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Found 125 results

  1. Okay guys I'm new to the forum here and I need some help. I have a 1999 24v and on my way to work the other day my truck died on me and completely shut off in the middle of the road. It didnt have any weird symptoms before this happened it just died and now will not restart. Any ideas as to what this could be or where I could begin trouble shooting this?
  2. Well i think my VP just bit the dust, truck was running just fine i left it running went in a store came out 10 mins later truck wasn't running, It cranked right up idled fine but when i gave it throttle it was not having it exhaust was gurggly and sputtered alot, so i limped it home about 10 miles going maybe 20-30MPH it would clear for maybe 3-5 secs at a time then cut back out. I got codes P1693, P1689, P1688,P0252,P0251,P0232 which = VP44 bad. I checked my fuel filter housing and it was full of fuel and it is still getting plenty of fuel so the Lift pump is good as far as i can tell, is it possible for it still work and the VP be crap? I also cracked the 1st and 3rd injector from the front and cranked the truck i got fuel but not much it sprayed ok but was foamyish. I checked the plugs on my ECM all tight and clean also checked all wires/plugs on the VP and Lift pump. I don't have a FP gauge installed truck is all stock still has the Void sticker on the VP With 285,XXX Miles Sorry about the long post, I have the money to go get a new VP and lift pump but i'd prefer not to if not needed i hate wasting $$$, I am capable of doing the work myself id just like to have some experienced help, So if there is any one near by who is experienced with taking the VPs off and such or has a fuel pressure gauge and wouldnt mind giving me a hand id greatly appreciate it, I'd help with fuel/Beer your pick haha Thanks in advance
  3. Now I got code 216:cry: after code 230 cleared by itself. Truck runs smooth as glass with no symptoms:think:. Has new Raptor 100 with the harness. Running 17.5 fuel pressure. Volt meter shows 13.1 volts at the lift pump when you bump the starter. Batteries at 13.6. fuel relay in the PDC tests good. Both filters changed 3,000 miles back with A clean and clear bowl on the Racor filter bowl.Okay, should I switch out the primary filter (suction side) from a 45 g.p.h. to a 90 g.p.h.? Might have too much restriction. I know I can pull f/p from 17.5 down to 14 with half inch fuel lines all the way.Should I not go to Yosemite with the 216 error code? It's a 1300 mile round trip... T.I.A.
  4. So I have a 2001 dodge cummins with the 6 speed manual, it has 50 horse injectors (50k on them) new vp44 (20k on that) the batteries are fairly new. It also has a pacbrake, air dog 150 which was installed before the new VP44 and a holset turbo that pushes a little more boost than stock and it also has a 4 in straight pipe. The issue with this truck is I have a miss and I called the kid tonight and he bought the APPS sensor from dieselsource.com and HE DID NOT CALIBRATE it. He told me he was getting his dead pedal in the same area I said it was missing at. I have cleaned the IAT sensor, probed the ECT and it all checked out good the only codes are a P0500 ( speed sensor signal ) and P0118 ( self created high voltage in ECT sensor while testing it). So tonight I pulled the battery cables followed the steps exactly and after I turned the KEY back off after calibrating it, I started it and idled it up and the miss started at 1200 RPM and went through 1700 and then in a few mins it only isolated to around 1500-1700.So my main question is what can happen if you DO NOT calibrate the APPS, and any advice on this situation would be very helpful. I am about to sell this truck and I NEED TO FIX THIS!Thanks, Corey
  5. First off, let me say that this forum has been very helpful before, but I just can't seem to diagnose the issue this time. Hopefully someone has an idea on how to fix this.I installed my 4 gauge Autometer digital set(Boost, EGT, FP, and Trans temp) yesterday. Everything went in smoothly. Went to start truck up, wont start. Thought ok probably the fuel pressure, so cracked one of the lines, got fuel coming out, closed it. Tried it again. Wont start.:banghead: The FP gauge reads 0 while I crank, is that normal, or will it not register until I start the truck up? Any ideas??? Thanks ahead of time!!
