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  1. Yup well convert that Charger over to run on natural gas. I think it has an octane rating of 130. Propane has 120 octane but they ruin it by blending butane in it and the octane rating comes down to about 105. I think we added as much as 15 degrees of advance to the timing with propane and went down one or two heat ranges on the spark plugs too. Remember the higher the octane the "slower the fuel burns allowing more initial ignition advance. Nitromethane has an octane rating of about 72-74.
  2. Can you put glycerin on the gauge side of the isolator to make the gauge react better?
  3. I like the idea of using an engine hoist. I could borrow one since I don't own my own anymore. I guess I could do my u-joints and hanger bearing at the same time and make it a little more worth the hassle of pulling the box off. I'm getting old and tired of laying on my back under vehicles unless they are paying me lots of $$$$$$$$.
  4. I was just wondering if anybody has taken the box off of one of the newer style Dodge Pickups 94 and up? When I was installing propane and natural gas systems and the tanks on vehicles many years ago we found it alot easier to install the fuel systems with the box off. I didn't do a newer style Dodge at that time. At that time 4 guys would pick it up and another would push the truck forward and put two saw horses under the box where we would set it down. I need to do the sending unit and new fuel lift pump system so that is why I was wondering how easy these boxes come off. It's so much easier to work standing up.
  5. I can't help you on that one but I like the old style duallies.
  6. About a month ago my stock lift pump failed. It was before I was a member of this site so I bought another lift pump from the Cummins dealer and installed it. Then Michael Nelson on here told me that the plastic insert in the stock pumps rotor fails and causes breakdowns so I had a guy at an EDM shop make me a rotor for the stock lift pump out of P20 steel with a solid drive slot instead of a plastic bushing for a coupling to the armature shaft that drives it. It's been in my truck for about 3 weeks and I don't have to worry about it stripping out now until I can change the fuel lift pump system in the summer. It is $200 for the rotor but it was a drop-in install and kept everything in the stock location for now. If anybody wanted one of those rotors for a stock pump I think he will be making two more on the week of Jan 18th.
  7. Sure why not. PPL are going to pay for my knowledge and labor now. I don't mind sharing here because I'm learning at the same time from alot of smart members like yourself. I'm not sure if I told you or not but I was a mechanic at a Jeep/Eagle dealer back in the early 90's and saw alot of common problem on those car lines like #4 plug wire was bad on the 4.0 Liter Jeep engine right out of the factory for a short time. The Eagle Talon has a vacuum hose on the cruise control servo that splits at the connection causing a minor vacuum leak as well as causing the cruise to not work. That car also had a DRL upgrade harness that limited the voltage so the headlights wouldn't burn out all of the time. Another problem with the Jeep YJ model was they would get a bad ground connection on the strap between the firewall and the engine and cause all kinds of electrical problems, and then there were the Renault Alliance and Medallion that were part of that Chrysler deal that I don't even wanna talk about other than to say don't but one. The Eagle Premier was another problem child that I worked on alot... Outer cv boots all of the time on those and a bunch of other stuff too. The 4.0 Liter Jeep engine responds VERY WELL to a throttle body cleaning with the CCC combustion chamber conditioner [ aerosol] that every Dodge dealer sells. It is the same stuff that I think is the best penetrating fluid in the world. It also comes in a can that has a pull top lid on it.
  8. That's good info. I want one now for my truck too. I think when I open my new repair shop I will have a list of all the upgrades available for the Dodge Cummins trucks and ppl can just tell me what they want when they book their truck in, eg: Lift pump kit and big line, clean AIT and MAP sensors, gauge pack install, test and reset apps, valve lash, winter front installed, etc.
  9. That's cool. Well I don't know of anybody that likes to work on these Dodge diesels except the dealer and their shop rate is about $100 an hour or more so I can be more reasonable than that.
  10. What does the Sprinter have for an engine? I know it's a diesel but I don't know what size it is.
  11. That would be cool to see! I wanna take apart a VP44 and learn how to rebuild them too.
  12. That's cool. Hey Mike I'm gonna open a repair shop here in Canada and fix all these Dodge trucks there and Mopars in general. I wanna do all the updates, fuel systems, etc and tie it in with my Millwright Certification and repair/install machinery too.
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