Years. When did their products start going to s%^t ?and should I be worried about my setup ? :banghead:Luke
  15. Didn't you just put new injectors in it?? Like yesterday !!I hope you get your truck back.Luke
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