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  1. Thanks but am looking to find the parts (large plastic locking ring) to fix the four tow mirrors I have now.
  2. Well got the deal of the day today. Found a set of 2005 2500 towing mirrors on CraigsList. Guy had accidently cracked the drivers side mirror and he bought "non-towing" versions instead. These have a larger mounting pad on them than my 2002 truck BUT looking at them the arm where it pivots back appears to be exactly the same as the ones on my truck. Has anyone ever undone them at the pivot point? There is a large (about 2.5 inches around) plug then a plastic locking ring that holds the mirror arm on the mount. Did a quick look but could not find any good source for mirror part out there. Wonder if the dealership might have or sell this? Thx, FT
  3. I have a 2002 2500 and the last several months have had a puddle underneath the fuel tank. It appears to be coming from the top of the tank, either one of the connections on the sending unit or maybe the gasket that holds the sending unit on? Have had the top of the tank off before (pulled the bed) and at that time put the Vulcan 1/2 inch fuel line and draw-straw in the truck. Anyone ever had an issue with this sort of thing? After pulling the bed the last time, am thinking of just pulling the tank this time as the bed was not that easy but then I am working in the driveway.... Ideas or suggestions or anyone ever had this issue before? Thx, FT
  4. Is your truck the stock ride height or higher? Would hate to lose the ability to aim the headlights...
  5. Nice looking mirrors and I like the extendable idea but WOW!!!! $520 for them is a bit out of my budget! http://powervisionmirrors.com/dodge/dodge_models
  6. The drivers side mirror is getting old and my attempts to tighten it up are not working (everytime I shut the door the mirror moves around) and its about time for a replacement. Anyone else done this and what years will fit a 2002 door? Any aftermarket recommendations? This is the "Towing style mirror" I am needing. Thx, FT
  7. Thanks and I ran into a guy here in town with a 2500 and he had found some cheap knock-offs from China and said that they looked great but you could not see 20 foot in front of the truck, so sounds like the same thing you got on Ebay.
  8. Thanks and will have to look into this. Thats the reason for the thread and hopefully I can learn from what everyone else has done. How well do they light up the road? As good as the factory lights?
  9. Thanks and never have heard of "sport headlights" for the truck, so will keep an eye out... Edit, after looking I found some "Sport" headlights. What is the difference between normal and the sport headlights?
  10. I had much the same thing, losing three of my gauges, getting the CCD error message and so on. Turned out that it was the ECM that was faulty. We fussed and fussed with it for months and I finally gave up and took it into a good shop and they spent a day troubleshooting only to find out our worst fears. With the troubleshooting and installation, they got a new (or possibly overhauled) ECM from Dodge and the bill was $1950.... but a month later it works fine in all modes.
  11. Am tired.... and its getting worse and worse of fiddling with the damm plastic lenses on the headlights on my 2002 2500 truck. Clean them off and they look great and I can actually see at night, then another 2-3 months later and the damm plastic gets hazy again and its time to do it over again. Was chatting with a guy on CL and he mentioned upgrading the truck to something like the 2005 style of headlights and be done with these older headlights. Anyone else do anything like this? Thx, FT
  12. Well I ended up upgrading to the CTS display and keeping the attitude controller. This is after they drug their feet Friday and over the weekend I called them on Tuesday and asked where my unit was. "Oh we were waiting on the EGT harness which is backordered".... and this is after the guy I ordered it with told me that they would ship it on Friday "no matter what" as my old EGT harness was still on the truck.... Hope it arrives today.... then the fun of hooking it all up and finding a new home for the display! Will report back!
  13. As the title states, someone gave me a Cummins engine for free.... the gent is an old friend of mine and having to move out of a warehouse where he has been storing years of stuff, from MIG airplane parts to just plain misc stuff. He told me about this last week and I drove over with the trailer and we loaded it up today. Its a Cummins 6BT5.9-g5 engine. Fairly complete but it has some "ventilation" in each side of the block where a connecting rod came loose. Reason I wanted it was hoping that it had an injection pump and giblets that might be worth saving, then would just scrap the rest. Getting it back to the shop I find that it is evidently a "stationary running" engine used for a water pump or generator, so not sure if much would be worth keeping. It has a Stanadyne 627-5432 pump on it along with the fuel lines, injectors and so on. Anyone have any idea what bits might be worth saving on this engine? I know that not much will work on my 24 valve engine but was wondering if this head, if still good, might fit on a normal 12 valve head and be of some use to someone? Whatever is left I will just scrap but wanted to check with this forum and see before I do this. Thx, FT
  14. Chris, Have not 100% made up my mind just yet and not even sure if Edge will be able to help me. Just ran the numbers and found that my unit is a 2002 model that was upgraded in 2009 and it may be too old for them to do any upgrades with, I have to call them back and check it out now that I have the production dates on hand. I have the fuel pressure warning setup at 10 psi and love that, but now with the AD 165 pump and filters I never see less than 17 psi at WOT. Will chime in if I make the switch. Would love to upgrade a bit but lets see.... Thx, FT
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