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  1. Thanks! --- Update to the previous post... LOL, yeah I used to pull with my previous truck. This one I never tried with. A bunch of local buddies are still pretty hardcore into it. Heres a couple old vids
  2. Got the truck up for sale. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/?cmd=ViewItem&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649&item=180788119790&sspagename=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT#ht_2477wt_1167
  3. My headlights are aftermarket and are part of the problem. They do not adjust with screws like the stock ones do. I would like to keep them due to the look, but only if I can get a set of oem style fog lights.
  4. Driving at night in my truck is like driving with my eyes closed and I need to do something about it. I have been looking for an entire fog light kit since my truck does not have the stock fog lights installed. I had ordered a set off ebay but they were too big and did not fit(think they were the 3''). I also checked the dealer and they said there are none available for the diesels, which I find hard to believe since I see them on other trucks all the time. I am looking for a set that will fit in the stock location and that comes with the wiring harness and switch. If anyone knows of somewhere to get these please let me know. Thanks
  5. Thanks, I'll try the shop vac idea. Hopefully it will clear any restrictions. The only other problem is getting the carpet to dry, it is soaked. I tried to soak up as much as I could with towels and now I got a fan setup in the cab with damp rid too. :banghead: --- Update to the previous post... Just shop vac'd it and didnt see anything come out. Hopefully it may have loosened any restrictions though.
  6. Nope the A/C is cold. Where the drain comes out onto the passenger side it seems to be draining fine. The issue I see is around that drain it feels almost like a foam o-ring and that is soaking up the water which is in turn slowing dripping into the cab. Maybe all that is fine and there is a restriction in the drain hose allowing it to drain back into the cab. How would I clear the drain tube out?
  7. Seems like I got a few problems dropped on me all at once. This time I found that the A/C is leaking back into the cab. I noticed a wet brown colored spot next to the passenger seat and began to investigate. After looking, it seems that the vent tube(?) inside the engine bay is leaking back into the cab. I felt what seemed like a foam oring/seal around the tube in the engine bay and it was soaked. After I pulled the carpet up in the cab I could see that water was coming from the same area inside. Right now I soaked up as much as I could with towels and went and got some damp rid. I figured I would let it dry out for a few days and then try and silicone the tube in the engine bay and then throw some on the inside.I'm sure I'm not the first with this issue so maybe theres a different fix. I'm definitely not taking my whole dash apart though, as long as I dont have to.
  8. Yeah I was thinking something in the column. If you think of the repair kit please let me know. And my belt is due for a change anyway so.
  9. Just recently my steering started to produce a clicking noise. It only seems to happen at slow speeds and maybe its just me but feels like its getting sloppier. I can also feel the clicking in the steering wheel. Any ideas?
  10. Wow!So no actual air and the horns still work good? May have to give something like that a try, I'm off tomorrow, lol.
  11. Yeah I was thinking of air horns but can't cut it right now. Wasn't sure if there was a cheap plug n play type deal to replace the stock horns.
  12. Yes sux very much lol. Mines 14 years old and I could have left it when I bought it but just couldn't resist getting it painted. The truck looks better than off the showroom floor minus the dang new scratch. When I first bought it before the repaint I would just push shopping carts outa my way in spots. Now I try to be very careful but I guess not careful enough.
  13. Was wondering if anyone has done a mod to modify the stock horns to sound better/louder. I see that mine has 2 separate horns but they sound like they should be on a tricycle. I actually won't even use the horn because it sounds so awful. Any insight would be great.
  14. Not too happy right now. I went up to Harbor Freight today to buy some cheap azz tools that were on sale. I parked the truck a good ways out in the parking lot. It was a windy day but didnt really think anything of it. Go inside buy the tools and when I came out a damn shopping cart had gotten blown by the wind and collided with my passenger door. I just repainted the truck about 2 months ago. No dent but the scratch is beyond repair and the entire door needs to be repainted. I was so pissed I picked up the cart and threw it to the next isle over. Right after I went to the body shop where it was painted and the bill is going to be $400 to fix. I called Harbor Freight to report the incident and they said it has been documented and the "claims department" will contact me within 5-7 business days. I really hope they help me out on this. The parking lot was littered with shopping carts and I would think it's the store's responsibility to gather the carts regularly. Either way it just really sucks. So we'll see what happens.
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