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  1. Huskiemuskie


  2. All of the driver side switches work e.g. locks, passenger, driver auto down/manual down. however when you select drivers side window up... it goes up about halfway and stops... you have to wait for a good amount of time approx. 15-30 mins it will go up some more then stop and you have to do that process until it all the way up.... any ideas?
  3. I have done that in the past. no change... I'll try it again who knows... thx
  4. It's an OE and I am below the tag voltage... So the ECM should be commanding the correct idle info to the VP... so I am wondering that the 750rpm and not 800rpm that I should have along with the lope are somehow related.... is it possible that the VP is not processing the the idle commands / rpm properly because some component in the VP is breaking down?
  5. Did the idle loping stop after installing a new VP? what injuector are you running?
  6. Sounds like mine... I can do the same thing clears up on it own or if I throttle past idel a little bit it will be fine. I think my truck had a remanufactured VP... Is your original or remanufactured? did you watch my video is you like that?
  7. Ok I will do that... I also have a low fuel pressure switch installed... I have a rapter 150 so it should be pushin more than required... I am just wondering... At start this lope will resolve itself without throttling... in just a few seconds maybe 5-8secs.... So if APPS voltages are correct...? (I rang them out at .40 & 3.7v with no dead spots) Should the ECM idling software be talking to the VP injection computer telling it to idle and how much fuel to meter to idle at 800rpm...? am I correct in that thinking...? If so maybe the VP is trying to do what the ECM is commanding but
  8. Sounds exactly what mine does as well... the same way also! Are you running stock injectors? I have the stock ones back in mine Does it do it every time or intermittent?
  9. got cha this will help you out if you are not already there! http://articles.mopar1973man.com/2nd-generation-24v-dodge-cummins/26-engine-systems/37-apps-sensor-voltage-adjustment (thx Mike)!
  10. Hi Mike BTW did your high idle mod a year or so ago and it work great! I talked to ya on the phone once about it... (Also this loping issue existed prior to that mod...) I mentioned that they were 75hp's actually they are Industrial Injection Bosch R1 honed X 3 85HP injectors. I bought them brand new from XDP... It will lope with the stock injectors as well just not as noticeable/dramatic... the video is with the 85's installed... after the first install I did take them back out and had them pressure/pop tested and balanced within three bar of each other by Wimer Fuel Injection, Sandy Lake P
  11. ok I am very interested how that works out for you.... please report back thanks! BTW I checked my apps voltages this morning... all appears normal. linear voltage increase from idle to WOT. .040 - 3.6v
  12. ok thx... no leaks, and no codes, maybe a apps low voltage code once or twice if i recall in the past... nothing lately... what type of fuel delivery problem... here is a video of what it does with the 75 hp sticks installed... these are 3 consecutive starts...
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