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  4. Is there such thing as a tee connection with a Schrader valve on top, if so I could put my pressure tester on that, I know it exist, I just don’t know what to call it. It is... I could hear it when I crawled underneath, and that reminds me it was kinda warm too, I’m thinking that is normal because I drive an 18 wheeler for my day job and during the summer and when I wear shorts, and my legs touch the tanks, they are hot as hell
  5. When I get my gauge installed I will know more I guess... if it turns out my ecm is not pulsing, (because it did this with the rock auto lift pump). Will I need a new ecm?
  6. I posted a reply earlier... I don’t know why it didn’t go thru... but anyways... the pigtail is still hooked to the ecm... what I did, I removed the positive and neg wires from the airdog a wiring harness from back of the alternator to a hot that cuts power when the truck is turning over, and I secured the neg wire to the body... I’m sure it’s not the proper thing to do but I can’t figure out what’s going on, but now it starts and runs no problem... I hope there are no detrimental effects the way I wired it up, but it simply would not start when the pos wire was hooked to a constant hot, and I need my truck for work, I can wait for my gauge to come in, but I won’t be able to put it in until next weekend, I’ll keep every one posted on my many adventures with this truck Also, I forgot to add, the airdog positive wire has an inline fuse built in, so I would think, if anything happens, worse case scenario I blow the inline fuse
  7. Thanks guys for the help... Ive ordered a iispro fuel pressure gauge and the big line fuel kit so I start using the oe fuel canister again... i fixed the starting problem. But temporarily... I found a spot in my fuse block that loses power during start so I hooked the lift pump to that location. And it is working and starting normally. My my question is, will this work permanently?, what’s going to happen if I keep using this setup... I’m sure it’s not proper to do it this way, so what’s going to go wrong with this setup?
  8. No... it had the carter lift pump on the block
  9. Per airdog instructions... I bypassed the fuel filter canister, so now I don’t have anywhere to hook up my mechanical gauge... I’m ordering a glowshift kit, but airdog was expensive so it will have to wait
  10. Thanks... I wish I would of asked about the sump first... delay relay.... is that something I can buy and put in place of the relay that came with my airdog?
  11. Sumped seemed like a good idea at the time... I read there are problems with the drawstraw if you don’t cut it just right and you suck air at a 1/4 of a tank, the sump also allows you to use every ounce of fuel... and admittedly, not having to drop the tank was also very appealing, if it starts leaking I’ll just have to find a tank and use the drawstraw... but what about my starting issue... I can move that hot anywhere... I just put it on the alternator because airdog recommended it over the battery... but now I’m at the place I was when I got this truck, it won’t start unless I unhook the airdog lift pump... how do I get truck to turn turn over without the lift pump running, then after I release the starter switch, lift pump turns on... do I need to do that delay relay mod? What does that entail?
  12. One more thing... I had an idea I wanted to express before I tried it... per the instructions, I wired the hot wire and ground to the alternator. Like I said, the instructions said this or to the positive and negative post on battery, I chose alternator because to me it looked like a cleaner installation.... so my question is.... instead of hooking up my pos and neg to the alternator... could I hook it up to an empty power supply coming out of the fuse box, one that has no power while starting, but, once engine starts has power... thoughts?
  13. Ok guys.... update time and questions.... moparman I hope you have your ears on!!! I installed the airdog 150 today and did not use the draw straw and instead used a beans diesel fuel sump. Installation was pretty simple and I got it to run on new pump... but... I installed the wiring harness that came with the kit and followed the instructions to the tee and I hooked up the plug to the factory ecm plug like it said in the instructions... and now I’m back to the same problem as before... the truck won’t start unless I unhook the lift pump then after it starts I hook it back up. Before I bought the airdog I ran a toggle switch to inside the cab and was turning off lift pump then after engine cranked, I would turn on lift pump and drive like normal. My question is, I thought this relay that came with my kit was suppose to take care of this, like it was supposed to delay the lift pump from turning on as the engine turns over. My question is, was I suppose use the factory ecm plug, or do I cut the plug and wire it to the fuse box? Don’t let me down fellas!!! Help me out!!! I’m almost there!!!
  14. Ok guys.... trucks been running great... but I’m ready to buy that airdog system for my truck... but I wanna make sure I get the best one for me.... I plan keeping my truck stock, so should I get the 100 gph or splurge and get the 150 gph... also, I noticed some are selling with a draw straw and some do not... I think I’m needing the one with drawstraw