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Found 20 results

  1. So, my truck has been driving okay, then out of nowhere, it starts to surge. buck and have no power. I was about 6 miles from home, so I limp it home. it idles okay, but any acceleration and it surges. sputters, etc. Put it on the code reader, and the first one was P0216, VP44 timing, the next code, P0230, and then the companion code P1693. along with P0521, P0460, P1693. Dead VP44?! (Blue Chip) and I've only put abut 80k with a new Raptor lift pump. My fuel gauge was not working, and the float level error code with almost no fuel pressure ~10 psi.
  2. Since I kept seeing a on/off P0216 that would come and go, I came across a great deal on a new VP-44 rebuild. Do I have to have my codes cleared or will they clear up on their own? If I dont clear the codes, will my truck not operate as normal??BYW, there is an excellent Youtube guide on how to remove and install a VP-44 pump.
  3. My trucks got only 68,000 on it with the PO216 code. The thing that bugs me is it runs real well, with a little lesser mileage, but, the code was cleared and has not come back. At least with a half hours worth of driving anyway.The problem is, this truck is the one I use primarily for long distances. Blue Chip Diesel says it won't leave us stranded. I am hearing conflicting reports on that.How many you guys ever got the 216 code and your truck kept going many more miles? Thanks a bunch for any advice.P.S. I'm already scheduled to get a new VP on Tuesday. Just can't put my finger on it though.
  4. I have been having issues with my truck towing, seems to have a lack of power. Well for the fun of it I ran the 3x key thing on my truck and read the codes on my SuperChip and this is NOW what it is telling me.PCU 1693ECU 0216 & 0234I just had my injector pump tested at a shop in Green Bay only to pay these guys $700+ to test my injector pump, try to fix my turbo that they tell me my waste gate was stuck. Of course, broken bolts and yada, yada a huge bill and they tell me my stock turbo was cracked.So hence, I buy a new turbo $1200 and install the little wire to my map sensor so I dont get the 0234 code (over boost condition). Obiviously the little wires are not tricking my map sensor for my new turbo.Here is my problem. I dont always get the 0216. Am I getting a glich in my truck or am I really having issues with my injector pump?? Testing showed my pump to be fine. I am calling them tomorrow and they will recheck my injector pump for free especially now that I have the code.That 0216 code will go away again................ I am not sure this is the reasoning for my lack of power while towing?? Truck seems to run fine and you cannot tell any lack of power when not towing anything.Anyone have any thoughts why this code keeps re-appearing but then will disappear for awhile? As always, thanks for the help.
  5. Now I got code 216:cry: after code 230 cleared by itself. Truck runs smooth as glass with no symptoms:think:. Has new Raptor 100 with the harness. Running 17.5 fuel pressure. Volt meter shows 13.1 volts at the lift pump when you bump the starter. Batteries at 13.6. fuel relay in the PDC tests good. Both filters changed 3,000 miles back with A clean and clear bowl on the Racor filter bowl.Okay, should I switch out the primary filter (suction side) from a 45 g.p.h. to a 90 g.p.h.? Might have too much restriction. I know I can pull f/p from 17.5 down to 14 with half inch fuel lines all the way.Should I not go to Yosemite with the 216 error code? It's a 1300 mile round trip... T.I.A.
  6. Hi new to site and I have a question about the code that came up on my truck it is a 2002. 2500 , 24 valve 5.9 and the code is 1693 what does that mean? I have no idea myself .Thanks for any heip you can give me
  7. just bought my truck about 2 weeks ago and today when i started it ,i got out on the road and it would not run over 1200 rpm i had to pull over and turn the truck off and then start it back up then it went on no problem the rest of the day. The codes i pulled on truck was PO122 and P1693 on the PCU and P0216 and P1693 on the ECU. Could somebody help on what is the problem. Thanks
  8. Folks - I began having issues a few weeks ago and I've done a lot of research on the VP symptoms/diagnosis option to rule the VP in/out as my problem. My mechanic will run the codes with scanner tomorrow when it goes in and replace vp if he agrees, but I'd like to get other opinions as well.Truck has a Fass fuel pump and pressure guage reads 19-21 at idle and no lower than 14 at WOT. Started a week after I bought it. On cold start and go situations, it would not get out of its own way. It would clear up after a few miles and rip like normal.It was recommended that I warm it up for 5-10 minutes before driving when cold out. Wont pretend to know why it was suggested, but I went with it and seemed to be working (or just coincidence) as it didn't happen any more for about a week.Then began to randomly have what I will call "dead pedal". It doesn't matter time of day / outside air temp / or if the truck is cold or up to temp. I will be driving along and driving fine, then I go to accelerate up a hill and it will maintain rpm but wont increase and truck slowly looses speed up the hill. Once over the top of the hill, it will regain, but still won't get up and go like it should.However, that said, sometimes I can let off the throttle for a little bit and get back into it and it will rip again.Codes at this time have only been read with the key trick/not a scanner. PCM is 1693 (not helpful) and 0500 (bald tires lol). ECM is 1693, 0380 and 0216.Anyone have any saving graces or agree its the VP ? Thanks,Bill
  9. Ok, So I bought a 2000 dodge 2500 4x4 auto, quadcab. When I bought it is seemed to run and shift fine. I got a pretty good deal on it and was a little worried something might be wrong. Well of course I didn't know about key trick to check for codes until I started working on it at home. When I bought it there was only 1 battery, so I bought two new batteries and installed. I also bought a raptor 100 and installed along w/ fuel filter. I did both of these at the same time. Since then I am getting 3 codes. p1693, p0216, and P0123. I know the first two point to mechanical ip failure, but it still cranks and runs good. The main problem I have now is the p0123 code and my truck will not shift into overdrive or 4th. I have installed a timbo apps. that was no help. Also had tranny fluid and filter changed. All the problems seem to have started after new fuel pump and batteries installed, but that just doesn't make sense. Gonna follow mikes 14 step procedure for checking grounds and wires. pretty aggravated at the moment.
