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  2. Is oil cooler gasket a common issue with leaks on this engine?
  3. So cooler gasket replacement or go ahead and get new cooler that comes with gasket?
  4. I’ve had an oil leak ever since I got this truck but have been fixing other stuff first and have got to the oil leak... so now, I’ve pressure washes and cleaned the the undercarriage real good and this is what I’ve found... my question is what is this? (See pic) thx in advance for y’alls help!!!
  5. I forgot to tell everyone the new airdog 4g is working fine and knock on wood has started every time since I installed it!!! It was 29 this morning and truck fired right up!!!
  6. Just got off the phone with Air Dog, they are sending me a new unit, and he said he is upgrading me to a 4G unit,Whatever that means
  7. Brand new pump, maybe has 1,000 miles on it I was thinking bad armature too
  8. So I put that airdog 150 on my truck, and , one morning it would not start, zero fuel pressure from the gauge. After troubleshooting the obvious suspects, I took a rubber mallet and started tapping on the air dog pump itself. The air dog came to life and the truck started as normal and ran great the rest of the day. Next few days same thing, I always had to take rubber mallet while somebody else was turning over the truck and it would finally start. So I called air dong and told him I have a bad pump, and they said take the gears out the side and soak them in motor all overnight. I have not done that yet? Is it a waste of time or has anyone else had this problem before?
  9. Vehicle: Tom Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2018-08-01 Tom
  10. Is there such thing as a tee connection with a Schrader valve on top, if so I could put my pressure tester on that, I know it exist, I just don’t know what to call it. It is... I could hear it when I crawled underneath, and that reminds me it was kinda warm too, I’m thinking that is normal because I drive an 18 wheeler for my day job and during the summer and when I wear shorts, and my legs touch the tanks, they are hot as hell
  11. When I get my gauge installed I will know more I guess... if it turns out my ecm is not pulsing, (because it did this with the rock auto lift pump). Will I need a new ecm?
  12. I posted a reply earlier... I don’t know why it didn’t go thru... but anyways... the pigtail is still hooked to the ecm... what I did, I removed the positive and neg wires from the airdog a wiring harness from back of the alternator to a hot that cuts power when the truck is turning over, and I secured the neg wire to the body... I’m sure it’s not the proper thing to do but I can’t figure out what’s going on, but now it starts and runs no problem... I hope there are no detrimental effects the way I wired it up, but it simply would not start when the pos wire was hooked to a constant hot, and I need my truck for work, I can wait for my gauge to come in, but I won’t be able to put it in until next weekend, I’ll keep every one posted on my many adventures with this truck Also, I forgot to add, the airdog positive wire has an inline fuse built in, so I would think, if anything happens, worse case scenario I blow the inline fuse
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