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  1. Am thinking about getting a super b my self ! Am wondering how hard could it be to install it any idea?
  2. Ok will do, but should I just tape up the wire were I put the posi tap ?
  3. I all ready have this plates, should I just cut the end of the cable and attach one of this ring terminals ? If I do this what should I do with the cable that I put the posi-tap on ? I was thinking of just putting some tape on it . Thanks for the tips guys!
  4. Ok so am trying to make up my mind on this, I had a quadzilla with adrenaline and had a tap on the top cover but now this new edge cts that I installed came with a tap for a wire tap so just followed the instructions and made the tap on the wire but now am not so sure if that's the best place I called the customer service to ask how could I double check if in fact it got tapped and they told me to open up the box to check if the lights were on and in fact they were but I really don't feel a big difference in power even on level five . On the adrenaline you definitely could feel the difference when you turn it up ,could it just be the difference between programers?
  5. Yes its a 5 speed and I guess that's what am going to end up doing just not now am going to wait a few, because am not planning in towing heavy stuff anytime soon . thanks for the response !
  6. I made mine from a diamond sheet of metal I got from home depot , pretty easy to make.
  7. Ok some I am replacing my quadzilla adrenaline programer with an Edge CTS and seems to be pretty easy till I got to the transmission oil temperature sensor its telling me on the instructions that to tap one of the sides of the transmission do I really need to do this or just leave it off . The other thing that I remember is that my quadzilla had the same sensor and the instructions said to place it on top of the oil filter does any body have any thoughts on this matter ??
  8. Am just trying to have plenty of power and at the same keep my engine safe . I dont really know what is a safe EGT temperatures all I know is that I need to keep the temp down.
  9. Maybe thats whats wrong with my left side door it doesn't open from the inside or out side I have to kind do a little push and pull from the side handle.
  10. cummins


    Thanks everybody, I think I will stay then with the original turbo and am going to try to open up the controller to see what can i do about the buttons if not I will try and find a good used one some were. So if my EGTs are running at 750 to 850 on 4th gear is it ok there because if I step it up to 5th gear then my EGTs jump to 980 to 1010 of course all this is pulling the trailer.
  11. Ok so I just found out the company that makes my controller the quadzilla adrenaline its out of business now what? Well I been thinking that maybe I need to look into getting another one from a different company and the reason why I would like another one is because the one I have now I been having trouble with the buttons they wont work unless I press hard on them for a few times then they some what work. Any suggestions ? Also I would like to get a bigger turbo any recommendations I really get confuse on those things so please I would also appreciate your suggestions.Thanks!
  12. Ok so got back from my first trip about a week ago it was my first experience hauling a 5th wheel definitely a learning experience. Now I am going to look into getting some more mod for my truck which I think I need maybe a bigger turbo along with a manifold any other mods any body else recommends to a better towing.
  13. Thank you everybody, I would be looking into getting a portable generator very soon thanks again!! - - - Updated - - - Now I have to look into my trailer wiring this is my first trailer so forget me me if I ask weird questions . There is an existing brake controller (that I don't know if it works or not) and also there are the oem 7 pin trailer connections but behind those connections theres a bunch of wires spliced up and need to figure out a way to see what works and what doesn't unfortunately I haven't picked up the trailer form the guy I bought it from and dont have a way to test is they work or not and am wanting to be ready for this thursday, please any tips would very much appreciated!
  14. Question how can you power your trailer when you dont have electricity to hook to other than the batteries and you want to turn your a/c ? the guy that sold me trailer said that I need 30 amp to turn the a/c on and that I would be needing a generator to do that is that the only way? or is there way to plug in to the my trucks electricity?
  15. Question Does any body know if I could use 2 cycle oil on my 03 jetta tdi ?
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