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  1. I would like to thank everyone who posted your best wish,s ,mean,s a lot doing better here waiting on the heart specialist now eye is starting too get better slowly . looks like no drag car for me this year ,boy and the guys at the shop make me stay home and relax not likin that too much tiger do,s more play time for him hopin to get this behind me so I can get back at it so again I thank you all bob
  2. dad says thanx to you guys for the well wish,s said he will thank you all in pm,s when he gets feeling a bit better jr
  3. for those who are friends or know my dad big bob at thracing dad had a stroke mar 14th so far as we know it only has messed with his right eye . doc has been running tons of tests and x-rays waiting to get in too see a heart specialist right now . he says he is ok but you can see its messing with his head no more 20 hour days ,raceing is on hold this year I think .I will try too keep everyone updated on his progress JR
  4. dad,s boat 52' fountain 4x632 bbc,c
  5. there seems to be some truble in the airdog camp as of late but there is always fass to turn too good pumps
  6. from all of us here at thracing i would like to wish you and your love ones a happy new year,eveyone be safe
  7. from all of us here at thracing i would like to wish you all a merry x-mass and a happy newyear everyone be safe bob
  8. no its not mine one of my customers from ohio got it
  9. here is one for ya 36 point new ohio record
  10. if anyone wants to steal anything here i wish them luck lol ,if they can get anything they can keep it ,hell of a thing to walk into tig in the midle of the night
  11. isx that red beast is a 345 chrysler hemii hope you are not scrapping it
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