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  1. Dave3500


  2. I'm going to stick with the Frantz, I ordered a few of the $4.95 ones. Thanks for you insight, Dave
  3. I thought you were the stallworth on Frantz, I missed your change over! Thanks for the link, I'll check it out! Dave
  4. Do you remember what the minimum length should be? The rolls i'm getting are 4 inches. They do look shorter! Yikkeesss!! Can I get something from Frantz that's better?
  5. Still the Scott's 1000 with Orings in the center tube. It's not the septic friendly.
  6. I'm running Rotella T-6 in all my diesels, mowers and higher mileage cars. In the truck, I'm still running a Frantz filter that Mopar1973Man got me started on here 10 years ago. BTW, Rotella is always rated highlyin the top 10 synthetic oils on wikkivids. Usually the only diesel oil that makes the list.
  7. So this ended up working out fine, wife pulled a small camper down to the mts of NC & back w no issues. Campground was at the top of a crest, no issues at all. Also replaced a steering box, she's so happy I did that because on RT 91 there was no room for error! My Wife loves the new truck,Dave!
  8. Agreed CT & me! I put a bottle of Lucas Stop Slip in w the refill, hoping for the best. My wife is pulling a small camper down to a Vintage Camper rally around the 17th so I wanted to get it right for her. Also thinking of replacing the original steering gear. Been going thru the truck since I got her in the Spring. Thanks, Dave
  9. I really wanted to get the shift kit in, thanks for trying to help, Dave!
  10. Don't think I'm going to tackle the VB this time. I don't have unlimited time. I really would be more comfortable w a 47RE specific vid or pix so I know where & what everything is. Just adjust bands, fluid & filter. With 208K & for what I know about the truck it could be due for a rebuild. Thanks, Dave!
  11. Hi me, I like Beyond easy! It looks intimidating don't want to Frank it up! Thanks, Dave
  12. Just the VB! This is a 2000, don't think it matters but....... Dave
  13. Hi all, Doing a service on my 47RE Fluid, Filter, band adjustment. Since I have the pan down, would like to put in my TransGo shift kit. Any how to's on how to remove the 47RE? I found them for the 48 & 46 but would like a 47 specific so I don't mess it up. Once I have it down, TransGo did send a detailed instruction. But since I'm an Auto newb, you guys are my backup! Thanks, Dave
  14. LOL, you guys need to be having good clean fun? Would BioDiesel help?
  15. Are we supposed disconnect & only charge one battery at a Time? Or would this low amont of current not matter?
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