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  1. Lone Watie: On the question of Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15W40, In 1958 my oldest brother branched out on his own from my father's garage and started his own "heavy truck and trailer" garage. For whatever reason (I can't remember why) he decided on Mobil Delvac 15W40 as the motor oil to stock in his shop. I worked for him for a little more than 11 years before branching out on my own. My youngest brother operates that same shop today. I would venture to say, that thousands of diesel trucks have had service (including repetetive oil changes) in that shop in the last 52 years, and every one of
  2. Well now, this Fuel Boss sound's even better the more I learn about it !! Ol' Hood Latch has always liked to learn things of a worthwhile nature. Thank's very much for the head's up on the Glacier Diesel Power site, checking it out now.
  3. Yep , understood. Same principle as an engine crankcase oil pump. Check valve, tolorences, and spring tension determines p.s.i., with some increased variable @ a higher r.p.m. I had never seen the Fuel Boss before, and was not familiar with the product. Thank you for the info. It sounds as if it is a well made pump. And, I can see why someone could view this pump as the heart of a "BELT AND SUSPENDERS" type approach to a solid fuel delivery system. You start your truck with maybe a FASS DDRP in the stock o.e.m. location, and then when it's running, switch it off. If the mechanical pump f
  4. Just curious: What kind of p.s.i. do you have @ idle, and @ say 1900 rpm's ? Are you pre-filtering this pump? As some of you know, I am experimenting with a FASS DDRP in the o.e.m. location on the block. If it does not work out for me and I decide to go another way, I am just about certain that I will install a FASS "pusher pump" down on the frame by the tank. Don't think I would want to keep pulling the fuel from an even further distance than I am now. Was the FUEL BOSS specifically designed to "pull instead of push" fuel?
  5. Yeah, I liked that about them also. I went to their website www.danininc.com and clicked on the Optix link to take a look at them. It shows how each gauge look's during the day, and then how it is backlit for night. I got their chrome bezel with white face/aqua light. Very nice.
  6. I'm relatively new here also. I decided on the DiPricol Mechanical 30 p.s.i. gauge. (like gassernomore said, you want to stay with a 30 p.s.i. gauge) I am not sorry that I bought the DiPricol, it looks to be well made and seems to be working flawlessly so far. Hood Latch
  7. Lone Watie: For what it may be worth to you, I have done a fair bit of experimenting (on my own vehicles) over the years with different tire sizes on the stock rims that came with my vehicles. The vehicles ranged from V.W. bug's to 3/4 ton rated pickup trks. My experimenting focused on only two variables, (1) wether or not I had any gains in fuel economy, (in theory; a taller tire would give you a gain) and (2) wether or not I had any better pulling power, (in theory; a smaller tire would give you a gain). I found that there were so many other variables that presented themselves in these exerc
  8. Thank's MPM. I appreciate your patience, and most certainly your hard gained knowledge that you obviously are most willing to share with others. As for my finding something that you may have missed, well I kinda doubt that. Yeah, there is always some possibility I guess (however small it may be) that I might come up with some new value as to the question at hand here, but we will see. In the mean time, it is providing an interesting excersise for me, and I am enjoying the process. And I am certainly more than happy to share the results of my findings, however inconsequential they may turn o
  9. Now for the next step in this experiment; I am going to order a big line kit to run between the stock filter housing and the vp44. When I get it installed (probably in the next 7 to 10 days) I will add the results to list of readings above. I need to think about if I want a 3/8" kit or 1/2" kit. Any thoughts about that? (while keeping in mind that I am running a FASS DDRP in the stock location on the side of the block and stock lines from tank to DDRP) Also, I'm fairly sure that I am going to add an in-line filter (at some time) between tank and DDRP. Now I know that some of you folks might
  10. Flman, Glad to hear it all worked out to your satisfaction. Smart idea, about spotting all the pertinent temps with your sensor!! I need to get one myself, just keep forgetting about it. Just out of curiosity; How did you find Blue Chip handled the warranty issue for you? Any complaints from you about the process?
  11. On this subject; has anyone tried a manually operated "high idle" cable, and for that matter, are there any out there that were purpose designed for the 2nd.gen application? Maybe I'm not looking in the right place, but I have not found any. A few generic twist lock cables are available, but you have to fabricate your own brackets and such to attach to your pump.
  12. Yes Sir: I think you will find that 6mm. converts to .243" actually smaller than 1/4". Whew!!! that is on the small side it seems.
  13. Thank's Guesswho 512. That's what I thought too, but I read somewhere that someone made mention of that particular line as having only a 1/4" I.D. I've never had one off to look at, but it would surprise me if it were only 1/4" I.D. Anyone else had a good look at one?
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