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  1. yup just four bolts and out it comes, I did mind and didn't need to pull the rad or shroud but I do have small hands lol, does any one have a picture of the fixed and non fixed covers to compare.
  2. Thankx for all the help guys, one more ? which would pump should I get a Bosch 027 or the cummins 15X which is the one that's on the truck right now which is better or is there no difference??
  3. it's the RV pump I think 275HP it's a 029 pump and I have a 015?
  4. sounds like the RV's are worth the $$ good to know they work.
  5. I understood everything, I found another pump I guess it's an industrial pump it comes on tow trucks and tractors.
  6. What's the difference between a truck vp and a midrange vp? can we use the midrange pump on our trucks??:confused:
  7. what would be a beeter gauge for our trucks a mechanical or electronic?
  8. well I just replaced my stock LP with an airtex and I don't have a fuel gauge yet :sad4: but planing on getting one after I get a new vp.
  9. ok i got the usual 1693 and 1688 twice, I cracked the lines cranked it and started I shut her down closed the lines back up and nothing so I guess i'll be calling jkidd pretty soon
  10. I think the problem is going to be that it's disconnected and I got a banks big head actu so the ecm is prob getting more boost,im gonna head out to the truck and get the current codes i'll report my findings when i get back.thankx for the help
  11. I believe it's 0234,0235-0236, I also go an 1688:eek: I think but this one came on after I pulled the relay from fuse panel in engine bay. I also replaced the batterys and need to recheck for new codes. :cry2:
  12. Reason for wanting to reset is bcuz I think it went into safety mode???
  13. I've tried the scanner but as soon as the ecu gets power or at the first attemp to start the CEL comes on I seen a tread somewhere about resetting the ecu but can't find it,I think it was something like pulling a fuse or related I will keep searching thankx anyway.
  14. How do we reset the computers on our trucks??I think all I need to do is reset them to get my rig going can anyone help? thankx
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