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  1. Deafautotech


  2. it is very rare to find a 12 valves and manual transmission around here in Indiana.... I am prefer 24V 5.9 not 6.7 since 5.9 are non-emissions while 6.7 are EPA and more costly to deleted it.
  3. that is why I had to bought a 2002 dodge ram 3500 cummins with NV5600 that I love manual transmission! I tried to find but mostly are excessive rusts, too much prices, and half millions miles on it... so I found mine near by my home that seller quit driving it for RV haulers. he said I am first buyer to look at it while he got many buyers who want buy it now.. so I decided to bought it... I prefer four wheel not dually but not matter to me. it is much harder to find it as it is texas truck and I had not see any rusts at common spots around before I had bought it. I kept it in my garage during winter time as avoid the rusts and stupid drivers on snow roads.
  4. 2wd heavy duty wheel bearings nuts are torque specific at 280 ft lbs. good thing I has 3/4dr snap on torque wrench to do that. also the spindle nuts are not re-use!!!!! get new one nut....
  5. I like apple pie moonshine.... I did taste few of legal moonshines...
  6. I am trying to keep low weight as possible for ease towing like hauling two Harley tourings in 7x12 enclosed trailer but my parents decided to buy many stuffs as cheaper prices in Indiana than Alabama... so they has basic stuffed up my trailer... but that is other reason to have a own trailer and truck that can do much more than what we needed. I don't like to drive f-150 with closer to max weight limited to towing. I am rather has large truck and little big trailer to do than small truck and small trailer for whole much of stuffs in and hit the weight limited for 12 hours trip from Indiana to Alabama...
  7. as for Ram 3500- it is not a re-pack the bearings. it is big wheel bearing assembly that put on... I think it is 41mm socket and need big torque wrench to set it up. Ram 2500 are different as use common wheel bearings that do re-pack or replace it it is not look good or rough.
  8. update: I got it fixed and bled the air out of coolant system, it got heat quicker than before and driving around, it work pretty good but I am take it easy as need to do drive cycles to see what is going on... it was work normal so I returned to customer after it has been parked for month because fought around with Chrysler, century warranty (aftermarket warranty) and used car dept... it had ended up my work's used car dept ate the bills and had me to do it since nobody will do it at my work except me (former Chrysler tech/ cummins diesel tech)... I could get it done soon as I can but my work had stop me few times to do other works and had to stopped and wait for machine shop to return few items that it supposed to be came with cylinder head... oh well customer was glad to get it back and put that truck to working!!! I told customer take it easy as not gun it down the hill!
  9. are you sure it is head gasket?? maybe oil cooler behind of oil filter??
  10. is it a legal to drive over 20 hours?? I was told from US DOT and truckers can drive up to 16 hours then stop for relax or sleep for 8 hours. if not, US DOT or polices can stop them to look at records and figures it out??? I did drove 12 hours straight from Indianapolis to Gulf Shore Alabama but had to stopped for re-fuel my cummins...
  11. what year on ford F550? what is engine inside?? hope you and fire chief a safety round trip to California and Idaho..
  12. I keep my cummins at between 20 to 22 psi depend on weather as it do varies but I kept it above 14 psi during highway...
  13. Update: I did discuss (use video phone) with Schied Diesel shop in Terre Haute, Indiana. they had recommended me to just do studs and cummins head gaskets since they has been do that to newer cummins (2010 to 2013 6.7L) they said many of those came in as some of bolts had scretched or little loose than other bolts... they said customers of cummins had decided to go for ARPs studs and cummins head gaskets, they had reported back as no problems. some of customers decided to do either O-rings or fire-rings when they went for much more works like bigger turbo, injectors, and etc... I told them it is customer that do towing a horse trailer a lot and it is stock as no high performance chips or anything except EGR deleted. they said just studs it and put it back together to ship out...
  14. thank you for a advises. the block tester to see if it has exhaust gas in coolant- it had failed, so it has to pull the cylinder head out which I will do it at my work since Chrysler dealership had refused to do it as warranty because of all emission stuff had removed... the aftermarket warranty company refused to do since said the truck has powertrain warranty but both had denied the warranty claims.. so my work's used car dept has to pay for the works that I will do... I did research around and find more newer cummins has similar issues as I has, some of them has to put a O-rings on cylinder head, and ARP studs... my work had approvaled the ARP and will send the head to machine shop to test it to see if it is ok or not. if it is good, will do grooves on head for O-rings to fit in... I am just want to do that to try not get it blow it again in future like other cummins forums members had did two or three times... it has no chips or smarty. just EGR deleted, emission stuff removed.. it was happened before traded it in.. I am think that as drive pressure may take too much for head gasket since new owner of truck use it as horse trailer and tow hard... so I just want to make it better for this engine to don't have that happen... I had part dept ordered the parts from schied diesel at Terre Haute, Indiana... is the fuel injector tubes as one time use?? I knew the ford powerstrokes has used ONCE then dischard it if it get come off) what do I miss something on parts??
  15. I don't think I has correct compression adapter for. 6.7L since I own a 2002 5.9l and I has adapter for that older cummins diesel.... I would tell aftermarket company to have cylinder head check out by machine shop to make sure it is good or not. But need proof foray before tear it down .
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