  6. has anyone bought a delphi fuel lift pump and if so how did it work and does it have enought pressure ? Thanks
  7. My truck ultimately runs great. It has good power. I recently replaced a crankshaft position sensor and noticed the plug will need to be replaced also. However replacing the sensor only, the check engine light has not illuminated again.However recently I have started to get a miss at idle after coming to a stop. Very slight, but noticeable. You can feel it in the truck. Not similar to the hard miss the crank shaft position sensor caused. The weird thing is my AirDog 150 has also started dropping pressure pretty bad. When new it was putting out 17psi nearly constantly, about a year later it was at 15psi. Then it kept dropping, much quicker after that. Now it is at 11-12psi idle. Though it still holds over 10psi WOT. I do have the typical draw straw issues at 1/4 tank.I purchased a new filter tonight (NAPA) and plan to install it tomorrow. If the pressure does not increase a significant amount I will add some washers to increase the pressure like I have seen done on here.It seems as though the AirDog is drawing air more often than it used to. At a 1/2 tank I can draw air. I did replace the sending unit recently so I am fairly sure it is not that. Besides I can run the truck to nearly empty and as long as I don't make a quick stop it is fine.You can hear the difference in the pump noise when it draws air. It is fairly significant. I am planning on installing a draw straw in the basket to remedy the 1/4 tank issue.It is just odd to me that this miss only occurs at stop lights regardless of the tank level. Once it has idled for a bit at the light it clears out. It never happens when the engine is cold it seems. Only when warmed up and after a stop. No elevated smoke levels at all.The truck is slightly harder to start in the cold lately. I plan to replace the battery cables and probably start looking at replacement batteries...these Walmart batteries didn't last nearly as long as the Duralast I had before. The truck also on occasion cranks for a long time when parked facing down hill.Any ideas?
  8. Hey guys need some help. Does anyone have a picture of a stock lift pump or explain to me where its at. Im trying to figure out if mine is on the motor or in the tank. I turned the key on to listen for it and I didnt hear anything which might not be a good sign. I know the general area of where its at. Its below and behind the fuel filter housing if its still on the motor. I've seen two things that could be it. One is horizontal with the ground. It has a red chrysler sticker on it but i could read it because of dirt. The other is mounted vertically. Any help is appreciated
  9. so i just reveiced my fuel line and fittings from vulcan performance. I upgraded the draw straw as i figured i might as well since the tank will be out, and the connections on the old one are porbably rusty.well long story short, i got to talking to one of my friends who has 2 cummins trucks (a 24v and a 12v) and he told me that his personal experience WITH the draw straw in both his trucks he complains of loosing fuel pressure when taking off and when stopping with about 1/4 tank.NOW my question is, vulcan performance included instructions with my draw straw kit (yes i read instructions:lol:)they show pictures of drilling holes in 2 DIFFERENT kinds of fuel modules. im guessing this is for 24 valve guys and 12 valve guys? and i understand the object of the holes is to help with the return flow, could that have been my friends problem????i just dont want to install something and have a problem with it........NOT a fan of doing work twice
  10. I was looking at pensacola 50 hp injectors or Diesel Auto power 100 hp injectors any thoughts?
  11. I recently installed a set of RV 275's. I had some fuel weeping at some of the connections at the head before replacement. I replaced two of my cross over tubes and all of the orings on the rest. I still had some weeping which has gotten steadily worse. On my trip back to work from home it was really bad and I have leaks at all of the connections. So bad it has washed the underside of the truck and coated the tail gate with fuel. I also leave a nasty stain any where I park it on a highway trip. Around town it is not bad, but still leaking. I am not sure what to do other than replace the orings again and see what happens. Anybody have any suggestions?
  12. Alright guys, I replaced my lift pump a couple of weeks ago with an Air Dog 100, installed the draw straw V, and big line kit. Everything was going well and I had 16.5 PSI at idle, 13.5 at wide open throttle, consistantly. This evening I was running just below a 1/4 tank and stopped and filled up. Started the truck and had 16.5 psi. I drove 24 miles home and watched the fuel pressure drop slowly to 5 psi by the time I got home. The truck is running fine, and I see no fuel leaks under the truck. My first thought is "bad fuel" and the filters are clogging. I have an extra set of filters for the Air Dog and the factory filter which I plumbed in with the Air Dog. My first inclination is to change the filters and see if the pressure comes back up, but I thought I would pick your brains and wait till morning before doing anything.As a side bar. While filling up at the service station (which isn't the one I normally use) the pump was running very slow, so I got in the truck while filling up (28 gallons). An employee was standing in front of the store smoking a cigarette and walked over to me and asked if the pump was running slow and I said yes it was. He pointed out that all of the gas pumps had plastic bags over the nozzles because "they sell so much fuel that they ran out and diesel was all that was left.I don't know how much diesel was left in their tanks but I have to wonder if I got the bottom of the barrel!Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated.
