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  2. Thanks for the replies! I'm looking at getting a southbend and hydros.
  3. Hello, I've searched and can't find anything so I'm looking for some help. My 2001 5 speed will no longer shift into gear. The last few days while driving down the road, when in fourth or fifth gear, speeding up to lane change or for whatever reason the RPMs would jump 500 and then back to normal. Didn't seem like clutch was slipping or anything. Long story short it started doing it consistently more the other day on the way home, and now it won't shift into gear with the truck running. I can turn the truck off and it will shift into gear fine. The minute I fire it up it won't go into gear at all. I checked the fluid and its full. Truck has 260K on it. I have never touched the clutch/tranny and not sure if the PO did. All I've found researching is that possibly the pilot bearing went out? Any other tests? And to muddy the waters a little more... I have the edge juice with attitude. On the way home I would put it in stock , tow and mileage mode and the revving wouldn't happen, put the edge in 3, race or hot extreme mode and the revving would happen every time. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, I was changing out my radiator yesterday and while taking off the lower radiator hose I accidentally, bull in a china shop sorta thing, bent my ac line. Bent it enough to crack it and it started leaking. It is leaking at the elbow right behind the compressor where it turns up to the hood. Is this the line I need to replace it? FOUR SEASONS Part # 56511 From Rockauto I searched the forums and couldn't come up with anything. I just don't want to order the wrong part. Thanks http://www.rockauto.com/getimage/getimage.php?imagekey=818191&imageurl=http%3A//www.rockauto.com/info/FourSeasons/56511.jpg
  5. I've got a 2001 2500 CTD and need to get a price for BHAF and Blue outerwear cover. Shipping to 89030.Thanks
  6. Good to know. Thanks Michael! --- Update to the previous post... No factory fuel filter, just right to the VP. All fluids and filters will be getting changed soon. I'm going to call edge and get a new sending unit too because there isn't a snubber on it, I've read they are notorious for getting beat to death and sending false readings.
  7. What a great idea! Call the company that makes the product.:banghead: Brain hasn't left summer vacation mode. I guess my biggest concern was increasing the pressure to a pump that's been running that way for 90 k . Sounds like it will probably enjoy the increase in pressure. Thanks guysMike u can delete this useless thread if you wish.
  8. Hi guys I'm back from a nice summer vacation and also with a new to me truck. Living in the mountains I decided a four wheel drive should make life a bit easier than having to chain up my dually everytime I wanted to drive it somewhere. Anyways the new truck is in my signature line. I have lots of TLC and maintenance to do but wanted to start with the fuel psi first. The truck already has a Fass 150 installed. The edge monitor is showing psi of 12 and WOT it drops to 6-7 psi. I know there is a spring on the return side that can be stretched but I would honestly rather install one that was made for the purpose I'm after. My other pot stirring debate is that the VP 44 was replaced at 136,000 miles. The truck now has 230,xxx miles on it. Should I leave the psi alone because it already has 94,000 miles on it or start throwing more fuel to it. Kind of like "If it ain't broke don't fix it."
  9. Any reviews on this product? I've got to do something, my steering is going to get me pulled over for looking like I'm intoxicated. Truck has new balljoints, 35's and I'm going to crawl under there this weekend and check the trac bar bushings and all other steering related parts.
  10. Well, I finally went and had the codes pulled. (moved a couple of weeks ago and had not had time to get it in) NOTHING! That's right nothing came up. I even had the tech show me the pcm and ecm , no codes thrown. Truck still has the same symptoms. :banghead::banghead::banghead: Looking back I towed a heavy load of wood to the new house, started doing the vibrating choking thing with this load. I didn't have a good run at a hill and crawled up it. Tranny wasn't slipping but it wasn't happy when I got to the top, almost pegged the temp gauge. I don't know just throwing all info out there to figure this thing out. About the only good note I did get 22 miles to the gallon, empty, coming back from Utah a couple of weeks ago. I was only doing 60-65. That was nice!
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