  10. So, I have repaired the front axle ABS sensor/hub/bearing or whatever you wanna call it, and have yet another pending DTC. P0126 -- not one I'm pleaseantly happy to see. I have little money to make it into next week, due to the repair I just made. Why do bad things happen to good people? Is there any way to keep the Injection pump from failing completely. I just need it to last me long enough so I can save up the funds to purchase a new one, seeing as how they aren't cheap. Anyone got an extra pump laying around?
  11. On my way to school today I got a pending DTC. I stopped to check it out and got P0500 and p1693. Cleared it and then my ABS light came on. I looked up in my ultragauge to see if i had any other codes and got a P0216. Sounds like p0216 can pop as a result of others coming about. p0500 says theres no vehicle speed signal but I was getting a MPH reading on both my dash and the ultragauge as I was driving. None of this makes any sense... Damn truck! --- Update to the previous post... Parking brake light also stays on. --- Update to the previous post... This all sounds familiar, 1genro had this issue
  12. Just bought my truck in May, 2002 3500 quad cab, it's the first diesel I've owned, so I'm on a definite learning curve here. Truck runs great, starts right up every time, pulls the 27.5 ft 5th wheel no problem. But here lately in the afternoon when I get off work and crank her up to go home, she'll idle out of the parking lot and when I get to the street and hit the throttle...... nothing happens and she just slowly creeps into the roadway. This will last for a couple of minutes and then all the sudden she'll take off and run great all the way home. I read some earlier posts on how to read the codes and so I read them this evening, here is what I got: P0500, P0460, P1693, Pdone, P0216, P1693, Pdone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,JBK
  13. I have a 2001 dodge 2500 5.9 cummins 4x4 with an auto trans. When I start off in the morning I have to wait till the heat hand moves to leave the drive way. If i start off before that i have no power or speed. The truck does no smoke, use oil, or have any codes. It is not cold outside in the morning about 70 degrees f so i don't believe it needs pluged in. after it hits 190 degrees it runs strong. I am also fine all day as long as its driven ever so often. I did put a new lift pump on it and didn't help. Need help please...Thanks,
  14. I went camping this weekend and most of the 5 hour drive was fine. About halfway there at about 65 mph it felt like I let my foot of the pedal. It didn't die but I had to push in the clutch and rev it a few times before it came back. It happened several more times on the trip. On the way home I set my programmer back to stock and it didn't seem to do it as much (coincidence ?). Could it be the TPS or whatever its called on a dodge? Any input would be great.
  15. Hi Guys/Gals,Im working on a 2001 dodge cummings 3/4 4*4. auto. The truck starts great will idle but if you drive before its at operating temp it just tops out at 1100-1200 rpms smokes black/ blue then holding full thottle will slowly start picking up rpms then all of a sudden around 3000 rpms just runs great like a champ wont happen again untill a cold start. no codes. doesnt burn oil/coolant. fuel psi great. I have checked everything I can think of. any ideas? Thanks a bunch.
  16. Ok guys here it is I got this code after I plug the OBD II scanner tool on this truck I just bought. The previous owner told me about this problem , when the truck is running at speeds of 60 o 70 the pedal wont respond and the speed goes down and I have to lower the speed by braking or putting it on neutral and then it will respond. What do you guys think?
  17. Got a p0216 code on the truck. :confused: Sounds like the pocket book is getting a hole in it. Thanks for all the help.
  18. My truck is having a hard time starting. When idling the pump pressure 14. When going 70 it is 11. When trying to start it is 0. I now get the p0216 code and 1693 companion code. It is possible low pressure set off the codes so let's hope that is the case. The codes came a few days after the hard starting started. I have a new oem lift pump. 730k miles.
  19. I'm new to the site and new to the Dodge Cummins. I have a 2002 with 90,000 on it, stock as far as I know, had it about 2 years with no problems. Recently I would be driving along and suddenly lost power, the throtle goes to the floor with no response untill it downshifted and then it seemed to have full power again. I have been reading your forum and see it could be different things that can cause this. Here is what I know, There has not been a trouble code, or the check engine light has not came on. Fuel filter was replaced about three months ago, maybe 2,000, I can hear the pump come on when I turn the ignition switch on, the truck starts right up. Can someone give me a logical trouble shooting scheme, I can't afford to replace parts I don't need. It seems that you folks are the ones that can help. Thanks, I look forward to your ideas and help. Tommy
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