  13. Here is my deal, My truck was running fine then just died sort of felt like it jumped out of gear but that could of been the loss of power. Refire run really rough only idle no foot feet response. Now doesn't start at all. So what I have learned so far is pump must of went.So my truck is a 99 but I have a pump on a 2001 motor is it the same? I sort of want to be sure I'm 600 miles from the 01 pump and don't want to rent a car and drive that far if it might not work. Thanks
  14. I just replaced my injection pump and lift pump. I put a factory replacement raptor lift pump on. After bleeding all the lines the truck will start and run fine. Once you turn the truck off it will start and run for 5-10 second and shut off. After that it will not start back until you bleed the injectors again. Please help.
  15. i leaving OK to head home wednesday. while there i am going to install my new ADII 165. it came with a kit to replace the intank lift pump i have grown to love so much. Has any one here replaced an in tank pump? if so is there anything i should watch out for? the instructions look pretty straight forward but you never know. my try getting it running with the tank on the ground and rehang once it is runnig right. any input would be appreciated.
  16. OK, I have had about enough of this air dog system. I just went to leave work and found that the in line fuse pretty much melted together. I'm thinking a short but the system itself doesn't sound right even when it's running. I replaced a fuse already only to have it finally melt down on me.:banghead: I'm open to suggestions. How is the manufactuer at replacing the unit if it's defective? Has anyone else had any similar problems? Lucky
  17. Are these pics normal? The crossover tube have a brown rust look to them whats up with that? The fuel line where it conects to the tube looks to have a sealer on it or something, the pics didnt come out good but you can see something there. This motor is a total virgin , never had a wrench to it except the water pump. So what ever that stuff is on the top of the tube came from the factory that way.The owner told me the truck set for about 10 months after his uncle died then he drove it for about a year then wrecked it about 1 month ago. When I looked at it the bare metal hadnt even started rusting yet so I know it didnt set long till I got it. What do yall think.
  18. FASS 150, AirDog drawstraw, Cat filter & head.
  19. I have one of the 50 gallon aux fuel tank/toolbox units in the truck. Got it used off of Craigslist and really like it.Now one thing is that I still have not gotten around to hooking the electrics up on the critter. Does anyone know if there is any way to bypass all the electronics that come with it and just put power to the pump and pump the fuel into the main tank? We hooked up the fuel tank lines when installing it but frankly had spent enough time under the truck already when doing the Raptor lift pump and did not get into the wiring from the fuel level sending gauge on the main tank that the TF computer needs to work. Everything else appears to be pretty straight forwards on the hookup. Would love to just flip a switch and transfer whatever fuel is in the tank to the main but do not know of a way to do this. Thought there used to be a forum or bulletin board on the Transfer Flow website but cannot find it so guessing that they took it down.Thx,Joe
  20. On the 04 it is showing a P0088. Says fuel rail/system pressure-too high. The next code is a: P0251 injection pump fuel metering control A(cam/rotor/injector). Any ideas on what these error codes represent? What do we need to do to get these cleared out of the system? Thanks for your help in advance.
  21. I would like to upgrade the performance of my truck and as far as what i have been told i will only be able to try for around 100 hp without a new trans or upgrading the stock trans. I am going to start by removing the resonator and muffler. Then upgrading the p-pump and restricting the turbo wastegate as well as changing the air box and filter. the final part to my puzzle will be a box ie. comp edge. please let me know if i am leaving anything out or if there is another order in which to proceed.
  22. my truck is throwing 4 different codes 1693 1689 0382 0380 and well the vp44 has around 420k miles on it so im thinking that its the pump but i figure i will get some insight first... i was just driving to work like normal and the thing i could feel was losing power and by the time it was ready to get off the hwy turbo was full blast and fuel to the floor and would only do 75 barely and i made it about another 3 miles and it almost shut down and threw those 4 codes and now she is just setting in the driveway....
  23. new to site and diesels. i have a 99 2500 4x4 , ctd with an edge ez. the truck has never died but will not start. lift pump shows 14 lb at hwy speed. chk engine lite came on but goes off every time i re-start it.auto zone check shows no codes. from other fourms it appears i could have a bad crank shaft pos. sensor. i have bleed the fuel lines and get plenty of flow but i do not know at what pressure. any help or suggestions would be appreciatted. thanks in advance
  24. Today my truck started bucking when I was driving. I know my lift pump was weak but I've been strapped for cash so I haven't changed it yet but now I think I'm paying for it. Just wondering if the bucking is characteristic of a blown VP44? Also when I was driving I noticed that when I curved to the left it really lost power and ran rough but when I curved right it ran much better, any ideas on this?
  25. Somone correct me if I am wrong!If my truck is running, and I supply power to the coil of my lift pump relay!Now I turn off the ignition will the engine stay running until I remove power from the lift pump relay?If nothing else stops the engine then that will allow it to run?
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