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  1. Thinking of water methenol looking for input. is one brand better than another? want it to lower egt. mileage would be nice.
  2. Thanks for the replies . I guess its an 04.5 because it has 325hp on the sticker. does the 05 have an apps?
  3. mfg.date is 02/04. but don't they start making the next years model before January?
  4. I have an 04 or 04.5. How do you tell for sure? I have a silver sticker on to valve cover that has HP. some where I saw if my motor has an apps by the intake horn it is an 04 now I'm confused what is right? the date made is 02/04 any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. how do you get the map sensor out of 04 engine? I removed bolt and top came out but I did not want to pull any wires off. anybody?
  6. whens everybody change fuel filters? when fuel pressure starts to go down or by miles only?
  7. does anyone know what month the article" when to fire ring" or O ring was in? It was in either deisel world or deisel pwer. been looking thru mag and am missing a few.
  8. just street pretty much ocasional towing tore it apart #4 cyclinder and a broken ring and #6 pistion worn hard
  9. im getting ready to rebuild a 01.5 ho motor never done this before. Planning to o-ring it, bigger studs, diff. cam, bigger injectors, heavier valve springs, and twins. Any advice, parts to go towards or stay away from.. any help or info i can get would be awsome, would like to hit 550- 600 hp
  10. ok sounds like nothing to worry with. Thanks for the help
  11. I just bought an 01 2wd daully checked codes this what I got: P0500 Vehicle Speed Sensor 1 Circuit, or No Vehicle Speed Reference Signal 1. no clue what to even look at.
  12. thanks for the info from every body.
  13. I have a 01 with bahf,quadzilla,air dog 150,triple disc torque. would like to do bigger injectors and cross tubes possibly. How big can I go with out problems? do I need bigger injection line? had a dragon fire injection pump on something went wrong after 2 months have metal chips in lines and where they meet cross tubes. getting new lines cross tubes seem okay.
  14. what are the benifits or disadvantage of ss lines? I have metal shaving in the stock ones and have to replace them was thinking of going with .093 ss
  15. yes I guess it would be the cross over tube. do I need a special tool to remove them?
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