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  1. I read in a thread on CF that the plastic style drain valve on the water separator that comes on Airdogs does NOT drain water; and that Pureflow has recently switched to a metal drain valve in order to solve this problem. I was wondering if any of you had heard of this, and if it's a prudent move to get a new water separator with this new style drain valve on it?
  2. A little pricier, but you can have them shipped to your door... http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/details/QQDodgeQQRam_2500QQCentricQQBrake_Caliper_Repair_KitQQ20012007QQCE143-dot-67005.html?apwcid=P1135867996W43b3f85c7ab9e&gan=1&apwidWXLSG2U&AID=896329&PID=3193464&cj=1
  3. This may be a dumb question, but I want to rebuild my calipers and am hung up on how to get the pistons out of the caliper. Do you just pull the o-rings and then pop the pistons out?
  4. Thanks for the replies guys! My outerwares already has a hole rubbed through it thanks to the ac hose (?), but considering how much dirt is on it, I figure it's still doing it's job of prolonging the life of the bhaf.
  5. I was wondering what all you guys with outerwares on your bhaf's do to clean them? I was just gonna wash it out with some water, let it dry, and put it back on. Is this correct?
  6. I didn't even go looking for the casting number on mine. It was when I was rebuilding my front end I happened to glance up and there was a big ol' 55 staring back at me, was pretty stoked when I saw that!
  7. Yeah right now I'm rocking the "high idle stick", or more precisely, the "high idle scraper" lol I would like to get the high idle flash done as well as an exhaust brake as I've seen that that does wonders as far as warm up times. Unfortunately all this costs money!
  8. Thanks for the replies and clearing that up. It just struck me as odd that all of our equipment idles so much and then to read that it's bad for the motor. Guess I'll bump up the idle to make em rev more, still learning about how diesels work!
  9. You said the rear brakes were far gone, but have you checked the front brakes? The only thing I could think of is your brakes are dragging, if not fronts, maybe the e-brake??
  10. I've been reading that the Cummins engines in our trucks, when idling in cold weather, get buildup in the cylinders from an incomplete fuel burn; causing all kinds of mayhem in the motor. I was curious as to what's different with these engines? I ask this since all the other diesel engines I'm around on a daily basis (pulp truck , skidder, excavator, ect) will run all day long, with lots of idling in that time span, and yet it doesn't seem to bother them any? Looking for some clarification.
  11. I see the thread has now been closed after a two page battle between a few guys, kinda sad that people are like that...
  12. Mine doesn't hang lower than the t-case skid plate, and it's mounted on the outside of the frame. I would have loved to have had mine mounted between the t-case and the fuel tank, but with the NV5600 tranny there's no room for the 90 degree mount that Pureflow supplies with out some custom fabbing.
  13. so did you just run a couple beads on the joint between the plate that goes up against the frame and the part that the bracket mounts to?
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