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  1. Not the case here in the New England area. Dmax trucks sell for a premium! Crazy how much some dealers ask for them. Fords and Dodges are almost always less.
  2. I picked up my dash control with the switch cheap at a local yard. Maybe you can get lucky and find one near you.
  3. It could be a lot of things (bad fuel/filter/leak/cps/electronic issue). Could be air in the line/bad seal/forgot to put the ring on it/bad fuel. Not sure what applies to yout situation but I would start with a new filter/seal/bleeding to elimate air....maybe it's due for a change or you just changed it/had it changed and something isn't right.I have also heard of hair line cracks in the filter housing that are hard to locate. How soon before this did you fill the tank? I don't know if you belong to any dmax forums (I did when I had a cpl dmax trucks), but you could read for hours on this issue so hopefully it's not bad fuel or the CP3 and it's an easy fix. Good luck!
  4. Will do. I'm replacing all the pads/rotors/calipers/e-brake and lines so I'll be sure to flush it and replace will all new fluid. Thanks.
  5. I had an issue with the tranny overheating. I thought it was because the edge gauge was giving me incorrect readings. Installed an autometer gauge and temp was identical to edge readout. Brought it to shop...checked cooler (it was crushed on back side) and replaced but didn't drop temps much. In the end, sent converter out and builder said internals were practically melted from heat and couldn't believe I was able to drive the truck at all. Replaced that and upgraded to 48 valve body with shift kit while it was out. Heat problem is gone, but I had no reverse lights and it wouldn't start in neutral (always has when in a drive-thru at coffee shop). Replaced the switch, but reverse lights were on no matter what gear it was in. Shop going to resolve that issue next (I Hope!). The alternator and grounds I'm just doing as part of my preventative work along with upgrading the brakes to 3rd gen (since it needs all new stuff anyway) and replacing all the brake lines. Then I have to finish replacing fluids in steering box/diffs/radiator and pull radiator out to clean off the gunk/oil from the overflow now that I have re-routed it to under the truck. There's more but enough for now lol. Reading your story has me scared I'm in for some of the same fun! Don't have the funds for that lol. Hoping for the best but time will tell.
  6. I hear ya Pepsi!My truck turned out to be a piece of $#%&. Supposed to have a "built" tranny with mostly DTT parts by local shop that is very good, but previous owner did some stuff with the truck and used another shop (unknown to me or the shop that did the tranny initially) and the converter/valve body/cooler and a band? were junk. Fixed that and now an issue with the Nuetral safety switch and cpl minor parts.Once straightened out, its back to cleaning all grounds and checking the alternator out. Then .... lol.
  7. I am so glad to hear that news about your dad. Will continue to keep him and your family in our thoughts and prayers. Sorry about the races this year. Couldn't agree more Rogan!! I still have my dad, but for me, the lesson is the same. I need a balance with my fun time lol but nothing is more important to me (not even my business and money) than spending as much time as possible with my son, as my dad did with me. Our time was priceless and the one thing I cherish most from my childhood. I want that same relationship with my son. With the Boston bombing and the father that lost his child, the school shooting in Newtown and the kids in OK school, its really been on my mind lately. I was going to bring him in to see the marathon, but we never made it. Scary. Never know what tomorrow brings and I can't get time back so I'm trying to take advantage of the chances I get.
  8. I agree...thank you for sharing your experiences. I have quite a long list of to-do's, but this is definitely high on the list along with checking the alternator (if the tranny is ever truely fixed - almost ready to scrap it and lease a half-ton).
  9. Sweet! Good luck with the install!
  10. Answers below but not sure shipping would be worth it.
  11. I have an 18k which I don't think they make anymore. I believe they are 16k or 20k now. It looks like the 20k design.
  12. I used a pulrite auto slider on all my trucks. While I can't help you with all the dimension stuff, because I quite honestly never looked into it, my slider came in handy many times at "certain" camp sites where the cornering was brutal.That said, for me (before I knew if I'd need it) it was piece of mind knowing I had coverage if I needed it and didn't have to stop and worry about it or go through the motions of manual slider when the occasion arose. But that piece of mind sure isn't cheap. :lol:I'm selling mine because I want a tag trailer to free up the bed, but if I get another fifth wheel, I'll use the auto slider.Wish I could help with the rest.
  13. Sorry to hear about your Dad. Hoping for a speady recovery and will definitely keep him and the rest of the family in my thoughts and prayes!
  14. Pondsy


    I agree with ya Rogan ... lost $$ and the cost of my repairs just went up another $600 and put the truck out another week :banghead:. Maybe next year will be a chance to get it back.
  15. Pondsy


    I hear ya ... we've had a few years without much money to be made. This year it came very late but doesn't seem to want to give up lol and my truck has been down for ALL of it. Bring on spring!
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