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  1. What rate of soap did you use for a gallon of water. Simple green isn't cutting it.
  2. Sometimes the exhaust valve seats crack big enough the get into the cooling system passages on the head and it will use some coolant. Mine has used a little between oil changes but not much. Bottled stayed between full and add between oil changes or every 3k miles. Best thing to prevent is to keep your exhaust temps down.
  3. Thanks just ordered the gasket today. The injectors are for sure underated. I got the hx 40 for cheap and couldn't pass up the deal, if neccessary I will turn the comp box down to keep from tearing it up once i get it ready. I will just be doing a few county fair pulls with it most of the time its runnin it has my trailer behind it.
  4. Thanks y'all got some bad news from the machine shop today, my head is cracked in the exhaust valve seats in to many places so they can't fix them.
  5. Found oil in the coolant so I pulled the head off this weekend and will be dropping the head off at the machine shop tomorrow. I was wondering what everyone though the best head gasket was to use. I now have 100 horse scheid injectors. and will be adding a hx40, ats exhaust manifold, and arp studs at this time. Truck will be sled pulled and drag raced some but also daily driven. Thanks
  6. Same thing happened to me I looked at it for two weeks and even bought a factory manual and still couldn't find the problem. So i broke down and took it to the dealer, they told me the pcm was bad but they were on back order. So i found a place in Florida that rebuilds them and programs them, put it and an nothing changed. I took it back to them they had the truck for over a week and couldn't find anything. They contacted dodge and they had nothing either. So i took the truck home and was messing with it one day and it fixed it self. That was last year so far so good this year.
  7. Thanks for your input before I thrash on it this summer, I am pulling the tranny back out for billet input, intermediate and output. You are right about scheid injectors they are under rated for sure. - - - Updated - - - That is my fault, they just you that as a representative picture. To the right of there you can select 2nd gen or 3rd gen
  8. I recently put 100 horse scheid lightning injectors in my truck with plans on upgrading the turbo sometime. I've narrowed it down to a couple and i'm looking for some advice on what you think from y'all. I do daily drive this truck along with the county fair sled pull and some trips down the drag strip. First one i'm looking at is http://fleeceperformance.com/turbochargers/cheetah-turbos/holset-cheetah-turbocharger.html i'm just afraid that its not gonna be enough flow on the exhaust side. The last one i'm looking at is built by a very reputable diesel shop in Indiana, the guy owns three 2nd gens, when I talked to him he recommended a 64/71/14 which is based off the s300 they build them in house. Both turbos are within 50 bucks, any help would be appreciated.
  9. On the pulse monitor you should be able to monitor throttle postion, it will give you a percentage read out. Did you ever take the quad off completely and try it yet.
  10. I found my issue, I decided to buy the borgeson box since I thought I had play in the one in the truck. So I bought one and took out the old on only to find out my true problem. The guy that owned the truck before me replaced the box and put the wrong length bolt in the end of the steering shaft so it was slipping on the splines and made it really weird to drive. Ordered a new borgeson shaft and boom trucks drives like a dream now. I really wish I could take the guy I bought my truck from out back and :banghead: this isn't the first time his mechanic skills have bit me in the butt.
  11. I was talking about the brace I'm only runnin 265/70R17 I doubt I really need it but I have wasted money in worse ways before.
  12. Unfortunately already wasted the money on the stabilizer. My borgeson box is sittin in the garage waiting for it to warm up so I can put it on. Since my truck is QCLB it won't fit in the garage so I can shut the door. What 3rd gen track bar do you recommend there is alot of them out there.
  13. Yes you can its a little hard to get the filter over the k&n elbow all it takes is a little silicone. I have been runnin it for 25k that way now. I bought my truck with the k&n and the first thing I did was order a BHAF. The filter fit inside of the k&n shield its pretty close fit. My shield was hitting the shock tower so I just removed it.
  14. Ball joints are a month old, and I just checked the track bar it seems to be alright however I'm tempted to go ahead and change it.
  15. The steering box in my truck has quite a bit of play even after I adjusted it. It has annoyed me long enough:banghead:. Time to replace it with something better I think its an autozone special that the guy before me put on. I'm thinking about a Borgeson new box or a rebuilt one from Red Head steering. Any input from anybody out there that has used either would be greatly appreciated.
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